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00:01 Now you know, when you see me by myself
00:04 and Curtis is not here, that means
00:06 it is a all-cooking show. It doesn't mean that Curtis
00:09 is not going to be here though.
00:10 It does means all cooking. So, you wanna get your paper
00:13 and pencil, you wanna call your friend and tell them
00:15 to watch 'Abundant Living,' because we are doing
00:18 today 'Easy Breakfast Ideas. '
00:50 Well, we are excited today, my name is Paula Eakins
00:53 and this is the Abundant Living show.
00:56 And this is my husband, Curtis Eakins.
00:59 Very good. You know. Glad to be with you today
01:01 in this kitchen. Yep, I started the program
01:02 off talking about the fact that when they see me by myself
01:05 you know they are wondering. You mean that you're
01:07 still married, still, you know, yeah but you know
01:09 the fact that you know when it's all-cooking show.
01:10 And it's all cooking, yeah, and I'm all alone
01:12 all cooking the whole day.
01:13 It's all cooking to see you. Yeah, and people always
01:15 talk about, they love the recipes, that's right,
01:17 you know, 'Easy Breakfast Ideas',
01:19 'Easy Breakfast Ideas', underscore 'Easy',
01:21 yes, and lot of times when it comes to
01:23 looking at breakfast ideas, most of time the
01:26 American public eat a lot of things that's very high in
01:28 fat, very high in salt, and so this show is really good
01:31 because we're gonna do some recipes, that's gonna really
01:33 be delicious and nutritious, yet without all the heavy
01:37 sodium and a lot of the oils and stuff.
01:38 Like the very first recipe we are gonna be doing,
01:41 okay, which is actually called oven fried potatoes.
01:46 Oh! Interesting. Let's look at the recipe. Okay.
01:50 It calls for:
02:13 Oven fried potatoes, okay. This is one of the one's
02:17 I developed. This oven and fries, I mean this? Yeah.
02:18 Well, you know the way, the only you can use that word
02:21 'fries' because I'm actually taking my oven temperature
02:23 up to 450 degrees, which is really high. Oh! So the
02:26 temperature makes it. So, the temperature makes
02:27 it change. Okay And basically
02:28 because people like those fried potatoes
02:30 so I kind of figured rather than say an oven potatoes
02:32 they might want to say oh! Anybody want an oven
02:36 potatoes, if I say oven fried potatoes. Okay. They
02:37 might say, oh! Well! I feel that. You got the southerns
02:39 coming in, now. Yeah, well it states that for this magic
02:40 deep fry. Okay. If they deep fry it. Okay.
02:41 As a matter of fact Curtis, on this particular recipe
02:43 we've already... we are gonna be using spray, cooking
02:47 spray. Okay. And we've already going. I've already
02:51 sprayed my pan and I'm gonna take my potato
02:53 and you know we said two
02:54 potatoes, but I've already done it up, now you
02:56 have that water. Any reason for that.
02:57 Just to keep it from turning brown.
02:59 Okay. Right. And what you're gonna do is, I'm gonna
03:01 first slice the potatoes up. Now, I'll tell you what?
03:03 What I want you to do, just turn stove on, okay
03:05 and we're gonna go ahead and get started on the
03:07 things that's gonna go on top of the potatoes,
03:09 how about that. So, I'm gonna move this over.
03:13 Okay. Turn it on, is it, turn it down and on,
03:16 there you go, there you go, alright,
03:18 and this one calls for, it has onions in it.
03:22 Okay, it has mushrooms in it,
03:23 and it also have the green peppers as well.
03:25 Okay. Alright. So, I'm gonna move over that potato right
03:29 there and I'm gonna move over. I'm going to do some
03:31 cutting on this, would you go ahead
03:32 and kind of slice that up for me, slice up
03:33 the, here's your knife. Okay. You wanna them in
03:36 strips or what? No, chop it. Oh, chop it.
03:38 Yeah, just chop it up there and then this was
03:41 gonna go in and because also believe it or not
03:43 we've already used the same thing, a cooking spray,
03:47 a cooking spray, that we're using in the skillet,
03:51 Oh! Okay, as we are trying to cut back on the amount
03:53 of fat in this particular recipe, alright. Okay.
03:56 So, once you get that done, we're gonna go ahead on and
03:58 put the peppers and the onions and I'm gonna
04:01 put that mushroom in there as well.
