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00:01 My family is now switching to a healthier
00:04 meat poultry chicken and turkey and not the
00:07 red meat because that's a healthier meat so they
00:09 say even now you are that's what you are
00:11 thinking today's program may be just for you
00:14 entitled poultry problems so stay by.
00:45 Hi! Welcome to Abundant Living. This is Curtis
00:47 Eakins your co-host. And I would like to introduce
00:50 my lovely bride Paula Eakins. How are you doing
00:52 today my love? I'm absolutely wonderful.
00:54 You're absolutely beautiful as well.
00:56 Thank you. You are welcome. Any comments
00:58 you want to give towards me in return. Like what.
01:02 Whatever is on your mind baby? You are
01:05 very handsome. Okay, we can continue. I was all
01:11 set for poetry and everything but poultry
01:15 poetry, so I'll go with the poultry, although one day
01:19 I might do the poetry. Okay, okay, now, let's say
01:22 a poem and talk about poetry too, yeah lot of
01:27 people making switch they are moving from the
01:29 red meat to they call the white meat. The white
01:32 meat looking at chicken poultry and so, I guess
01:36 my first question is or about heart diseases as
01:38 it relates to poultry, eating. Yeah, now of
01:42 course lot of people again switching from red
01:44 meat to poultry and let's define the term poultry
01:48 first. Poultry takes now only just chicken
01:50 because people think of we say poultry they think
01:52 of chicken also turkey and duck. So, those foods
01:57 are but we're gonna zero in on mainly chicken,
02:01 but we will hit on turkey as well. But as for
02:05 as cardiovascular disease is concerned let's put it
02:08 that way, chicken or poultry in itself is not
02:12 healthier than red meat. Now there are certain
02:15 components that will create a increase of coronary
02:18 artery disease, you have cholesterol, you have
02:23 saturated fat. Those two in combination will
02:28 dramatically increase coronary artery disease,
02:32 heart attack by every 32 seconds, a stroke about
02:35 every minute. Therefore with that in mind it's a
02:38 number one killer in United States
02:40 cardiovascular. Now almost a million people
02:44 about 900,000 per year, having said that you take
02:47 one ounce of beef, okay, one ounce of chicken
02:53 each has about the same amount of cholesterol
02:57 which is 25 milligrams so, there is no gain as far
03:01 as switching from red meat, beef to poultry or
03:05 chicken because that has the same amount of
03:07 cholesterol about 25 milligrams per ounce.
03:10 Same thing is true for saturated fat as well.
03:12 So, with that in mind that food the poultry does
03:16 not give you any gaining ground as far as reducing
03:19 your risk of cardiovascular disease
03:21 now with that in mind there is another thing
03:24 I want to talk about which is high blood
03:26 pressure, okay. Now when a person has high
03:28 blood pressure normally the doctor says you need
03:30 to cut down your use of what? Red meat! Red meat
03:34 or salt, oh yeah well, yes, sodium, yes, yes.
03:38 And that's true because if you reduce your intake
03:41 of sodium, your blood pressure will go down.
03:44 But now there is something else we need to
03:45 understand too, sodium does not only lower your
03:48 blood pressure but it's also what we call in a
03:51 medical profession the potassium to sodium ratio,
03:58 in other words if something has a high
04:01 potassium, a low sodium blood pressure goes
04:05 down, right. If there is low potassium, high sodium
04:11 blood pressure goes up, guess what? Chicken has
04:15 zero potassium and high sodium thereby blood
04:20 pressure tends to go up. So, now we're talking
04:22 about high blood pressure which also causes more
04:26 stress on the heart muscle thereby increasing heart
04:30 attacks and strokes. So, as far as poultry is
04:34 concerned, cardiovascular system, cholesterol;
04:37 blood pressure we're not gaining ground by
04:41 switching from red meat beef to poultry.
04:44 Well a lot of reasons that people also move from
04:47 the red meat to the chicken has to do with
04:49 weight gain as well, they are thinking that if they
04:52 get away from the red meat, right, going chicken
04:55 instead. This is low in calories and therefore
04:58 they'll loose weight now it is that the case?
