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00:01 I have a visitor, and he comes by the house all
00:04 the time for several years now and he is so
00:07 mean, I wish he will leave. His name is Arthur
00:10 and sometimes when it rains, he doesn't want to
00:12 go home. Now if you have a visitor like that,
00:15 this program is just for you entitled,
00:18 'Joint Venture'. So, stay with us.
00:47 Hi and welcome to Abundant Living. I'm your
00:49 host Curtis Eakins and this is my beautiful bride
00:52 Paula Eakins. Co-host! Co-host, yes. I'm the
00:57 co-host and you are the co-host. That's right.
01:00 We're also co-director of Health Seminars
01:02 Unlimited. We co-habitat together, when we
01:08 married in case those of tuning in on first time,
01:11 so, okay, you got your mouth open honey, okay,
01:12 okay, so a fly in going to fly in. Okay, you start talking.
01:15 You began this program this Joint Venture
01:17 talking about Arthur, Arthur, and so I know
01:20 everybody is saying. Who in the world is
01:22 Arthur? Yeah, I'll tell you. A lot of people he
01:25 is so mean. He causes so many people so much
01:29 pain and misery. I mean he just got to go.
01:33 I mean we don't kick him out today, out of
01:34 your house and out of our house, well you know
01:37 not in our house, but we don't want him to be in
01:38 our house. Well, Arthur, now most people
01:40 already know that Arthur is arthritis,
01:44 particularly osteoarthritis. Now I
01:48 have to say this, I'm not making this out folks,
01:50 I used to work at a Seniors Apartment
01:54 Complex, I was the desk clerk at the time
01:57 and I noticed that a lot of ladies that come
01:59 downstairs and they talked amongst
02:01 themselves, I was at the desk there
02:02 I was listening in on them and invariably sometimes they
02:07 will say you know Arthur he visit me last
02:09 night and he stayed with me for long time and
02:13 so okay I'm just listening to this and the other lady
02:15 say well, he was with me the day before
02:18 you know. I said to myself this Arthur
02:21 he really is getting around and he's like a
02:23 lady's man. Then it dawned on me, they were
02:25 talking about arthritis. That's right. But, it
02:27 took a while for me to catch on what they
02:28 were talking about. So, we are talking about
02:31 arthritis, so Arthur, that's the nickname that
02:34 has been used for this disease. Well, so many
02:37 people suffering with we call it like you said
02:40 joint venture with Arthur and I remember
02:42 that we've done a couple of programs,
02:43 that's right, we did a program as a matter of
02:45 fact Curtis's mother is over the senior, Ministry
02:49 Department, Ministries in our church at First
02:51 Church and once a month she has some
02:54 particular program that she is actually doing in.
02:56 She calls Curtis and I in quite often, a little
02:58 nepotism is going on and has us come and do some
03:01 programming, that's right, and one of the
03:03 the highly requested programs was arthritis.
03:07 That's right. Joint Venture. People complaining,
03:09 and you know at first you are wondering was
03:11 a lot of people going to come to this program
03:13 I cannot begin to tell you there was standing
03:16 room only of the people. They came in the
03:19 wheelchairs. Yes, they did. They came in with
03:20 the walkers. That's right. People are really
03:23 hurting in trying to figure out how to get
03:25 around, especially when they can't get around
03:27 and they used to. We had over 60 people
03:29 attending that at First Church at Huntsville,
03:32 Alabama. That's right. Yeah, for that some up.
03:34 And that was not enough, if that was not
03:35 enough, we at the Camp Meeting our Camp
03:38 Meeting comes around at June time frame South
03:41 Central Conference Camp Meeting and believe
03:42 it or not we did the same program at the Camp
03:45 Meeting. It was over a 180 people. That showed
03:48 up at that particular program. So, it's amazing
03:51 how many people are actually suffering and
03:54 going through a lot of stuff with their joints,
03:56 the arthritis, osteoarthritis and like
03:59 and so this is a good program. Yes, it is.