04:02 If want to go ahead and get that sautéing, just move that
04:05 out of out of the way, so it won't start smoking over there,
04:06 well, you're gonna move a little bit faster, move a
04:08 little bit faster, I am done, okay, then let's go ahead and
04:11 put them in there, I'm getting faster hanging in with you,
04:15 baby. This is easy to do, I think you had this for
04:21 me, yes turn that far down, its way too high, not too long
04:24 ago turn it down, more, more more, more, more, more
04:28 more, turn it down down, down, down.
04:30 Oh, down, how about that? A bit more, okay.
04:34 So, we are just using a little bit of the spray,
04:37 the cooking spray, we are going to be sautéing that,
04:39 I'm gonna go ahead on it. Now, any potatoes would do?
04:40 I mean no special type of potatoes?
04:43 I like to use the baking potato, okay, for this
04:46 particular one here, and you're gonna go ahead,
04:47 I want you to go ahead and sauté that, we're sautéing
04:50 that, just getting a little bit translucent, and
04:52 while you're doing that, and it's clear, what I'm gonna do
04:54 I'm gonna take, I'm gonna move my water out of the
04:57 way. Well, that's a big. Okay. Mushroom there.
04:59 Yes, a big one. I'm gonna take my potato
05:02 and what I'm gonna do is I'm going to slice the
05:04 potato, just like we need it, for this particular recipe
05:07 and you gonna cut it thin, okay, because
05:12 when you put in an oven at 450 degrees, it's gonna
05:15 you know, we call it, actually it's really baking,
05:19 but anyway we're frying it at 450 degrees, and we're
05:21 gonna do it, you're just using the word fry for 10
05:25 minutes on one side and then 10 minutes
05:27 on the other side. Oh, I see. Okay.
05:28 That's the name of the game, okay, and with that,
05:30 along with that, we've the seasoning, which is the
05:31 onion and garlic powder. You could put that
05:33 on at the beginning as they go inside the oven
05:35 or you can actually put it on at the end, okay.
05:38 Doesn't really matter You go ahead
05:40 keep on sautéing over there for me and all
05:41 we are gonna to do is we are gonna take our tray
05:43 for which we already got the oil on it, spray on it, and
05:46 we're gonna, now two things you can do.
05:48 Number one is sometime, if you want
05:49 more you can take that round circle and just
05:52 cut it in half, and it gives you more potatoes.
05:54 okay. Gives you more potatoes, 'cause we're gonna
05:57 cut them in half. Easy breakfast idea.
06:00 Easy, easy, easy, easy. People want some
06:02 breakfast, they want it easy. Yes. And need some more ideas
06:04 They don't want, they don't want
06:06 to be working really hard in the kitchen,
06:07 this is a real good brunch
06:09 idea also by the way. It doesn't take a whole lot.
06:10 No, it doesn't take a lot, is not long at all.
06:12 No, it's not. How is the sautéing looking
06:14 good, that's looking good keep on sautéing that for
06:16 me. My arm is getting kind of tired baby. You'll be
06:19 okay. I will be okay. Yeah. Okay.
06:21 So, we gonna sauté and this is gonna go in
06:24 the oven. You can see how simple that is.
06:28 This sauté enough. That's,
06:29 we're gonna put it in the oven at 450
06:31 degrees for ten minutes on one side.
06:33 Okay 10 minutes on the other side and because
06:36 we have that special oven here at 3ABN.
06:39 The 3ABN oven. Put that on in the
06:40 oven there and then we're gonna bring out the
06:44 next dish, which actually goes with the sautéing
06:47 that you just finished doing because you
06:49 see we've already done those potatoes,
06:50 alright. That was a fast oven. Was that
06:53 fast? You got the sausage for on there too.
06:56 That was fast. The oven does all that?
06:58 Well, well you know,
07:00 they understand, they understand or to
07:01 be able see the finish product, 'cause you be
07:03 surprised how many people really want to
07:05 see the product as it ends, turn it around here
07:07 toward me. Okay. And, let's turn to up
07:09 just a little bit more turn your oven stove
07:10 a little bit more and this is a easy, a simple
07:15 recipe once again as you've already seen what
07:17 we have done, it does not call for a lot of oil.
07:19 Alright and we have a breakfast sausage, you
07:22 can, in our cook books we actually have a sausage
07:24 we can make with Garbanzo beans, or you can
07:26 purchase your sausage at a health food store or a
07:28 regular super market, plenty of them having them now
07:30 these are meat alternatives. Okay. Okay, and so. Now,
07:33 how long do the potatoes stay into the oven.