05:02 Absolutely not, it's not even close, alright,
05:06 now far as weight or weight gain or weight loss
05:08 is concerned switching from red meat, beef to
05:12 poultry chicken or turkey the fat grams are about
05:16 the same as well, alright. You take for instance a
05:19 3.5 ounce of lean stake and 3.5 ounce of chicken,
05:26 alright, the calories from fat is the same so,
05:30 there is no ground being gained far as fat grams is
05:33 concerned for as chicken or even turkey. Even your
05:36 turkey sometimes now you have a turkey luncheon
05:40 meat and the gram fat amount in turkey can be
05:44 very high as well. Now-a-days we just saw
05:47 last week that you have ground chicken,
05:51 just packaged, just like ground beef, alright.
05:54 So, again the fat gram amount is the same,
05:56 cholesterol is the same, the saturated fat is to
06:00 same as well as far as poultry and also the
06:04 ground beef. Well you know one of the things as
06:08 moms is concerned when our children are going to
06:10 lunch we fix those luncheon meats,
06:13 that's right. You know they can have sandwiches
06:14 and stuff so you just got finished saying that
06:16 sandwich, chicken and turkey is being also being
06:18 added in as a part of that luncheon meat so
06:21 I guess my question then how safe is, I mean
06:24 we know before that we talked about luncheon
06:25 meat, right, sodium nitrates which is all over the
06:28 news for some time and still on the new for
06:30 sometime, right. So, then how does the chicken
06:32 and turkey combination in a luncheon meats
06:35 add up? Yeah, you know years ago now you
06:38 go to some very popular Fast food restaurants and
06:43 those restaurants are primarily selling hamburger
06:46 they are known for selling hamburgers. Now you go
06:49 to so many fast food restaurants, we did this
06:52 going through airport just looked on the menu now
06:55 more sandwiches are chicken than hamburgers,
06:58 absolutely. Although they are selling when
07:01 they first started years ago hamburgers there is
07:03 more chicken sandwiches and more chicken is
07:05 the salad as well, because chicken has doubled
07:10 more than doubled since 1970. Turkey is
07:15 increasing at an increasing rate. So, thereby a lot
07:18 of people are moving to poultry thinking that is
07:20 healthier. Now as far as, what you just asked me?
07:23 I asked you, about the luncheon meat. Oh,
07:25 the luncheon meat, yeah. Now when you go to
07:27 the grocery store folks and this is something you
07:32 can do in the grocery store. You looked up the
07:34 package container on the back and look and see the
07:36 amount of calories on that luncheon meat,
07:40 the poultry, either turkey or chicken. Okay. Okay,
07:42 that's very important but what's more important than
07:45 that is the calories from fat. Now they'll say that
07:51 you wanna loose weight you wanna make sure that
07:53 your calories from fat is no more than about
07:55 maybe 20%, 30% at max, okay. Now, for instance
08:00 if a package has lets say a 100 calories then the
08:04 calories from fat which is on the label let's say it is 80
08:09 you wanna leave that on a shelf because that's 80%,
08:12 alright. Chicken sometimes can be 80 and 90%
08:17 of the calories from fat. And turkey as well can
08:20 be over half of the amount of fat in the calorie so
08:24 therefore with the luncheon meats we wanna
08:27 look at the calories and also the calories from fat
08:31 also tells a story far as fat gram amounts.
08:34 You know we've talked before on Abundant Living
08:35 about the importance of reading those labels,
08:38 I mean it will means you have to go to store a
08:39 little bit earlier it just means it's a good idea
08:41 because that fat gram is really important, yes.
08:45 Not only the fat gram but the calorie amount all
08:47 that, so just read them and the labels are so much
08:49 more simpler to read now than before, yes. So you
08:52 wanna take some time out and read the label and
08:54 see exactly what you are getting. Absolutely!
