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00:01 Well welcome, welcome back to kitchen, we are
00:02 excited to about this recipe. Yes, we are. It's
00:05 actually called, an Easy Beggars Soup. Let's go to
00:09 the recipe. It sounds interesting. It calls for:
00:30 Okay, now Beggars Soup. Now again my wife,
00:34 she doesn't tell me the recipe other than the
00:36 name, but again Beggars Soup now, now I have to
00:39 beg for this or is there are call... so this is free
00:42 or what. You might have to beg for it, but it's
00:45 called the Beggars Soup, okay that would be funny,
00:46 it does, you know Curtis you just got finished
00:48 putting all these things out there as far as the
00:51 Joint Venture Tomatoes and by the time you do
00:53 the peppers and all those things, yeah, I'm like
00:55 okay, I'm gonna to make sure, what can I do with
00:56 this, right Curtis actually finds out, he tells me
00:59 what the show is gonna to be and then I have to
01:00 find recipes that actually match the show
01:03 and so I thought to myself, give your hard
01:04 time on this program. I said to myself self,
01:06 how we're gonna to work this out and so we
01:09 came with this particular recipe, okay and that's
01:11 because when you talk about soups they are
01:13 actually a meal within itself, you know, yes you
01:15 are right, and so this one is once again the
01:17 same. I've already got my 4 cups of water
01:20 boiling with the one table spoon of McKay's
01:23 Chicken-Style Seasoning plus one teaspoon,
01:25 okay, because it has to be boiling and ready to
01:27 go and did you see that. Now McKay's
01:29 chicken-style seasoning doesn't have any chicken
01:31 in there, no chicken whatsoever in it, and
01:34 it is a mock Chicken right, can get from any health
01:37 food store, any health food store and regular
01:39 Grocery Store as well, and regular Grocery Store
01:40 that's true, alright, and so we're gonna to go
01:42 ahead on and put in the Broccoli, alright. And this
01:44 is fresh broccoli going in, three cups, and now
01:46 where in the world did you find this recipe,
01:48 Beggars Soup. I can't tell you all my secrets
01:52 Curtis. Well, maybe you can tell your husband.
01:55 No, no, no. Okay. Just know that the soup is
01:58 going to real good. Okay. That's all I can tell you.
02:00 Alright. Now this soup actually just goes for
02:03 about, I mean the broth and the Broccoli
02:05 actually goes for no more than about maybe 10
02:08 minutes, not even that long okay, now all
02:10 the nutrition is going to stay right there because it's gonna
02:11 to be in a pot, so we're gonna to put the lid back
02:12 on top of it, and let it simmer for a little
02:14 and let it simmer for few minutes
02:15 and we get right some of the that water off there,
02:18 okay. And while we are doing that let me just to
02:20 talk about because I made comment about
02:22 the French Bread, right, and this is whole
02:23 wheat French bread and basically all you
02:25 gonna to do is you're gonna to cut thin slices
02:28 okay like so, okay, and what I like to do
02:30 with this recipe here is after I make this thin
02:32 slices, is we're gonna to put take out cooking
02:36 spray, and that's canola, any cooking spray
02:39 would do, any cooking spray, any cooking
02:40 spray would do and then I just kind of spray
02:42 it. Oh, I see. Okay, and you can do it on both
02:46 side and the name of the game is you're
02:48 gonna to put it in oven, you're gonna
02:49 actually bake it okay until it's brown on both
02:52 sides, alright. Now along with that you can
02:55 take a little bit of your Garlic Powder and
02:58 you can also sprinkle it on top. Oh, I see.
03:00 Okay, like so. Like so, like so, like so, and
03:03 so these were gonna to go on a tray, now
03:05 what's in that jar does, and when they come
03:06 out of oven, that's gonna to be that's for
03:08 our soup. Oh, that's for our soup. When this
03:09 comes out, they are gonna just look just like
03:11 this. Oh! You see, nice and hard, okay
03:13 and you have your bread with the soup, yes.
03:16 Well, no it's called the Beggars Soup for the
03:18 reason and at the end of the program they're
03:20 gonna see why I did the bread this particular
03:21 one. So, you still holding out on me then.
03:23 Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, yeah,
03:25 okay, just have to wait. Now, now of course,
03:27 if you are wanting a little bit more in your soup or
03:29 the near Broccoli in the Broccoli has a
03:31 anti-oxidants and it's very, very good us,
03:33 but if you want to have something else in
03:34 there as well you could put corn in there you
03:36 know, now this is Beggars so that means
03:38 your money is very meager, you don't have a
03:39 whole lot that's what it's called Beggars Soup
03:41 oh I see okay, okay, but you can add things
03:44 like you can add little carrots and you can do
03:46 your peas and your corn. So, we can really
03:48 empty your Refrigerator of leftovers, no.
03:51 Oh, okay. I don't go there, not the leftovers.
03:55 Okay. Let put fresh good stuff into this
03:57 Beggars Soup. Okay, it maybe fresh, but just
03:59 leftover no, no, no okay, okay. We're gonna
04:02 have a little talk after the program is over.
04:05 Okay, okay, anyway. Now we use in our
04:08 Soy Parmesan cheese and there are lot of
04:10 those in the market right now as well.
04:12 You know, of course on Abundant Living
04:13 we try to stay away from the regular
04:15 cheeses and that kind of thing, right, so the
04:16 soy cheese are better way to go and believe
04:18 it or not in your Health Food Stores right
04:22 now it's a good time to actually to talk about
04:24 vegetarianism and try vegetarian cooking
04:27 because basically a lot of your grocery stores
04:30 have moved into an aisle or area called the
04:32 Natural Food Section, that's true and in these
04:34 sections you will find like the McKay's
04:36 chicken-style seasoning and Beef-style
04:37 seasoning and the Braggs Amino Acids,
04:39 which is the same as a light soy sauce okay
04:42 depending on what your pleasure is as far as
04:45 what you want to eat. We've also found that
04:46 when you're trying to get something what
04:48 you want to do is just go ahead on and if you
04:50 don't see it in a store ask, that's right, alright.
04:54 Now we're gonna away, okay, and when we
04:57 come back we're gonna to put all this
04:59 together and I get to taste it.
05:02 We will see whether that's true or not.
05:04 We will be here right back.


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