07:35 Ten minutes on one side, 10 minutes on the other side,
07:37 and then you wanna make sure, for
07:39 which you just stick a fork in and it will go straight
07:40 through, and that mean the potatoes are done. Okay.
07:42 alright. But 450 degrees is the temperature, so
07:44 it's gonna be high. And, these are meatless
07:46 sausage. Meatless sausage.
07:47 That you can get at any store. Now, any main
07:49 grocery store, now. That's right, that's
07:51 right. Have lot of. I want you to turn it
07:52 off of me. Okay.
07:54 And, what I am gonna do with this Curtis,
07:55 is all I am gonna do right before it's time
07:56 to get to ready serve it out. I'll just
07:58 take it, and I will put it. Oh! Right over the
08:02 potatoes. Right over the potatoes.
08:04 Okay. Looking good baby, looking good.
08:07 Okay. Okay. Alright.
08:11 This will be a good breakfast right now. Very,
08:16 very appetizing Yep. Just about this, can be one
08:18 minute in itself. They can make a meal within
08:20 itself. Yes, you're right. I mean whole wheat toast
08:22 or whatever, some juice and. Yes. We're ready to go.
08:24 Yes, yes, yes. This is easy.
08:26 This is not, can you get any simpler
08:28 than that. This is easy.
08:29 Easy. It is a breakfast and this is
08:31 good idea. Easy, easy, easy, easy.
08:32 And, you notice now that's the salt amount because
08:37 you are gonna do salt to taste, small amount
08:39 of sodium. Okay. And the oil is totally low,
08:41 very low really low. Thank you.
08:43 Oh! You welcome baby. Thank you, they gonna
08:45 see this again at the end of the program.
08:46 Umm! Umm! When we end our
08:49 program, they'll get a chance to see this
08:51 along with the rest of our finished products, but it
08:53 has a beautiful presentation. Yes, it does.
08:54 A very nice presentation and so we are gonna look
08:57 at our very next recipe and this one is also
09:00 easy, but. Easy. It's different.
09:03 It's different. Its my scone recipe.
09:05 Scone! Scone, we are gonna make scones
09:07 look at the actual ingredients with this
09:10 one. It's dried cherry and Maple Scones,
09:16 it calls for:
09:38 Well, this is a
09:43 kind of a simple recipe, I love scones
09:46 all different types and so we are gonna get started
09:48 on this one, first we are gonna put in our one
09:50 cup of the pastry flour and we also have a
09:53 whole wheat flour, so. Now, what about,
09:55 now pastry flour maybe new to a lot of people,
09:58 so where can I get pastry flour?
10:00 A pastry flour is we call a summer wheat flour. Okay.
10:03 And, what there will be in a summer wheat is actually
10:04 lighter in texture then your regular whole wheat flour.
10:07 Now, can I purchase this from
10:10 a regular grocery store. Yes
10:11 Yes, yes. Okay. especially those grocery
10:13 stores that actually have a health foods section.
10:14 Okay. Alright, and we are gonna go ahead and
10:16 put in the unbleached flour with the germ, now
10:19 put those in on time. Now, again, whole wheat flour
10:22 with the germ that may again be new to a lot of people
10:25 Somebody, yes, somebody asked me
10:26 that question one time, they called me and asked me
10:27 about how you get unbleached flour, I can't
10:30 find it and I just say you know, you just get
10:32 unbleached flour and that unbleached flour is out
10:34 there, it doesn't have the coloring taken from it.
10:35 Okay. And, then you can add about half of a
10:38 teaspoon to a tablespoon of wheat germ.
10:42 Wheat germ. And, then mix it in
10:43 and that usually like let's say a tablespoon of
10:47 wheat germ to 1 cup of unbleached flour.
10:50 That's unbleached flour with the germ.
10:51 Right. With the germ. Did you have it?
10:53 Yes. Okay. Now, I've ready put the two
10:56 flours in, so what I want you do is, I want you go
10:59 ahead and put the fructose in, we have
11:00 the fructose just going in and also with,
11:02 it's 1/4 cup of fructose.
11:03 Okay. We also have the one teaspoon.
11:05 May be better than refined sugar of salt, yes.
11:08 Alright. That's a fruit sugar. Fruit sugar.