08:57 You know, you know sometimes we just don't
08:58 read those labels and if you go to a grocery store
09:01 you'll find yourself reading labels all the time than
09:05 you are in a wrong place because fruits and
09:07 vegetables have no label. So, I mean in that sense
09:12 so if you understand what I'm saying, what about
09:14 the impact then of cancer what relationship do we
09:17 have as far as cancer as it relates to poultry
09:20 problems. Yeah, now as far as cancer is concerned
09:23 folks that it is really down hill, I mean there
09:27 several carcinogens found in the flesh of animals in
09:30 muscle of animals, yeah, Benzopyrene,
09:33 Methylcholanthrene, but the main thing that most
09:35 people heard of is Heterocyclic Amine, HCA in
09:42 Medical Journals, you know what been talking
09:44 about. And heterocyclic means it's the number
09:47 one carcinogen found in dead flesh. Chickens
09:52 loaded with it, let's go to our first graph and let's
09:55 see about Heterocyclic Amines or cancer causing
09:58 agents found in several of their flesh at this
10:01 time. Now first of all this called the Cancer Score
10:04 alright. Now the first thing we're gonna look
10:06 at is the steak and now the steak this is a grilled
10:12 stake or 2.5 ounce of grill Steak now the
10:15 Heterocyclic Amines or cancer causing agents in
10:18 this steak is 30 ng now nanograms is one billionth
10:24 of a gram of carcinogen alright 30. Now let's go
10:27 to next one Hamburger, Hamburger it is 33 ng
10:35 of carcinogens in the hamburger. Now folks,
10:38 hold on to your seat the last one is chicken this is
10:42 a oven fried pan broiled chicken it is a whopping
10:47 480 ng of carcinogens in the chicken alone.
10:53 This report even surprised the National
10:57 Cancer Institute so thereby switching from
11:01 red meat, beef to poultry chicken is really worse
11:07 than ground beef when we switch to this so
11:10 called Healthier Meat. Okay, that's a real eye
11:15 opener. Yes it is. Okay, you know looking at
11:18 the nanograms and then trying it and
11:20 automatically you automatically feel that the
11:23 chicken is going to be a better one. Yes. And so,
11:25 now we see that is not really a better one.
11:27 It's not, now of course some people will take
11:29 the skin off a little bit you do gain something in
11:31 that but still you get the cholesterol, saturated
11:34 fat still in a muscle of the chicken because
11:37 remember now all fast foods have what we call
11:41 inherent fat. That means the fat that is within the
11:46 muscle of the flesh of the animal that you cannot
11:49 cut away is call inherent fat, so therefore lot of
11:53 the fat you get you just can't cut away you get
11:55 that by eating the flesh itself. Well you know
11:59 over and over again as we are watching TV or
12:01 listening on a radio or picking up the newspaper
12:04 these days we've been seeing an awful lot about
12:06 food poisonings, you know as it relates to the
12:08 meat industry or meat poultry, talk a little bit
12:12 about that. Yeah we years ago we went to one
12:16 place I am not gonna list the name but he is a third
12:20 generation chicken farmer. I remember that, and
12:24 you know what I am talking about, yeah, anyways
12:25 I talked to him about couple of weeks ago before
12:27 we came up here to make sure I get the story
12:29 straight but we went there and he went outside
12:32 one morning he told he was just going out the next
12:34 morning to feed his chickens I said what time
12:37 you are going to get up he said about maybe
12:39 5 o'clock in the morning, I said well get me up
12:41 I have my camera. And now we can show this
12:44 graphic right now because we're going to his
12:46 chicken house and so he put on his mask, he put
12:51 on his boots. I was wondering why did he do
12:54 that? Yeah. When I was walking towards this
12:56 chicken house we see right there about maybe 50
13:00 yards when I got close to the chicken house,
13:03 thank you for that graphic. When I got close
13:05 the chicken house I began to smell the order
13:08 coming from that chicken house. Then I opened up
13:12 the door, the stench just, it rocked me so much the
13:20 Fumes, the Ammonia order was just unbearable
13:23 then I understood why he had a mask and he had
13:28 his boots. Do you have a mask on too? No I did
13:31 not. Oh, my goodness. Because I am from the city
13:33 you know I can take care of it, yea right.
