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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well we have just finish doing this
00:05 Creamy Northern Bean Soup and... Did a good job
00:09 honey and it is definitely... it's a winner it's very
00:12 good it's very, very good very good, very easy to
00:14 prepare easy to do alright it actually has where
00:16 the Northern beans in there and it also has
00:18 okay fresh spinach it has tomato sauce, yes it does
00:23 and then have all those delicious diced tomatoes
00:26 we also used onion and garlic powder and when
00:29 we prepared those beans Curtis okay we prepared
00:31 those beans with the garlic and onion with the water.
00:37 you know we did with water we did once again
00:39 by actually putting in 6 to 8 cups of water we
00:41 says 6 to 8 because as the beans are cooking in
00:43 the Crock Pot okay they might very well dry out
00:46 so you want to make sure you keep that water
00:48 going there, okay. And also you now you do your
00:51 beans in a Crock Pot over a night. I like to do them over
00:53 night and she does as all the time and of
00:54 course it's hard for me to sleep with all this
00:56 aroma I know I mean I'm sleeping about
00:59 I'm dreaming about beans. Sometimes you know.
01:01 Really the smell does not start coming until early in
01:03 the morning but the garlic and onions kick in...
01:05 It does wake you up... You know. Yes it has the wonderful
01:07 aroma and then wonderful taste too. Now did you
01:09 make the bread that's... I did not make the bread but
01:12 you can make bread, you have made bread. I have
01:13 made bread before but this bread is a real good
01:16 bread I found out there... Lot's of real good
01:17 bread on the market, whole wheat, it's got
01:19 seeds and everything in it you know yeah. Well, now
01:22 let talked... just little bit now of course their
01:24 maybe a lot of people who are watching Abundant
01:26 Living for the first time this is gonna to be a new
01:28 way of eating a new way of cooking we did
01:31 several programs is on hypertension, cholesterol
01:34 diabetes, renal failure, obesity so stay with us and
01:37 we will walk you through step by step. So now
01:40 let's have a little taste of the beans can we I
01:43 knew you're gonna go there so and maybe some
01:44 bread or whatever I already I knew you would
01:47 not want to leave it here we go okay so I got one
01:50 eye on the clock and one eye on this spate spoon
01:52 oh and yet to taste then I don't think I'm gonna to
01:55 make it so let's go ahead and close.
01:58 John 10:10 Jesus said I come that they might
02:02 have life and have it more abundantly.


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