11:10 And, then we are gonna put in also the
11:12 baking powder and this is without.
11:13 Aluminum free. Aluminum free, okay
11:15 and we are gonna go ahead on and sift it in that
11:17 bowl, right there. Just try to make sure you keep
11:19 it over the bowl, so yeah you are gonna sift it,
11:22 it doesn't take that long to do that at all. Alright,
11:23 otherwise you're sifting, why are you sifting
11:25 that. You know, the recipe called for,
11:28 it said a ½ cup of cherries, dried cherries,
11:32 which I already have here and then we say
11:34 chopped, but I wanna have big old full cherries
11:37 in this here, scone, so we are
11:40 gonna leave them whole like that, alright.
11:41 Oh! Nice and plump juicy cherries.
11:43 Yes, yes, yes, yes. And, also we are mixing
11:45 together, we have the soy milk, okay honey, can
11:49 you hold that. Oh! I'm not doing it right.
11:51 Just move it. Oh! You're doing it a lot faster
11:53 than I am. Umm! Umm!
11:55 Alright, so what we're doing is we're just making
12:00 it a softer texture, easier to work with,
12:03 okay. They're all scones. Scones.
12:07 It's been awhile since you made some Scones for me.
12:09 I know. It's like time huh.
12:11 Yes. Well, he. I'm gonna see if I can
12:12 get some scones. Yeah, you're gonna get them
12:14 today. I am going to get them today, alright. You get them
12:16 today. Okay. Okay. Now, we are
12:18 gonna go ahead on with that, we are gonna go ahead
12:20 and start putting in the margarine. Now, a lot of
12:23 times when you're doing a margarine, you
12:25 put it in big chunks, what I like to do,
12:27 you just to take it and start it up by just
12:29 cutting it kind of thinner that way it goes
12:32 through faster, you wanna use
12:34 cold margarine however. Okay. Okay. And, I am
12:37 gonna have you take that fork and mash that
12:39 around, 'cause we wanna to get texture of corn meal,
12:42 corn meal, okay. Corn meal, you have to work
12:46 a little bit. Huh! Yeah, this is some more. You're
12:48 gonna work a little bit in this show I'm gonna earn
12:50 my keep on this program. Earn you keep in here,
12:51 just keep on mashing it down, mashing it down.
12:53 You can also use a pastry blender, a pastry
12:55 blender to do that same thing, okay.
12:58 So, name of the game is you wanna get that
13:00 crumb going. Yeah it is. Alright.
13:02 Okay, and what I have is I have the maple syrup
13:04 and I also have the soy milk and what we
13:07 are gonna do is once he gets done with that,
13:08 I am gonna help him with that just kind of mash
13:10 a little bit, once you. Now, do you have
13:12 to have maple syrup, I know that can be
13:15 expensive. You don't have to have it,
13:17 but it really is called a cherry maple scone.
13:21 Well then. Scone.
13:22 I guess you have to have the maple syrup then, otherwise
13:24 you have to change the name.
13:26 Yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah. Okay
13:27 I get you. And, maple syrup can get
13:28 expensive but you know what, always say, when it comes
13:30 to your health, We are worth it.
13:31 Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely.
13:33 I know, he is going now. Okay. Now, once we've
13:35 gotten that together, it has a kind of a
13:37 corn meal, oops! Has a corn meal texture, okay.
13:40 I think you have did that. Alright, I did that.
13:42 Yeah. Okay, let's turn around a little bit
13:44 You just happen to be on my side. Turn around a little
13:45 bit, turn around little bit, turn around little
13:46 Okay. Okay. Now, at this point I am just as you,
13:50 wipe that down for me Curtis. Umm! Umm!
13:52 Go and take it and clean that up. And, we have the
13:55 cherries, cherries. Umm!
13:57 Umm! Umm! You supposed to eat one now.
14:01 Okay, have one. Okay. Umm!
14:03 Umm! Umm! Umm! Umm! Good.
14:04 Put them in. Umm! Nice and plump
14:06 and juicy. Umm! Okay, good.
14:08 Yes, they are. I like cherries.
14:09 You can make all types of scones, cherry ones,
14:13 you can make cranberry, you can make
14:15 raisins, you can make all. Now, you have
14:18 several scones in your cook book. Umm!
14:19 In both cook books or. No, the scones are in our
14:22 my Global cookbook. Okay.