04:02 And you know, we did not
04:03 even plan on doing that program at Camp
04:05 Meeting arthritis. No, no. We had a whole set of
04:07 programs already preplanned and asked a show
04:10 up hands, how many is interested in this topic
04:13 or that topic when I said arthritis, a whole lot
04:15 of hands raised up, yes yeah, and so okay honey,
04:17 well this, we will be doing this program
04:19 tomorrow so, yeah, yeah, very well received
04:20 though but yes. How serious is Osteoarthritis?
04:25 It is very, very serious. And I used to work at
04:29 the Huntsville Hospital for about 10 years, 8
04:32 years in the area of surgery, and invariably
04:36 in Neurosurgery, brain, and spinal cord,
04:38 but some of the surgical procedures I assisted
04:40 was Ortho, orthopedics, we called it Ortho and
04:45 of course with that we did a whole lot of total
04:47 hip replacement and total knee replacement
04:52 and with that I can see people, I look on the chart
04:55 their X ray and I can see why they really having
04:59 excruciating pain because I'm looking at the
05:01 X ray, the joints, and it's like bone against
05:03 bone. So, it's very cripply. It's the number
05:06 one cause of disability and joint pain, also one
05:10 out of five people experience some form of
05:14 arthritis. Now they are many different forms of
05:16 arthritis, okay, but one in five some form of
05:19 arthritis as well and so it can be very crippling
05:22 to the American population. It causes
05:24 excruciating pain as well. Now if you are over
05:26 50, 80 percent of the people experience a form
05:30 of arthritis. Okay. So, therefore with that in
05:33 mind we can be very crippling. Now what
05:36 we're gonna to do is we're going to zero in on
05:39 not the total hip okay but the total knee because
05:44 in surgery they are about maybe 260,000
05:48 total hip replacements in this country, 260,000.
05:54 Total knee is 600,000. So, with that in mind we
05:58 gonna to focus in on the knee not the hip
06:01 although what applies to the knee is applicable
06:04 to the hip as well. Well, what do we have,
06:06 why don't you talk about the knee itself.
06:09 Do you have anatomy of the actual knee itself,
06:12 so we can see where we are going with this
06:14 program as far as that's related? You are
06:17 so beautiful I just lost my train of thought.
06:20 Oh, yes. We do have an anatomy of the knee.
06:21 Yeah, I just lost my train of thought. I'm
06:23 refocused now. Yes, we do and okay, now to
06:26 understand arthritis you must look at anatomy of
06:29 physiology and with that in mind let's go to
06:31 our first graphic at this time. Okay, now we
06:36 have of course the top one is called the a femur
06:40 or the thigh bone, the bottom bone is of course
06:43 the shin bone or tibia and of course the patella
06:45 or knee bone, a knee cap I should say. At the
06:48 end of these bones, we have what we call the
06:51 articular cartilage. I called these our shock
06:56 absorbers. So, when we walk, the creator God
07:00 put these built in shocked absorbers. Therefore,
07:04 when we walk, you can have that shock
07:06 absorber and therefore we can walk and nice
07:09 fashion there. As well now keep this in mind,
07:12 when these are worn down these Articular
07:15 Cartilage, when they are worn down they have
07:18 virtually no blood supply. Therefore, it's going
07:21 to be very difficult for having this shock,
07:25 cartilage or the shock absorbers I have to say
07:27 to rebuild themselves. They are limited. So,
07:30 again now this very important to understand
07:32 the anatomy of the knee and also the cartilage
07:36 that's attached of the end of these bones as
07:38 well to give us that motion that when we
07:40 move, we can move freely and easily. So, they
07:43 are very important. Articular cartilage is key
07:48 in healthy knees and also healthy hip as well.
07:51 Well, I know that Mary is calling in and she is
07:54 asking the question and that is what exactly
07:57 tears that cartilage down? Well, now there is a
08:01 lot of things that can tear the cartilage down,
08:04 thereby of course bone against bone. Yeah.
