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00:01 Well welcome back okay. we're gonna to go
00:03 to the recipe for this program it's called a
00:07 Creamy Northern Bean Soup. That sounds good
00:09 just look at the ingredients.
00:10 It calls for:
00:36 Okay, well the thing that
00:41 is so easy about this recipe doesn't take a lot
00:43 of ingredients, you've already got the beans
00:45 going, and what I'm going to do is you could
00:47 see it smoking, it smells good too, it smells
00:50 really good. The camera crew is having
00:51 a hard time baby. I am adding in the ingredients
00:54 Curtis I'm going to stir, why don't you go ahead and put
00:56 those tomatoes in first, we got the tomatoes
00:58 gone in diced tomatoes diced. Diced tomatoes going in.
01:01 Alright makes it change the color of it
01:03 okay, alright and then you know we're cooking...
01:06 For some people this may be a new way of
01:08 cooking a of course we're not using any flesh
01:12 on Abundant Living Program so again this
01:15 maybe a new way of cooking for lot of people,
01:17 okay, but it will be healthier way of cooking,
01:19 alright when get the recipe, and tomato sauce,
01:20 actually make sure you get all the goodies out there
01:22 for me, oh, I need to do that right yes okay I
01:25 love this soup, I love this soup one of these... it fills
01:29 you up. Yes it does and then of course
01:32 after tomato sauce we're gonna to go ahead on
01:34 it and add in... that's the spinach okay the
01:38 spinach is going in and the spinach is
01:39 frozen yes. Now how did you cook the beans you
01:42 cooked this in a Crock Pot over night did you
01:44 say or... Yeah okay one of the things that is
01:46 really good let me stir this up here so
01:48 we can... as a matter of fact while use to it it's a
01:50 little bit there Curtis what but you know when
01:52 I talk about those beans that one thing is
01:54 so important is that people asked me all the
01:56 time you know Paula I try to do beans but it
01:58 gives me flatulence. I have a lot of problems
01:59 with it. Well if you cook them in the Crock
02:01 Pot... What I do is I take the dry beans, sort them
02:04 out you know clean them up real good you
02:06 know as far as running them through water and
02:08 everything and then I put them into a Crock
02:10 Pot and it takes 6 to 8 cups of water in the
02:14 Crock Pot and then it would that you're gonna
02:16 to add you onions and your garlic do not put
02:18 salt in those beans and start off or it is going
02:21 to make them real tight. Going to make them
02:22 take a longer time to cook. The longer
02:24 they cook, the better they get because the
02:27 fiber and also we talked about the Ribo Sugar
02:29 right very complicated sugar that created God
02:31 put in the food and it actually helps to break
02:34 that down as his going through the cooking in
02:36 the Crock Pot, okay, alright, and you can cook it
02:39 on the stove, you do it on the stove you
02:40 still have to do it longer, but in the Crock Pot
02:42 you don't worry about it. Alright okay, I'm
02:43 gonna to throw in the
02:45 seasonings okay and this is onion powder,
02:47 garlic powder, and also the sea salt to taste
02:51 alright okay and look how pretty this is. This
02:53 looks good it smells good now will I be able
02:55 to taste this at the end of the program? Absolutely,
02:57 absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, okay is that
03:00 my spoon that you'll be feeding me with?
03:01 No no, no because I'm using that one for to
03:03 soup and someone else might want some. Oh we're
03:06 gonna to be sharing this dish? Yes! With the camera
03:08 crew or what? Yes, we're gonna to be sharing. Okay,
03:10 okay it's nice and hot and it's getting itself
03:12 together and Curtis you know when you're
03:14 talking about that Adventist Advantage yeah
03:16 you made a statement about the Bible and
03:19 about information people can get online or
03:22 National Geographic, Time Magazine, right
03:25 what is somebody really wants to study about
03:28 the health message as it not just related to
03:31 Adventist but the study to health message as
03:33 God wrote it. Okay, good point how can they do
03:36 that how can they can get that information.
03:38 Here's one of the best tracks that we know,
03:40 you can get a close up of this. It's called
03:43 God's free health plan God's free health plan
03:47 and this is concise compacted version of what
03:51 God's has say about healthful living diet and
03:54 lifestyle and total wellness and there is
03:56 about seven pages has over 80 scriptures
04:01 packed in this right here can digest about
04:03 make you 30 minutes. So here it is and those
04:05 who ask for that we give this to you free of
04:07 charge no problem. That sounds good you know what we're
04:09 gonna to do then, we're gonna to put the
04:11 lid on and we're gonna right this go for at least
04:13 another good 30 minutes okay to cook up
04:15 and you know what you just stay by.


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