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00:01 If I told you there is a group of people
00:03 on Planet Earth a body believers
00:05 that has a significantly lower rate
00:08 of coronary artery disease, diabetes, cancer,
00:13 renal failure, heart disease
00:16 and also obesity would you be interested in knowing
00:19 these group of people and more importantly
00:22 what steps do they take to achieve
00:24 this health of status.
00:25 Well if you are interested in knowing about that
00:27 today's program is just for you entitled
00:30 the Adventist Advantage stay with us.
01:02 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living I'm the host
01:05 or co-host Curtis Eakins and glad
01:07 you in our living room once more.
01:08 Glad to introduce my wife Paul Eakins
01:12 now okay honey this is kind of tacky you are reading
01:14 magazine I was introducing you as my lovely bride of
01:19 15 glorious wonderful years.
01:21 Hello, hello okay you want to say anything
01:23 back based on that 15 glorious
01:26 wonderful years okay yeah well the 15 glorious
01:27 years absolutely fantastic and I'm excited
01:31 because of the 15 years of married
01:33 years the 15 years and also this article
01:36 oh okay you have an article this article
01:38 in the magazine was Natural Geographic aha it's
01:39 there National Geographic yeah it's says regular
01:41 church goers appear to live as much as
01:44 two years longer than non-church goers yes
01:47 attending church they get extra two years plus
01:49 and then it said by this gentleman by name of
01:52 Scott Smith okay he says that spiritual
01:55 and physical health go hand in hand
01:57 oh they closely connected and to accept Christ
02:00 is to be free which lowers your stress.
02:04 Oh now we need that okay, accept Christ, alright.
02:07 Now we're going to come back on that article
02:10 and that magazine little bit later in the program,
02:13 but again, again when we open up the program
02:15 it be good not to be reading anything
02:18 that way you know it's kind of tacky so.
02:21 Okay, you can probably do it next time...
02:23 What I would do is as I'm asking question of you
02:25 this kind of still glance at the article is that okay.
02:28 okay you can do that that's not a problem okay
02:30 that' now you said a group of believers
02:32 so a group of believers how about briefly
02:33 talking to us then about this group of believers.
02:35 Okay, now these group of believers now
02:36 of course a clue is given in our tease
02:40 Adventist advantage
02:43 and so we're talking about
02:45 of course the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
02:48 Now I have to say this folks to start off
02:51 with as we were coming up here my wife
02:52 and I driving up to do a series of TV programs
02:55 today that we've been host of Abundant Living
02:59 for 12 years now and we've tape
03:03 probably around the 180
03:05 Abundant Living TV programs.
03:07 I have to say this folk's that this program
03:11 is pulled and probably played more often
03:13 that any other program,
03:16 because when it comes to different topics there are
03:19 sometimes a lot of controversy
03:21 be at politics or religion of different churches
03:24 so we want to come across in a good way
03:28 and I think the Bible says too much is given
03:30 much is require right, right and so we feel
03:33 God has given a lot of to
03:35 Seventh Day Adventist Church in the area of health,
03:37 but to give a little background
03:39 we need to go back to the 1800's
03:41 and what was the health status in the 1800's.
03:44 I'm gonna to give you a few examples
03:45 and you understand what I'm talking about
03:47 number One let me start with our first president
03:50 of United States George Washington.
03:54 In early 1800s he was taken ill,
03:56 he was a very sick and in a health practice during
04:00 that time he call for not the physicians
04:03 but what they call then it's called the Bleeders
04:07 where the physician he came by and they drew
04:10 about 8 ounces of blood from George Washington,
04:15 thinking that blood is to cause of disease
04:17 so they drew blood away from him. Right.
04:19 The next physician the next day they called three
04:22 this the second physician
04:24 for the next day they came and drew some more blood
04:26 another 6 ounces of blood and the third one came
04:29 and do some more blood 32 ounces in all
04:32 and then also they gave him several the drugs
04:35 doing that time okay one was Opium
04:38 which is one ingredients those come
04:40 to street drugs Oxycontin
04:42 and Heroin and other is drug is called Calomel
04:45 there is also deals with poisoning
04:48 and it was very damaging
04:50 and very detrimental to the system
04:53 can cause paralysis in all kinds of problems
04:56 and after awhile George Washington says
04:57 it's matter of record he says enough
05:00 is enough leave me alone
05:03 and later on he past. Well, they felt so proud that
05:07 they advertise those physicians
05:09 what they did to George Washington
05:12 as far as the treatment is concerned
05:13 to let the world know that he had the best of care.
05:17 In other words, they thought they
05:18 were doing him a world of good, right, right,
05:20 but were ignorant during that time, okay.