08:07 Number one, first of all we need to understand
08:10 what makes up cartilage. When we determine
08:13 what makes up the cartilage we have to
08:15 understand, what's one of the causes of turning
08:17 them down? Well, a cartilage is about to 65
08:20 to 85 percent water. Thereby, if one has, is not
08:28 hydrated enough, not taking enough water,
08:32 the wear and a tear of the cartilage is more
08:35 rapid because there is no water there in the joint.
08:39 But, now if a person is more hydrated there is
08:41 water there, then the wear and tear is very
08:44 slow. Therefore, it doesn't wear down as
08:47 fast. So, water is very critical. So, folks if you
08:51 listen to this program, if you want to keep the
08:54 cartilage healthy and that wearing down is
08:57 very slow; adequate amount of water is
09:01 critical because cartilage is 65 to 85 percent
09:06 water. So, actually it's key point right there.
09:09 Now how much that we need and how do you're
09:11 taking your water? Now let's talk about that for
09:13 a moment. Well, you know it's amazing because
09:14 when we were having that program one of the
09:16 things that we asked those who were having a
09:19 problem with their joints was do you drink
09:22 water? Number one question? The first
09:24 question and you know what the majority of
09:27 them said no. The whole thing as we talked about
09:31 before no matter what disease it is, they got to
09:34 get that water in, that's true, because the water
09:36 goes all throughout the body, that's true. So,
09:37 once again we are saying again to use 6 to 8 oz
09:41 glasses of water a day. Now, it's all kind of
09:44 ways you can drink water. A lot of times
09:46 people, just sometimes, fill of a half a gallon of
09:48 jug and do it that way. One of ways I have
09:50 found, the best way to get my water in is that I
09:53 have a container that was 32 ounces, that's
09:55 true and that holds 4 cups of water. So, I filled
09:57 it up in the morning and then I drink that four,
10:00 you know, I just like drink it, drink it down like
10:02 a large amount of that. Okay. And then I filled
10:04 it up a second time and that way I know that
10:06 by the time I go around towards the evening and
10:07 I've gotten all 8 glasses in and so whatever way
10:12 is best, you've got to get it in and people say
10:15 what about my lemonade, what about my tea,
10:17 you know what about everything that I'm doing,
10:19 the answer is 100 percent Adam's Ale, and for
10:24 those who know me that's a 100 percent,
10:26 is Ale. That's right. I knew it was coming.
10:28 That's right. That's right. That's right. Well,
10:30 what other things can actually cause problems
10:33 for your joints? Okay, now another cause of
10:36 joint pain, now this is gonna to be an eye
10:38 opener to lot of people. So, folks hold on to
10:42 you seat. Now before we go to this next graphic,
10:45 I need to surface this particular Author and
10:48 this Author has been translated more than any
10:52 other Author in United States according to the
10:55 Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Second
10:59 in the world alright, now this Author has wrote
11:02 many volumes when it comes to health and
11:04 healthful living and the names Ellen G. White
11:07 probably some of you've heard this Author, just
11:10 talked about this, the Radio icon Paul Harvey,
11:14 yes, who has passed now but he donated 1 hour
11:19 of his program on his radio show exemplifying
11:22 the wisdom that this Author has received from
11:26 the Lord according to 12 million people around
11:29 the World and so this Arthur has a lot to say
11:31 him about Helpful Living. Now what does this
11:33 Author has a lot to say about my joint pain? Let's go
11:37 to our graphic and let's see what this Author has
11:39 to say. Here it is, Damp Beds. Listen to these
11:43 words. These are profound "Sleeping rooms that
11:47 are not exposed to air in sunlight become damp.
11:54 Those who occupy them are troubled with here
11:58 we go folks painful joints." Now that
12:04 statement is very profound. Now of course
12:07 I'm going to go against what my mother used to
12:08 tell me when I was a little boy, Curtis when
12:10 you get up, out of the bed in the morning, make
12:13 up your bed. Now when a person has Arthritis,
12:17 this is one of the things you don't want to do.
