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00:02 Well welcome back, okay welcome back, welcome
00:03 back. After all that information Curtis gave us
00:05 on the chicken and it was going in with them,
00:07 I hope they have something that is close to
00:08 chicken today. I know that, I know that we're
00:10 gonna move into our recipe which is actually a
00:12 mock chicken strips. So let's look at the recipe,
00:15 it sounds good honey. It calls for:
00:47 Optional so we're not gonna just take things
00:49 away without giving them something in it's place.
00:51 That's why the name in a game is that when we
00:53 actually bring a food item up then we've got to have
00:56 something that matches that because people are
00:58 saying I am so and I'm still not getting off of it but I like
01:01 way the chicken tastes or I like that the skin
01:03 or whatever so, okay, this is a real good recipe
01:05 because we are actually using the tofu in this
01:08 recipe and this tofu Curtis believe it or not I said
01:13 frozen over night, right, now again that is just
01:15 firm, this is firm tofu and I bring it home in the
01:19 container itself, okay. And when I bring it home
01:21 in that container I take the whole container and I
01:24 put in the freezer and let it freeze. At least
01:27 for 24 hours alright. Container and all, the
01:30 whole container and all, and then when you
01:31 bring it out of course you're gonna have to thaw
01:33 it out because the water would have appeared inside
01:35 the actual tofu, it will also change the
01:38 texture of the tofu so it has more of a chicken or
01:40 a turkey type texture. As you can see it's a lot
01:43 more firmer. It is, and it has like little holes in
01:47 it, alright. So, it's not that soft texture as a
01:50 matter of fact I've already cut up a couple of
01:52 them so they can actually see how they
01:53 look. Okay. Like little blocks look at that,
01:57 okay, so you gonna that up. Now once the
02:00 thaws out and then you chop it, cut it into
02:03 your squares which I'm gonna right now, turn
02:05 this up a little bit honey, we're gonna go ahead
02:06 and turn that on, to about what 300 or what?
02:08 350. 350, okay. Okay and then I'm just gonna
02:11 slice it. Put oil in it. And that's your
02:15 olive oil, canola oil and make sure the skillet,
02:19 is hot first before you put the oil in it, that's right before
02:21 you put it in there, you're gonna use that,
02:24 alright and I'm gonna go ahead on and do the
02:26 mixture of things together, what you're gonna
02:29 to do is you're gonna mix together this is the
02:30 soymilk and the lite soy sauce, okay. And I'm
02:34 gonna go ahead on and put in, I got the whole
02:36 wheat pastry flour, now brag's liquid aminos
02:39 and lite soy sauce and we also use same
02:41 amount of sodium is that correct? That's right,
02:42 that's right and I'm gonna put in that's the
02:46 breadcrumbs, okay, I'm gonna put in the
02:48 cornmeal, alright and then the last thing I'm
02:52 gonna put in is the onion powder, garlic
02:54 powder and also the salt, okay, that'll make a
02:58 nice kind of... well I call it like a basting it or
03:05 mixing it together so we can have a nice crust.
03:08 Nice okay, brown coloring, chicken nuggets, to
03:11 actually mash that of the chicken I'm gonna
03:14 put it here in this bowl let's put a little bit
03:15 there. Now there are growth hormones,
03:18 no arsenic absolutely not. Absolutely I mean
03:21 absolutely not, okay. Now what we're gonna
03:23 do is you got your oil going over there, the oil
03:26 is hot it is ready to go baby, and I'm gonna
03:28 take one of these and what I'm gonna do is I'm
03:30 gonna dip it, okay, alright. First and this
03:36 mixture, I mean dip some to yeah you can do
03:39 that and then I'm gonna take it and I'm gonna
03:41 put it in the flour mixture. I like just put the
03:45 flour all over it. This is a flour mixture,
03:49 saturated, yeah. Okay. And then we're going to
03:57 put in the skillet, alright. Alright go ahead and
04:01 get the other one ready for me, this is team
04:03 work baby absolutely. Absolutely, okay, alright.
04:07 And then we're gonna put the next one in there,
04:11 we're working it now honey. Alright! Get your hands all
04:15 nice and gooey. You can't be dainty doing this? No, no
04:20 okay. Alright then put the next one in,
04:24 okay and this makes about a good eight or so
04:27 of sticks this way you can make them thinner,
04:29 you know if you want to and I like this recipe
04:32 also because you can make it into chicken
04:35 nuggets yes, okay, we'll turn it down a little bit
04:38 of that that's put it on three, 300? Yeah down
04:42 to 300, okay. Now we're gonna do all these so
04:45 maybe the camera crew, can sample some of this
04:48 or what? Yes. Yes, yes. Okay.
04:52 Alright, yeah good camera crew here too by
04:54 the way. Okay, alright don't break them baby,
04:59 yeah well its kind of hard to get in there, okay
05:02 I should have had a different kind of a dish,
05:04 yeah, they can use a flatter bowl, flatter bowl
05:08 don't worry about it at the end of the show you
05:10 might be wanting to try that anyway. I know one thing
05:13 you are going to eat that piece anyway I guarantee you
05:16 that. Alright, I used to take the same, this
05:20 recipe is really good you can make it up and
05:23 you can actually put it together with a nice
05:25 sauce alright. And this is the last one but you
05:30 get the gist of it and it's easy to fix, easy to
05:33 prepare, yes it is, okay. Chicken
05:37 nuggets, mock chicken sticks, no cholesterol, no
05:41 saturated fat, right. I'm gonna put that one
05:44 there, alright this little one is hiding,
05:47 yeah the little one, yeah. Okay, this is what
05:51 really gives the flavor because remember now
05:53 once again we talk about tofu, tofu does not
05:56 have any flavor what so ever and that's the
06:00 good thing because what happens is it causes it
06:01 to pickup whatever flavor its next to and in
06:05 this case we're taken this tofu and we're gonna
06:06 give a simulation of chicken and that has to
06:09 do with the flour and the milk and everything
06:11 that's going in and remember that soymilk
06:12 we're using for a while I thought you know
06:15 most of the time when I was doing chicken
06:16 back in the day I thought we always had to have
06:18 the regular milk that we're using and then I
06:20 started using this type here. So, what's gonna
06:23 happen is we're gonna go off and you can see
06:26 it already has started brown, we're gonna go
06:28 off and when we come back we're gonna have
06:30 the chicken, let me just see if I can the one that
06:32 is in the middle should be able to turn it
06:36 because we can see its started to brown and
06:38 that was probably yeah a little bit being brown
06:41 now, okay, see it oh it looks good baby. Okay.
06:48 So, as you can see its browning it'll brown on
06:51 both sides and then you want to turn over and
06:53 brown the sides of it and so when we come
06:55 back what you're gonna see is these Mock
06:59 Chicken Nuggets so stay by.


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