05:21 Another incident, if you had a child let's
05:24 say 2 or 3- years-old and that child had
05:27 a bad cough we call that croup, a bad
05:28 cough like a seal coughing or barking
05:32 and chest congestion and
05:34 mucous and that kind of thing.
05:36 What they would do with that child
05:37 in that mid 1800s they would give
05:40 that child about a teaspoon of
05:43 Sherry Wine, really, and see how the child
05:45 is gonna to work with the Sherry Wine.
05:47 If the cough didn't go away they would
05:49 double the dose and draw some blood away
05:52 from that child as well.
05:54 if you had a lung problem
05:57 lung disease coughing whatever okay
05:59 and I'm not making this up
06:01 they will insist that if you are not a smoker,
06:05 start smoking, and when you smoke
06:07 you inhale enough for the smoke in
06:09 a vapors to cure your lungs problems
06:13 so this is the type of medical fault during
06:16 this time and diet as far as diet was concerned..
06:19 You know there is a diet for lifestyle and diet,
06:23 and there is a diet for sickness
06:25 and disease and they did not connect the dots.
06:30 And also doing that time the importance of fruits,
06:34 vegetables, whole grains was simply ignored
06:38 life expectancy was around 50 years of age
06:42 and smoking tobacco use was literally
06:44 all over the place even with pastors.
06:47 So with that in mind they were a group of
06:49 believers from different churches
06:52 whose started to come together
06:53 to begin to study God's words
06:56 and found that things that they studied in God's
06:58 word was not preached about in those
07:00 different churches. Okay! One of the things that
07:03 they discovered was the area of health
07:05 and health reform so the church was established
07:08 officially in 1863 in this area
07:11 darkness as far as health is concern
07:13 and begin to also promote and study about how God
07:16 want to treat our bodies at the temple
07:19 of the Living Ghost so with that in mind
07:22 they were instructed form the word of God
07:24 about Healthful Living and Diet in Lifestyle.
07:27 Now with that in mind honey I know
07:29 you have several texts that are in the Bible
07:31 that is always there, yes yes yes, and
07:33 it has been in the Bible all along, but again God
07:36 just made it aware to this group of believers
07:39 as they begin to study God's word and God gave
07:41 them this information in the unique way.
07:44 So let's talk about the text that you have.
07:46 You know I love the fact you know the Lord God
07:48 know exactly what he was doing as far
07:50 directing us and this ones is coming out
07:52 from Third John, okay, Third John chapter 1 verse 2
07:56 and John is speaking and talking about what God
07:59 has to say about our health,
08:00 okay, and it says, Beloved.
08:04 I wish above all things
08:06 that thou mayest prosper and be in health, okay,
08:10 even as thy soul is prospereth.
08:12 You know, I think about the scripture.
08:14 I think about the fact that
08:15 that it is a balance there.
08:18 You know, God is saying to us that
08:20 I wish above all things that you would prosper
08:22 and be in good health as your soul is prospering
08:26 you know toward the Lord the spiritual
08:29 God is saying I'm interest in your health too okay.
08:32 So these two things go together, the physical
08:35 and spiritual and there is... there
08:37 and they begin to see that from scripture
08:39 as well going that time yeah there is another
08:41 text I like to quote also it is First Corinthians 10
08:44 and verse 31 the bible says
08:46 whether therefore you eat or drink
08:51 or whatever you do, that takes care
08:53 of everything else do all to the glory of God
08:57 and when they begin to read the scripture
09:00 somewhat God wanted to them to do as far
09:02 as treating the Body Temple
09:04 God took them back to the first book of the Bible
09:07 Genesis where God gave mankind his first diet.
09:12 Genesis 1:29 yes and Genesis 3:18
09:17 and in that was also a plant based diet as well.
09:20 So it is very good that God instructed
09:24 this body believers from different churches
09:25 to come together and talk about how God
09:28 want to help them to treat their bodies.
09:30 I think we have a graphic there as well and let's talk about
09:32 this graphic because now the medical profession
09:35 and medical Journalist and now advocating
09:38 a plant base diet based on Genesis 1:29
09:41 and also Genesis 3:18. So let's go to our graphic
09:43 at this time,
09:45 here it is the American Journal
09:46 of Clinical Nutrition is says here this is the
09:48 Optimum diet " there is convincing
09:53 evidence that vegetarians
09:55 have lower rates of coronary heart disease,
10:00 hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cancer.
10:06 " Now that is very profound and again
10:10 if you look at God's original diet Genesis 1:29
10:14 and Genesis 3:18 is also a diet void of animal flesh.
10:20 Therefore with that in mind because when we are taking
10:22 animal flesh folks, animal flesh has
10:25 no potassium and a high sodium
10:28 content okay that will raise up one's blood
10:30 pressure right, right.
