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00:02 Well, we're going to welcome you back on
00:03 this one particular one because we've got this recipe
00:06 that is fantastic. It's actually called
00:08 festive scrambled tofu. Oh! Sounds good baby.
00:13 Let's look at the ingredients on this one
00:16 It calls for:
00:45 All right, Scrambled Tofu this is good,
00:49 this is years ago, this is good
00:50 but this is a different one, because this one
00:51 is actually a festive, it's festive, which means they
00:54 have a lot more color in it. Okay.
00:55 I mean I have it before the colors and stuff
00:57 within as well, but this one really
00:59 has some really pretty colors you can already see.
01:01 I am going to have you go ahead on
01:03 and slice that up real quick,
01:04 slice those red peppers up and then the green.
01:08 Dice it up for me. Yeah, you can dice it,
01:09 you can dice it. Okay.
01:11 And I am going to just in the mean while
01:12 I am going to go ahead and mash up
01:14 this Tofu. Get it ready.
01:16 How long have you been working with Tofu honey,
01:18 it has some time hasn't it.
01:19 Umh for a long, long time
01:21 and you know because soy is so versatile
01:23 and it has no flavor and so therefore picks up
01:26 the flavor of whatever it's next to.
01:27 Which is a good thing. Which is a very good thing.
01:29 Want me to dice up the. Dice it up too
01:31 yes and then you can, you can go ahead
01:32 and get the stove ready to. I got the margarine already
01:35 melting there in the skillet. Okay. Okay.
01:45 Scrambled Tofu, this is one of the things
01:47 that a lot of people will start
01:49 when they learn how to cook with Tofu
01:51 one of the easier things to do.
01:56 Okay. Okay.
01:58 I'm ready. Let's see if it's one..
01:59 It's not on, you smell it. Okay, still not turned on
02:03 There you go, how about that. Umh. Okay.
02:07 Okay, and we're going to go ahead and I'm going to
02:09 real quickly do the onion also in this
02:12 it's got all the goodies.
02:16 Easy breakfast ideas. And while I am doing
02:20 this one, oh-oh! Oh-oh! Oh-oh! No biggy
02:27 I'm going to go ahead and put those all in.
02:33 You want me to go ahead and. Oh! Look at those colors.
02:37 stir that around a little bit. with a fork,
02:38 which are special
02:43 Okay, we're gonna sauté that a little bit
02:45 I like that margarine in there, because
02:46 the margarine gets a different kind of a flavor there.
02:48 Yes, it does. Okay, and
02:57 I am going to go ahead on as we sauté that, you know,
03:01 it's up a little bit, I use sauté they told gets
03:04 a little bit translucent your onions
03:06 they're going to get a little translucent
03:08 and then what I to do is just take and move it
03:10 around in a skillet to give room for the Tofu.
03:14 Now talk about this Tofu. Now there is different
03:16 textures, you have firm, extra firm and soft.
03:20 And soft. Now what's. This one is a firm
03:22 This one is a firm yeah for the scrambled.
03:24 for Scrambled Tofu you want to use the firm.
03:26 The soft one is a little bit too soft for this okay.
03:28 Soft are like deserts and, cakes and for these.
03:30 Yes. So you want the firm.
03:32 Right. Okay.
03:33 We want to do to the firm. Then extra firm you want
03:35 that's for your meat. When you're doing meat loaves
03:37 and you're doing burgers you know those kind
03:39 of things you're going to actually use
03:40 that for that alright. Okay. Now what I wanna do
03:42 is I want to go ahead on and sprinkle on
03:44 the seasonings, because right now
03:46 it's just plain white color Tofu.
03:48 Yeah. We've got to get the simulations of egg
03:50 so, we are going to put on chicken
03:52 style seasoning and this also the garlic powder.
03:55 Okay, and chicken style seasonings
03:56 it's not any chicken in it. No chicken. And there's
03:59 beef-style seasoning, without any beef.
04:00 That's right. They can be in the health food store
04:03 right, and also major grocery stores too.
04:05 Major grocery stores have all this, okay,
04:07 if you don't see it, ask the grocery, ask for it.
04:10 Ask the manager to get those things in.
04:12 You know, you've seen on 3ABN Abundant
04:13 Living Show, you know, any of the shows also come on
04:16 where the cooks are talking. Okay. And I am going to put
04:18 in the magic, I call the magic green, that's
04:20 that turmeric. Oh! Okay. Turmeric powder
04:22 and the name of the game is you want a turmeric,
04:24 turmeric is going to help it turn that yellow,
04:25 that yellow you're looking for. Well, look at that.
04:28 you see that do it's thing. Because we eat
04:30 with our eyes folks. Absolutely, absolutely.
04:32 Absolutely. You know, Alright. Now you know
04:37 while this goes. Now this is cholesterol free.
04:39 Cholesterol free cooking. Saturated fat free.
04:42 Absolutely, absolutely, look at that, look at that.
04:45 This does not build up into your artery wall. No
04:48 building of the artery wall, and it's so easy once
04:51 again easy. Easy recipe, very economical as well.
04:53 An easy recipe. Absolutely, absolutely.
04:55 Because we see always the food
04:56 does not stop at the cash register.
04:58 That's right. The cost of food
05:00 continues on to drug store,
05:02 hospital, whatever. That's the
05:04 total cost of food.
05:06 Now Curtis, what I am going to do,
05:07 I am going to put the tomatoes on this.
05:08 Okay. And then we're going
05:10 to put that lid on, because we're going
05:12 to go a break and then when we come back from
05:14 the break, they can have a chance to see
05:15 this particular recipe here and then we'll start
05:19 putting all of our rest of our stuff together okay.
05:21 Okay, we're putting all out or, got a little time.
05:24 Just go ahead and put it on there now. Yes, go ahead got
05:26 a little tan yeah. a few minutes left. Is that pretty.
05:28 Yes. Now the colorful Festive part of it. The festival is
05:30 coming in. Is coming to play. Yeah.
05:31 And these tomatoes came from our yard.
05:33 Yes. How about that. We have our first garden.
05:38 First garden. A container garden, folks.
05:41 No bending over, no weeds and no backaches
05:47 I know they were about the talk about.
05:48 What kind of garden do they have. We're going to be
05:51 talking about that after the break huh
05:52 Yes and I am going to actually sprinkle
05:53 on the lastly the baco bits.
05:56 Now this is soy. Soy baco bits. Alright
05:59 So, its animal free. Yes indeed. Alright.
06:01 So we're going to turn it down real low for me
06:03 would you turn it down really low.
06:04 Okay. It's down low. Okay.
06:09 And we're going to put the top on,
06:12 and it actually just cooks for a few minutes.
06:14 So we want you just as to stay by.


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