12:21 The reason why that statement is so important
12:23 because when we get out of the bed we do a lot
12:26 of perspiring, a lot of water, and when we make
12:29 up the bed we trapped the dampness in between
12:33 the sheets. Therefore, there is lot of dampness
12:35 doesn't air out. When we get in that same bed
12:37 that evening, we get in there and causes
12:40 inflammation and pain because of the dampness
12:43 of the bed because of perspiration for the night
12:46 before, that's why the author says that the bed
12:49 is should be folded back, the air should come in
12:53 there and also the light should come in and air
12:55 out the sheets and also the bed as well.
12:58 Therefore, it reduces the pain of the joints;
13:01 very profound. I can see right now Curtis some
13:05 young personality, have an excuse, absolutely
13:08 saying, I just heard on Abundant Living, the
13:10 most says get up and make your bed they'll say
13:12 something like, Curtis say, what Curtis said on
13:15 3ABN or Joint Venture, I believe I have
13:18 arthritis. Yeah, it is the all day long. I can see
13:22 that happen. That concept, that's really
13:24 neat, when you really think about that because
13:26 that is true; the dampness of the body,
13:28 yeah, through the night, and it traps because it's
13:30 not been, absolutely, absolutely. Now we do
13:32 this even now. Yes. We don't have arthritis pain.
13:34 Every time we get out of bed, we fold back to
13:36 covers at least about an hour or two and then
13:39 make up our bed afterwards and when we
13:41 get into bed that evening is nice and dry,
13:44 very profound. Let's talk a little bit about
13:47 drugs as it relates to arthritis and joint pain,
13:50 what type, what about the drugs, are they safe?
13:54 Well a lot of people taken medication drugs for
13:56 the painful inflammation and of course you have
13:59 what we call the, NSAIDs Nonsteroidal
14:05 Anti-inflammatory Drugs, NSAIDs, that's
14:09 an acronym alright. Okay, okay. Ibuprofen,
14:11 Celebrex, Vioxx, you name it. Now they do
14:15 suppress these inflammatory responses,
14:19 alright, reduce the inflammation, okay,
14:20 but at the same time have a three percent
14:23 chance or three times the increase risk of
14:26 gastrointestinal problems, upset stomach,
14:29 dizziness, headaches and prolong use can cause
14:33 renal failure, alright list that. Okay. So, now
14:36 those NSAIDs or Celebrex, Ibuprofen and those
14:39 kind of things now of course are the new name
14:41 for the acronym NSAIDs, new source of Aspirin
14:46 in disguise. Really! NSAIDs, alright okay,
14:48 okay, different ways, okay, Okay. But now,
14:50 but there are some things that we can do,
14:52 in place of that, that doesn't cause the side
14:53 effects that are very profound. Now I know
14:55 you're gonna go around with that one. Now,
14:57 you're gonna to talking about herbal medicine
14:58 which is what everybody is waiting to hear, and
15:00 that is what type of herbal medicines can an
15:02 individual use when you talk about having
15:05 joint pain. Okay, if a person is experiencing
15:08 pain right now, one of the best things they can
15:11 do, one of the best things they can do is turn
15:14 to Mathew chapter 2:11, and may say there is,
15:18 wait a minute I have joint pain, you use a
15:20 Bible scripture, I have pain in joint, you're
15:23 talking about a Bible verse will help me with my joint
15:25 pain, this is talking about Jesus Christ being
15:27 born. Mathew, Mathew chapter 2, oh, and
15:30 verse 11, we are going to pick up the story right
15:32 here, and when they were come talking about
15:35 the wise men into the house they saw the
15:38 young child with Mary, his mother and fell
15:42 down and worshipped him and whey they had
15:44 opened their treasures, they presented unto him
15:48 gifts, here we go now, gold and Frankincense
15:52 and myrrh. Now wait a minute. Wow! Now,
15:57 how can that text help me with my joint pain,
16:01 my achy knee, yes, yes, well, Frankincense is a
16:05 herb from India. It has been used over 1000 of
16:08 years, as far as joint pain Frankincense has what
16:12 we called Anti-inflammatory
16:14 properties, is anti-arthritic
16:17 properties in that, and let's go to our next
16:19 graphic. Let's see what joint pain can do as far
16:24 as when Frankincense is applied to the aching
16:27 joints. Spelling Relief! Here it goes folks and
16:30 this is by well known hospital called Memorial
16:33 Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York,
16:35 "Studies show that Boswellia Serrata now
16:39 that's a botanical name for Frankincense
16:42 Boswellia Serrata has Anti-inflammatory and
16:47 Anti-arthritic effects, reducing inflammation in
16:52 several ways. So, it has properties that can
16:56 reduce inflammation in multiple ways therefore
17:00 increases mobility it decreases joint pain and
17:04 also has freedom of motion as well.