10:32 Animal flesh also has a lot of fat, cholesterol,
10:36 and saturated fat. It will also increase
10:39 coronary artery disease
10:41 and also obesity which leads to diabetes
10:44 was also has Carcinogens which leads to cancer,
10:47 so you can understand why that statement is profound
10:49 about those who take in a plant based diet
10:52 or vegetarian diet they have a low risk of
10:55 all those diseases across the board.
10:58 Well. I though that was really important
11:00 when you just got finished talking about the fruits
11:01 and the vegetables and whole grains
11:02 and everything because we were coming back
11:04 from a trip and we met some people
11:07 on airplane, and it was around that January time
11:10 frame and they were talking about
11:12 the Daniel Diet oh yes and these were not Adventist
11:16 these were another group of people that's right
11:18 because it's speaking about that and they talked
11:20 about they were on a Daniel Diet
11:22 and now we were asking them
11:24 a lot of questions about that and low and behold
11:25 we go home and we go on the computer
11:27 and sure enough there are congregations out there,
11:30 that is going on the Daniel Diet, fruits,
11:33 vegetables, and whole grains. Yeah,
11:35 and let's talk about that because that Daniel Diet
11:37 is unique and again, so it's not just Seventh-Day
11:40 Adventists it's actually promoted by
11:43 a Baptist Pastor in Georgia,
11:45 Pastor Franklin I believe any way the Daniel Diet
11:48 is based on Daniel chapter 1
11:51 and also Daniel chapter 10.
11:53 You just do a Google search Daniel Diet
11:55 or sometimes is called the Daniel's fast
11:57 and this is Baptist, Methodist,
12:00 Pentecostal a lot of people now sweeping across
12:02 the country of ours
12:04 and incorporated the Daniel Diet
12:05 and this is basely a diet of vegetables. The
12:09 word of God in Daniel chapter 1 uses the
12:12 word Paul's this means vegetables and they
12:15 do it for three weeks Daniel's chapter 10
12:17 verse 2 and 3 it talks about Daniel did it for
12:19 weeks or 21 days is this Daniel Diet or Daniel
12:23 Fast. A lot of churches are starting let's say
12:25 the first year or sometimes they start and
12:28 then end up at Easter, okay, and there is the
12:32 cleansing system and they've gained a lot of
12:37 benefits from the Daniel diet. So again a lot
12:39 of churches now go and seeing a how God's
12:40 word has something us say about healthful
12:41 living as well. Now as the Seventh Adventist
12:44 Church God's original diet in Genesis 1:29
12:49 takes in the Daniel Diet
12:53 plus the fruits and vegetables and whole
12:55 grains as well. And not just for three weeks
12:58 but we emphasize this as a lifestyle and
13:01 because of that there has been great
13:04 improvement as far as the health status and
13:06 longevity as far as God's original plant based
13:10 diet. Now again some people saying oh
13:12 Vegetarian Diet I have to have my meat! You
13:15 know and particularly you know you live in
13:17 the south and you know that's the most challenging
13:20 area when it comes to health and lifestyle.
13:22 So but again when we look God's word God's
13:25 word has something say about healthful living
13:28 and with that in mind those who followed
13:30 God's original diet has a degree of better
13:33 health over all. Well I think that thing it is
13:35 really important was that so many people we
13:37 met actually said that they were gonna to go
13:39 past that time at fasting time and they were
13:41 gonna actually stay on it because they
13:43 actually begin to feel better that's true. Well
13:45 we know that there is a statement it says
13:46 where God directs he also protects. That's
13:49 right absolutely, absolutely but what
13:52 about clinical studies? What does the clinical studies
13:53 have to say about this type of diet as well.
13:56 There has been a lot of clinical studies done on
13:59 Seventh Day Adventist because of the longevity
14:02 and health status that we have one of the things
14:04 that we do would that I do as a research for
14:06 Abundant Living program a lot of researchers do
14:08 this as well. there is a website call Pubmed okay
14:14 Pubmed it stands for Published Medical Journals
14:20 go there click and then you do research on
14:23 whatever topic and this Pubmed would give you a
14:25 whole lot of studies done on many medical
14:28 journals around the world and so you just type in
14:33 Seventh Day Adventist okay it comes over 700
14:38 studies or articles done on this church because of
14:41 our status of healthful living, but the first study that
14:45 was done, major study was done back in 1960
14:48 from 1960 to 1965 it was called Adventist Mortality
14:53 Study okay and it talks about how Adventist live
14:57 longer as far as cancer is concerned and Time
15:00 magazine in 1966 October 28th you can go ahead
15:07 and do an achieve on this and the title of
15:09 that article is also that title of today's program
15:12 entitled Adventist Advantage. So that's how
15:16 we got the title Time magazine okay October 28th
15:19 1966 and then also fast forward to there, there is
15:24 another study done the Adventist study one,
15:27 which is over about 34,000 individuals seventh
15:31 day Adventist and a health study and that it takes as
15:35 far as some specific things that the body believers
15:38 would doing to forth in lifestyle concerned it
15:41 diet and walking exercise and water and that kind
15:43 of thing and then there is another study
15:45 Adventist study number Two which we are a part of and
15:49 at today that's now over a 100,000 people they are
15:53 looking for above 125,000 which is the largest
15:56 study done in United States. Yes, so a lot of studies
15:58 have been done on Seventh Day Adventist's.