14:24 Umm! Umm! And, you're gonna
14:26 do this, you wanna cook the actual
14:27 cherries or you wanna coat your raisins or
14:29 whatever you gonna be using, you wanna coat
14:31 them first before you start adding the other
14:32 ingredients. Oh! Okay. Now, we are gonna go
14:33 ahead and pour in soy milk. Okay.
14:37 And, we are also gonna pour in.
14:39 A maple syrup. Maple syrup.
14:41 And, soy milk, there's many types of soy milks out
14:44 there, many brands, so. Yeah, that's lot of different
14:46 brands out there. Usually when I do the
14:48 scones, I like to use cup, one that's got, vanilla.
14:52 already in it. Vanilla, Umm! Umm! Okay.
14:55 Now, we are gonna just turn around.
14:57 And we didn't have scones growing up.
14:59 We didn't either. We didn't either,
15:03 we don't have either, but you know
15:04 what, as you get a little bit
15:06 more matured age, you just start
15:08 looking at other recipe books and stuff
15:09 and you start seeing things and it's actually
15:11 going to other areas, other cultures and see some
15:13 of the stuff that they're eating now use the biscuits.
15:15 Yeah, get all biscuits. Biscuits and so the
15:19 scones are a sweeter, they taste
15:23 absolutely delicious, I am telling you that
15:24 right now. Now, I am going to, would you go ahead
15:28 and serve a little bit more because I want to get
15:29 my hands ready, I am gonna get
15:31 my hands ready. You're get a little busy.
15:32 Are you going to just go over around and get the
15:34 flour, make sure that we have all that flour.
15:35 Okay. In there, I am going to
15:37 just get my hands together, okay, bring my pan here.
15:43 That's enough. Okay.
15:50 Okay, alright. It's pretty well mixed
15:52 up in there. Mixed very well, thank
15:53 you, you did a good job there. Now I am going
15:56 to do, this is now once again we talk about
15:58 easy recipes. Now check this out
16:00 all we are going to do is we're going to take this up,
16:03 see how nice and pliable that is.
16:07 Okay. Now you can actually
16:09 just take at this point and if it gets too much
16:13 sticky put a little bit more flour on your hands,
16:17 okay. Okay.
16:18 And I am not just going to take it and you're going
16:21 to just move it around and I'm going to take it out,
16:28 I am gonna get all the goodies, all the goodies.
16:31 probably mix like patty cakes Yeah, yeah.
16:36 and you going to set it in our pan and then we're going
16:40 to start patting it out. Oh! Okay.
16:44 We're making scones, you don't have to roll it out
16:46 with a rolling pin, you don't have to worry
16:47 about that at all. And you want to make sure
16:53 that you don't make it too flat, see them
16:55 cherries in there. Oh! I see, yes.
16:56 Umh, umh, umh. Now I guess you can cut it
17:00 any design you want. Well, a scone is
17:02 actually small, small triangles squares, okay.
17:06 Okay. That, what I am going to
17:07 do, is I'm going to take my knife, you have that sharp
17:10 knife do you have that sharp knife, here it is.
17:12 Take our knife and we're just going to, not go
17:16 all away through but we're actually
17:18 going to make a line. You called that square
17:20 Okay. Okay.
17:22 Is that true? I am not sure, but that
17:24 sounds good to me. Okay, now believe it or not
17:30 this actually makes 12, but we just going to do 8.
17:36 Oh! I see. Okay. That makes them a
17:38 little bit bigger. Right.
17:41 Okay, just enough, enough, because once
17:44 they bate you'll be able to cut it a lot easier.
17:46 Oh! Okay, so no way to cut it, okay.
17:48 Yeah, it's going to cut that line there, okay,
17:51 and then it's going to go in an oven,
17:53 it's going to bake in the oven and the temperature
17:56 for this particular one here is 400 degrees
17:59 and it bakes for about 15 minutes, okay.
18:01 Okay. Okay, and then you actually.
18:02 And you want it brown or. It's going to actually
18:03 turn brown and when it comes out of the oven
18:05 what you going to do is your going to spray
18:06 a little bit with this the cooking spray and then you
18:08 sprinkle a little bit of the fructose on top
18:10 of that and voila you will have the scones
18:13 and you will see the scones at the end
18:15 of the program. Well right now,
18:18 this is going to go in the oven and what I want
18:20 them to do is stay by.


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