17:07 So, Boswellia Serrata, get it at any health food store
17:11 and take according to directions then very
17:13 efficacious as far as reducing joint pain in the
17:16 knee and also in the hip as well. So, many things
17:19 we can do as far that, one other the thing I would like to
17:21 add to that as well we can do, you can get it at
17:24 regular Grocery Store, Ginger Root. God has
17:29 put properties in the root of the ginger,
17:32 just buy some Ginger Root yeah, from the
17:34 store, yeah, peel it with potato peeler or
17:37 vegetable peeler and have the shavings in a
17:39 cup, pour hot water over that, let it steam,
17:44 take a cloth this is gonna to be a compress,
17:47 you gonna to put by over the knee or to hip,
17:49 take a cloth let that saturate into that tea
17:52 and put that cloth on the effected area of the
17:55 knee. The properties in the Ginger can, help
17:59 reduce the pain, it helps reduce information and
18:03 also helps to block what we call substance P,
18:08 substance P is the pain transmitter, it blocks
18:11 that as well, ginger root and make a compress
18:14 out of that. So, it's very good for that, alright.
18:16 Now I know that at the conference when you're
18:18 talking about that, you are talking about the
18:20 Myrrh and you talked about the ginger, and
18:22 the Frankincense, and Frankincense and I
18:24 remember people going to the Health Food
18:26 Store, that's true, that's where they
18:28 found it. That's true, and they of course not
18:29 remember the long name which you said but
18:30 they said Myrrh and Frankincense and they
18:32 actually had it there to Health food Store.
18:34 They used it, and it began working for them, and
18:36 it begin to work for them. Yes. That is
18:38 absolutely incredible. Now, we are running out
18:39 of time honey, I want to talk about one last thing
18:42 before we go into the kitchen, you heard about
18:44 the, the Nightshades, yes, let's go to our
18:46 graphics and let's talk about the Nightshades
18:48 for a little bit, alright. The Nightshades, the
18:51 Nightshades are Tobacco, Tomatoes,
18:55 White potatoes, Eggplant, red and green
19:00 peppers, chili peppers and pimentos. Now,
19:04 why do we have these foods in the Nightshades?
19:07 The reason being, these things in these foods
19:10 that tend to call some inflammation in people
19:13 who has arthritis pain. Therefore, those who
19:15 have arthritis and have pain of arthritis if you
19:18 get rid of those foods for a while maybe a
19:21 month or so 87 percent of the people show a
19:25 great improvement as far as mobility is
19:28 concerned, just getting rid of those foods for a
19:31 period of time. So, again you can try that. It may
19:33 not work for everybody, but that's one way of
19:36 also reducing joint pain as well. Well, some
19:38 individuals are actually have certain ones of
19:41 those foods that cause a problem where it might
19:43 not be al the particular ones and I know you
19:44 said yourself are they going in the kitchen and
19:47 they are going in here they can't be using any
19:48 Potatoes no Tomatoes no Eggplant no Red
19:51 peppers no Green peppers and definitely no
19:53 Tobacco because you know we don't do tobacco
19:55 on 3ABN or any where else for that matter.
19:57 We're going into the kitchen and we're
19:59 going to actually fix a soup called the
20:01 Beggars Soup, stay by.


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