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Easy Breakfast Ideas

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, we have finished this program.
00:03 Team work. We did those that Easy Breakfast Ideas
00:07 Yes, we did. We started off with
00:09 the oven fried potatoes. Okay. They did not have any
00:13 oil at all, as far as just spray them a little bit you
00:15 know. And its looking good too baby.
00:17 Bell peppers and onions and mushrooms and. Yes.
00:18 The meat, which is, meaty sausages around the
00:24 parameter around the side. Then we move from there
00:25 to make an those cherry maple scones
00:28 oh my goodness. The cherry. Look how beautiful they are.
00:31 Just coming out the plump cherries
00:32 coming out the side, yes indeed, yes.
00:34 Just want to take a bite out of those.
00:35 Yes, and then we finished off
00:38 with our festive Scrambled Tofu. Alright.
00:42 I am telling it is gorgeous, beautiful.
00:44 Very festive, very colorful.
00:45 Very festive, very festive and you know with
00:46 all of this you definitely have to get that fruit on in
00:48 and so, we just have of course our cantaloupe and
00:52 our Kiwi. Kiwi, yes. Along with that
00:53 what a wonderful breakfast, nice hardy breakfast you
00:56 you know what I am saying. This will last
00:57 for at least 4-5 hours. At least that,
00:59 that long, you can be that long. Breakfast like a king.
01:01 And lunch like a queen. And a supper like a pauper.
01:04 Or that's a paupertess, That's for interpretation,
01:07 I knew that was coming. Alright. Now this is good.
01:09 Now does, I know what the kiwi and cantaloupe tastes
01:14 like what about the scones baby can you. I had a feeling
01:17 that you're going to go after the scones first Curtis.
01:19 Curtis, I am telling you scones.
01:22 Okay. Absolutely. Now,
01:24 we get to this point, you always take your time
01:26 and suit yourself first, but why is that.
01:28 Because they're so good. Okay,
01:30 you just wait till the time this Curt will just turn it
01:33 down or you will come.
01:34 Okay. Can you just put it in my mouth baby just.
01:39 It just melts in your mouth, its really good.
01:42 In your cook book right. In a cook book. Okay,
01:44 well, let's go ahead and close.
01:46 John 10:10, Jesus said I come that they might have
01:51 life and have it more abundantly.


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