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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well, welcome back okay, we have just completed
00:05 this Easy Beggars Soup, alright. And you know
00:09 once again soups are another real good way to
00:12 go, fills up the tummy, that's right, and this has
00:14 the broccoli in it and we got the McKay's
00:16 Chicken-style seasonings in there as imitation as
00:18 a Broth and we've that French Bread, the whole wheat
00:21 French Bread and sliced thin and we put garlic on
00:23 top of it and then we sprinkle on top of it that
00:26 soy cheese, smelling good baby, it smells good,
00:28 looks good and makes good for the show,
00:30 and this is very inexpensive to do, very
00:31 inexpensive to do. Now are you making me
00:33 beg for this because I mean this is Beggars
00:34 Soup? Absolutely, when the show is over,
00:37 absolutely I was expecting that answer,
00:39 you are going to go there Curtis you're gonna
00:40 to go there and let's go back let's backtrack,
00:42 yeah let's backtrack. I mean backtracking.
00:44 I remember you making a statement about having
00:47 to have the sheets pull back, that's right, so you
00:49 know we can air out the bed. Well, what about
00:51 the windows? Is it important that we have
00:53 windows up, down, or what. Yeah. You need to
00:55 have the windows up folks, okay, you want
00:58 that fresh air coming into the bedroom, therefore
01:00 the sheets can be aired out thoroughly if not
01:03 then it's gonna to be counter-productive.
01:04 So, that's very important. Also, sometimes you
01:07 may not the have that total hip or total knee
01:10 replacement. These are just some natural
01:11 protocols as well. So, it's always Jesus said in
01:14 John 10:10, I come that they might have life
01:19 and have it more abundantly.
01:22 We'll see you next time.


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