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Picnic Time

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00179C

00:01 Welcome back okay I'm telling that aroma is so good
00:03 here good smells, and today
00:07 we've actually accomplished making our Barbecue Tofu
00:10 Yes with the onions on top of it oh, wonderful,
00:13 wonderful flavor, and smell okay
00:16 and then we from there we went to our Grilled Veggies
00:18 and look at that the red peppers,
00:20 Oh yes colorful, green pepper the Eggplant and onions
00:23 and it has got a nice sauce that goes over top
00:25 of that as well. Yes it does.
00:27 And then we moved into our Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
00:29 the Oat Meal Raisin Cookies doesn't take a long to fix
00:32 there is no Eggs in this so we used that Egg Replacer.
00:35 It's absolutely fantastic. Honey Hush.
00:38 And although I didn't they didn't see us do the
00:41 Barbecue Beans but as I said before
00:43 the Barbecue Beans are very, very simple,
00:46 very, very easy to make up all we did was just take some
00:50 regular beans put the Barbecue Sauce that was Paula's
00:55 Okay favorite Barbecue Sauce alright okay
00:58 and we bake them in the oven it's that simple
01:01 once we finish baking then of course it's ready
01:04 I mean what's a picnic without the Barbecue Beans
01:06 no picnic basket or what and speaking of going on
01:09 a picnic. Oh, there we go okay.
01:10 So we go on a picnic. And you're ready baby
01:12 when this show is over, yes you know we
01:14 got table cloth everything
01:15 we got our plastic container. We're gonna invite
01:17 the camera crew to go with us, yeah,
01:19 yeah, is it alright with you.
01:20 We're gonna just go out on our patio
01:21 I want a new place yes on the beach and we're gonna
01:24 go down and walk with our feet in the water everything
01:26 just wade and watch you're gonna have a good time
01:28 have a good time.
01:29 Now how about some sampling?
01:31 Now let's start with the cookies and maybe can work
01:32 around clockwise until time runs out.
01:34 I had a feeling you were gonna start with the cookies
01:36 okay and so yes I think that's a very good idea
01:38 to start with the cookie okay, now that was for me
01:41 not for you. Oh yes, okay, very good, wonderful
01:49 I cannot wait they get the cookbook as always
01:53 John 10:10, Jesus said I come that they
01:55 might have life and have it more abundantly.


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