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Debriefing The Beef

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, welcome back we debriefed that beef
00:04 debriefed that beef and now we are looking at
00:05 a recipe called spicy beef and potatoes, okay
00:08 sound good, let's look at the recipe.
00:12 It calls for:
00:50 Now, let's go back to the beef-style seasoning
00:53 because maybe people watching it for the
00:55 first time, we just talk about debriefing the beef
00:57 now you got beef style seasoning.
00:59 Well, beef-style seasoning is really not beef at all.
01:01 Once again, we've had chicken style seasoning
01:03 on our program as well and these are just mock
01:05 chicken and beef kind of simulation kind of flavor.
01:08 There is no animal products whatsoever in it
01:11 you can find it in your regular grocery store
01:13 under the word MacKay's and there is also one called
01:16 Bills Best, they have the same ingredients as well.
01:19 Okay, okay, we took care of that, what we gonna do
01:21 is because it does take a little while for this
01:23 particular one Curtis, Curtis has over here on his
01:26 side, the actual beef patties. These are to be
01:29 called meat alternative patties. They already come
01:32 in a package and when you get them they come
01:35 of little cellophane on them, they are frozen,
01:38 they have all different companies make them.
01:41 They are beef patties and we also in our cook
01:43 book has patties you can make from scratch,
01:45 but these have already been made up. He is
01:46 gonna go ahead on and get those going into the
01:50 skillet, no we just gonna ahead get them brown,
01:53 okay, you can actually cut them up Curtis
01:56 or we gonna, we just gonna brown like that
01:58 no we just gonna brown them right now alright
02:00 so we gonna brown them right now and as he is
02:02 getting those browned on both sides you wanna
02:08 brown them on both sides and while he is doing that
02:11 get those brown on both sides, I want to push that
02:13 little bit of little oil on the skillet there as well
02:16 okay and while he's doing that get that done.
02:18 If you look over here I've got a combination
02:21 of things that are going together. What we've got here is
02:24 we've got the beef style seasoning and I'm gonna
02:27 go ahead and pour that in because I'm gonna make
02:28 an actual sauce, this is gonna go into my pan
02:31 and we also have the cumin and we got the cumin and
02:37 we have the curry, all this is gonna make this a nice
02:41 spicy dish, okay and just leave it like that Curtis
02:46 it will get brown, it'll be fine and them I am gonna
02:48 put an onion and garlic powder all this is going
02:50 in and make for a real good, good spicy beef.
02:56 Okay, no hormones, no hormones.
03:00 Now along with this I'm gonna go ahead and
03:02 turn this stove on, if you will Curtis for me,
03:04 on his side over here. Oh! that's side okay.
03:06 Go ahead and turn now on and then turn it down
03:10 okay, like that, and I'm gonna go ahead on it
03:13 and start putting in the seasoning and it smells
03:18 wonderful. There is a lot of mock beef patties
03:21 out there in the market and of course we are using
03:24 one brand here, but it has been out there that
03:28 there are lot of amount there, you can choose.
03:29 That's right, you can make your choices depending on
03:32 you know what your preference is, okay.
03:35 Now we gonna get that boiling there, while
03:37 it's doing it's thing, I am gonna go back over here because
03:41 what's happening is we still have cayenne yet to put
03:44 in and also I want to make a paste. And this paste is
03:46 gonna be actually done with water, cold water
03:49 and of course the cornstarch wanna go ahead and put
03:52 that water in, make that up because we got to make
03:56 a kind of gravy a simulation of a gravy, a beef gravy
03:59 that you would normally have in there, okay, and
04:04 turn fire a little bit more if you want to and then,
04:06 yours or mine, we can turn them, yours,
04:08 okay, okay. And I want to go ahead and put in
04:11 the cayenne pepper as well, some of you said ohhh!
04:14 cayenne pepper. Well if you don't want the
04:17 cayenne, is optional you don't have to use it,
04:19 but I like it in this particular recipe.
04:22 And I am gonna just go ahead on
04:23 and Curtis let those sit for a few minutes,
04:27 they will turn brown on you. Okay. I'm gonna
04:29 go ahead and start stirring it in, the name of the
04:31 game is to get this into, oh! Doesn't it smell wonderful
04:33 into a nice gravy. This is the gravy you're
04:38 making now. This is the gravy. How is the gravy made
04:41 other than this way I mean. Well, lots of flavor and of
04:44 course fat and the fat from the actual grease
04:47 and notice that I'm not using any in this particular
04:48 product. Okay. So what we are gonna do
04:51 little, little fat in this recipe. Absolutely,
04:53 absolutely the same thing you can actually
04:54 buy those burgers even where they have no fat.
04:59 They are vegan, that's right vegan, regular vegan burger
05:01 and even if you buy the other one once again you
05:03 wanna read the label so let's go ahead, you
05:05 can go ahead and turn that what I'm gonna do is
05:07 I have added to this, there you go,
05:10 alright and turn those over nice and brown color
05:23 okay. You can turn your fire down and the name of game
05:25 is going to those down on the saturated fat down and
05:27 go ahead and put a lid on it and mines of course
05:30 in a mist of getting thick and what I'm gonna do
05:34 is I'm gonna add in the onions you can turn it
05:38 down low, I'm gonna add the onions in
05:41 you have that nice onion flavor and if you notice
05:45 over here, I also have the carrots and potatoes and
05:49 why did I do it that way? I did the carrot and potatoes
05:51 because most of time guys will always say
05:54 this is not our hearty meal okay. Why not. I want
05:57 beef and potatoes, they say, so okay,
06:00 beef and potatoes, so with that in mind
06:02 what we are gonna do is I'm gonna actually take
06:04 the potatoes and I have carrots also, this is gonna
06:06 be a one meal dish, okay, and I'm gonna put them in
06:09 here as... you can go ahead and start as slowly for me.
06:13 Okay. I'm gonna go ahead and put in the potatoes
06:15 and also the carrots a diced carrots and potatoes
06:18 into this mix okay. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead
06:20 and just put in there. Nice and the hearty.
06:23 Ohhhh! Ohhhh! And it also gives a nice
06:26 flavor as it is cooking there.
06:28 Alright, okay, alright now this will actually
06:34 just cook up a little bit and the water itself is
06:37 kind gonna go down and at the end of our program
06:40 you are gonna get chance, yeah go ahead
06:42 and turn it up. At the end of the program
06:44 you gonna get a chance to see what the finished
06:46 product looks like. I usually like to put that on there
06:48 and put the lid on top of it and you wanna
06:50 make sure though that you keep stirring to
06:52 make sure that because we put that cornstarch in
06:54 that it doesn't get too thick on you, and if it does
06:56 you can add little bit more water to it but
06:59 we put the cornstarch with the cold water
07:01 just so we can make sure that it won't lump
07:03 up on it. Okay, so, what we want to do is to stay by
07:07 so you could see the finished product stay by.


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