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Debriefing The Beef

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well, we finished this product beef and potatoes.
00:05 Spicy beef potatoes and potatoes we actually have
00:09 the meat alternative which we used for that you can
00:13 cut in the cubes or cut in half, alright and
00:16 then potatoes, carrots and it's got cumin, it's got
00:20 curry and the onion/garlic powder, doesn't smell wonderful?
00:24 Permeating, yes it is. It does wonderful
00:26 and of course we put a little bit of
00:27 carrots there for the beef and potato
00:31 person, okay and one time we would doing
00:33 a program once and they're saying what you know
00:36 the kind of foods, kind a maybe little bit more wimpy
00:39 more wimpy, so we thought that we did the beef,
00:42 a guy says that. And let's put that potatoes, carrots,
00:44 and onions with it and see if that, you know what
00:47 I have done beef and potatoes back in the day
00:48 when I used to be a meat eater.
00:50 Now back in the day means, sometime ago, longtime ago,
00:53 for those who are not familiar with the couple, yeah,
00:54 before I got involved in the church I got involved and
00:58 become a Seventh-Day Adventist, got involved and
01:00 become a Christian, then of course things started changing
01:03 in my life you know as I accepted Christ as my
01:07 personal savior. I began reading the word more
01:09 and more, and I discovered that God is concerned
01:12 about our health as our spiritual life is getting
01:15 together he is concerned about our physical health
01:17 as well. And so I had to make some serious changes
01:20 and those changes were changes that I really
01:23 wasn't ready for because we're used to eating chicken
01:25 and we used to eating beef and I think I told before on
01:28 one of our shows that chicken every Sunday
01:31 we had fried chicken, yes. We looked forward to fried
01:33 chicken and then of course the other part of that was
01:36 the beef. More expensive, but beef nonetheless and
01:39 once I started to finding out information what was
01:41 going on I prayed, I prayed and that's what you have to do
01:45 also. You have to pray and ask God to help you to hate
01:48 those things that are injurious to your body, and you know
01:50 what before you know it you will make those changes
01:54 and not only that you will feel so much better,
01:57 so much better you know. Yes, and those taste buds
02:00 began to retrain themselves as well, it takes about the
02:02 maybe 10 to 14 days for the taste buds to be retrained.
02:06 And the sense of smell, olfactory nerve
02:08 takes about may be a month or so, so now
02:10 I can't even stand or the smell or the taste of dead flesh.
02:14 It took awhile and after I got off of meat.
02:17 I guess about may be 20 years ago that I
02:20 felt a lack, but after a while the body recovers.
02:23 So it's the way to go folks and so let's go ahead and close.
02:26 In John 10:10, Jesus said I come, that they
02:29 might have life and have it more abundantly.


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