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Poultry Problems

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well welcome back, okay. We have
00:04 accomplished these mock chicken strips.
00:06 Yes, we have honey and they're looking
00:08 mighty good, mighty good. Really and truly
00:11 once again with that extra firm tofu we said,
00:13 you know, put it in freezer overnight for
00:15 about 20, well at least 24 hours, that's right
00:17 and then change the texture of the tofu itself,
00:19 alright, and then, dipping sauce with that, and
00:21 dipping sauce goes with it. We have a
00:22 barbeque sauce in our global cook book and
00:25 also in this recipe as well is in the global
00:26 cook book. Looks good baby, you can do
00:28 chicken nuggets and you can do chicken sticks
00:30 alright. Chicken nuggets or chicken sticks.
00:32 Yeah you know for those who are trying to do
00:34 the assimilation of things that you're used to
00:36 eat but you can tell by the coloring which has
00:38 to do with the cornmeal and breadcrumbs and
00:41 stuff that kind of gives a kind of coloring
00:43 texture, everything is about what you see with
00:45 the eyes you know if it looks good and it looks
00:48 like something you're used to then you're more
00:50 opened to try it out and we always say that
00:53 look at this another alternative to all the
00:56 getting away from so much of that chicken,
00:59 yeah because we have problems with poultry.
01:01 We got problems with poultry. I want you ask
01:03 you though the question, I said when we
01:05 come into the kitchen I was gonna ask
01:07 you about free range chicken. Oh, free range
01:09 yes. Yeah. Now, now of course the term free
01:11 range, it denotes chickens roaming outside in
01:16 open air and the sunlight, right, well that's not
01:19 necessarily so. What happens if a government
01:21 can certify a chicken house being free range,
01:25 all you have to do is just build a door on the side
01:26 of a chicken house and then it rains and can be a mud
01:29 yard with gravel or manure and that's the
01:32 range and some times the chickens may go out
01:35 they may not, they won't ever be free. So, that's
01:37 free range so you're not really getting too
01:39 much free money. Well so much for that as we
01:41 move on into this program and I know from
01:43 a fact that for myself trying to move away
01:46 from the chicken where we are growing up
01:49 that was the number one food on Sunday,
01:50 that's right, and we have fried chicken every
01:52 Sunday and so of course getting involved in
01:54 vegetarian as I grew older or more mature in
01:57 age, more mature, and make some changes and
01:59 those changes have really been very
02:00 beneficial. Alright! Well this has been a good
02:03 program and problems with poultry so as
02:05 Jesus said I come that they
02:09 might have life and have it more abundantly.


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