16:00 I think what you were reading when we started on this
16:02 tease talks about that because the National
16:05 Geographic and let's hold that book up because in
16:08 the National Geographic went on a search and
16:11 world wide search yes to determine the longest
16:14 living people on Planet Earth and they have
16:18 mentioned three groups of people but one of those
16:19 groups of people were the Seventh Day Adventist
16:21 church and that's what the, the National
16:24 Geographic I think that's the November Issue
16:27 2005 yes and that's what you reading there and it
16:31 talked about the Seventh Day Adventist's along with
16:33 two of the groups of people who live long as
16:35 well. Well it says today most Adventist actually
16:39 following and they are prescribing this type of
16:40 lifestyles. So, that's really good yes I mean
16:43 it's a good article very timely, very timely of
16:46 course you know and what can I say accept we're
16:51 gonna to keep this copy okay. Now honey, and it talks
16:54 about those who are centurions 100 years old or older.
16:57 Now honey, we know a person, personally
17:03 who is 100 or over 100 let's talk about that.
17:08 But don't we have a graphic for this one here
17:10 one and talked about the clinical studies.
17:13 Well let's talk about the clinical studies,
17:14 let's go with that okay I'm glad you told me that.
17:16 The Use, News and World Report, here it is
17:18 living longer. It says this "Seventh-Day Adventists
17:22 have an average life expectancy of 89, about a
17:29 decade longer than the average American." So
17:33 U.S. News & World report and that just came out
17:36 March 2nd 2009... Now, I forgot
17:40 about that study... about that 89 well you
17:41 know the graphic actually puts us in line
17:43 with the individual we're gonna to talk about
17:45 that's right because that's about 10 years more
17:47 than yes, yes, yes where. Now we talked about
17:49 individual that we know. I know a woman she mows her
17:54 grass and she chops her own wood, she drives
17:58 race sports car a red sports car, she does
18:00 exercise in her garage she pumps iron, oh there
18:05 she is, there she is, there she is. That is my
18:07 grandmother our grand mother we call her
18:10 affectionately Mother Dear and at a time of this
18:13 taping she is a 102, 102-years-old. Now when
18:17 she took out picture that was her 100 birthday yes
18:20 alright. Yes, yes, yes and she takes zero
18:23 medication and again she is plant based, she
18:27 follow God's dietary guidelines and I told her
18:31 now years ago I was when I was 49 she was 99
18:36 I said Mother Dear now let's make a deal I said
18:40 I reach 50 you promise me you reach 100 she says
18:44 the bet is on so of course how these 50 first
18:46 I say okay I did my job and three months later
18:48 she reached to 100. So, but she is joy to be
18:51 with and I asked her knowing that I'll be
18:53 talking about her on a program I said Mother Dear
18:55 last week I said what it shows secret of living
18:58 over a 100, she said I really don't have a secret.
19:00 I said what do you attest being this age and being
19:04 in the quality of health that you are. She says
19:07 I keep my head in a book, she studies all the
19:12 time lot more things about that, but yes, yes, yes,
19:14 yes she is enjoyed to be with and my Mother who
19:17 is 78 we play tennis together I mean and we
19:20 played tennis so but again looking at God's
19:24 word the word of God has something to say about
19:27 healthful living and we just so grateful that we
19:29 want to share the information for those who
19:31 are listening today. One of Mother's
19:33 favorite books of course she says is the word of
19:35 God the Bible she reads that continuously and
19:38 she has a wonderful sense of humor always got
19:41 a wonderful attitude going on and all these
19:44 things have a lot to do with the longevity that
19:46 she is living. We all say Mother Dear we want to
19:48 be just like you when we grow up you know that's
19:51 right speaking and growing up I guess you
19:52 say are we going in the kitchen the answer is yes
19:55 we're going in the kitchen. There is got to
19:57 go along with that where we just talked about,
19:59 about longevity and a lifestyle okay. We're
20:02 gonna to be fixing a Creamy Northern Beans
20:07 Soup get your pen and paper and
20:09 meet us in the kitchen.


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