13:35 Okay and my glasses were fogged up and so
13:38 what happens is that you have a lot of fecal matter
13:42 and cysts and puss and larvae and the chickens
13:44 are walking around in that, then the legs and
13:47 feet become infected they're breathing in all this
13:51 ammonia goes into the respiratory system into
13:54 the tissues so when we eat this chicken and these
13:58 chicks and things like that and it becomes an
13:59 awful mess and so therefore we're taking
14:02 all this into our system as well. And I said to
14:05 him well exactly what do chickens eat? Let's go to
14:10 our next graph and let's look at foul feed! Is what
14:14 I call it? Alright, let's go to first one, number
14:17 one is arsenic, he said that what they do if they
14:20 will inject the chickens with arsenic, it will
14:23 immobilize their muscles well therefore they cannot
14:26 move around well therefore if they are not moving
14:29 around the weight comes on faster so Arsenic.
14:33 Let's go to the next one, antibiotics of course now
14:36 this will cut down on some of the pathogens or
14:40 such as salmonella, Campylobacterales, Listeria,
14:43 there is a whole list of them but again a lot of chickens
14:46 still have these things as well, this also adds
14:49 weight to the system as well. Let's go to the next
14:51 one growth hormones, again they're trying to
14:54 fatten up these chickens as fast as they can as
14:58 cheap as they can. So, instead of giving them
15:01 to weight 4 pounds in 12 weeks. They weight
15:05 four pounds in five weeks, half of the time. Let's go to
15:08 the last one Dead chickens, dead chickens
15:13 thank you for that graphic I want to talk
15:14 about the dead chicken before we go into the
15:16 kitchen. There was a container outside of this
15:20 chicken house and you know, you saw that and if
15:24 showed you it folks, this program probably will not
15:27 air, you'll be too graphic. That's right. I said
15:30 what's inside that container? He says with
15:32 a smile open it up. So I opened it up took a
15:35 picture of it and there were dead chickens there,
15:37 I said what happens to these dead chickens
15:40 because I looked around I didn't see any chicken,
15:43 chicken cemeteries he said what they do is they
15:46 grind up these chickens and then also the baby
15:49 male chicks because they are not useful they
15:51 don't lay eggs and then he said they will cook it
15:53 down and then they will turn into a powder and
15:57 they mix it with other protein and feed it back
16:00 to the chickens that are alive and because its
16:02 cheap feed alright, and therefore we take all that
16:06 into our system and that's why there is a lot
16:09 of problems with Campylobacterales, diarrhea,
16:12 fevers, cramps, Salmonella, E-Coli and
16:16 you know food recalls or just about every single
16:19 week that covers several states so that's why there
16:22 is so much involved in this problems of poultry
16:26 so we got problems with poultry folks. And its,
16:29 I am not saying everything that I can say
16:31 but hopefully just enough to let people know that this
16:34 is not a health meat at all. Well I think you
16:38 changed Ann's mind and I'm sure that Bob said
16:41 enough with the chicken, yes, and after all I mean
16:44 we're the whole thing is talking about chicken.
16:47 We're gonna in the kitchen because we can
16:48 talk about the farm raised basically verses
16:51 the free range type chickens that are there.
16:54 I know you say what in the world are they gonna
16:56 cook that and knock chicken totally out.
16:58 So, believe it or not every time Curtis,
17:02 tells me what he is gonna do on our program
17:05 I turn around and I say okay let me match it up
17:07 with a recipe and so yes indeed we do have a
17:09 recipe and no it is not chicken. However we are
17:12 going to do a mock chicken strips that's gonna do
17:15 the stimulation of chicken. I am telling you
17:17 it is going to taste absolutely good look good you
17:19 need to get your paper and pencil
17:21 and meet us in the kitchen.


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