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00:02 Well we want to welcome you back
00:04 welcome back because we've got a real good recipe
00:07 for you and that's gonna to be an
00:09 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 'cause you know if you gonna
00:11 to go picnic you got to have some kind of desert
00:13 you have to. So let's look at the
00:15 actual recipe itself okay.
00:18 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
00:20 It calls for:
00:56 Okay now we listed a lot of ingredients in here
00:59 that people may not be familiar with and may want to talk
01:02 about that as we go through these ingredients
01:04 so. Well you know we can do is we can start off
01:06 because it that's a little bit to put
01:08 off this together okay. So let me just start off
01:10 with the this is a soy margarine looks like
01:13 regular margarine but it's a soy margarine
01:15 that's a lot of brands out there
01:17 right because we're trying to lot's of margarine
01:18 in the market now, because we trying to get away
01:20 from to using the other margarines that you know
01:23 the persons allergic to milk or they don't want
01:24 to have something with the casein
01:26 and it had been of course this margarine
01:28 will be one it works we got fructose in the place
01:30 of fruit sugar, it is a fruit sugar yes
01:33 and the place of regular white sugar right
01:36 and this is just out of the fruit sugar
01:38 it comes from the fruit itself naturally
01:40 okay little bit better. We also have Curtis
01:42 another new one is going to be are Egg Replacer yeah
01:45 Egg Replacer and that's Egg Replacer it's on the
01:47 market now it's in the regular grocery stores
01:49 it actually replaces the egg, it's a dried mixture
01:52 and so this is no cholesterol
01:54 no cholesterol what so ever and saturated fat
01:57 no it's actually using cornstarch
01:58 and other ingredients is to make it kind of
02:00 help things okay to fluff up alright
02:02 and we have that as well alright already using
02:03 and when using and this is also at regular
02:07 grocery store at the regular grocery stores
02:08 now have that alright. We've got a whole
02:10 wheat pastry flour okay now explain that what alright
02:14 now the whole wheat pastry flour is really we call
02:17 a summer wheat flour it's a summer wheat okay
02:20 you know the regular 100 percent whole wheat flour
02:22 is little bit heavier your pastry flour
02:24 is are called summer wheat flour
02:25 is they're lighter in texture and they don't give you that
02:28 heavy weightiness that you would have from the
02:30 whole wheat flour okay alright.
02:31 Then I'm using also an unbleached flour
02:35 with the germ okay alright and this is 1/4 of the cup
02:37 of unbleached flour with it germ and this
02:40 particular one is different from a regular
02:43 unbleached flour the unbleached flour
02:45 is have the germ
02:47 extracted from it so of course it's not as healthy.
02:49 This one is called unbleached flour with a germ.
02:52 Now someone called me once and he said
02:54 what if I can't find the unbleached flour
02:57 with the germ not a problem because what's missing
02:59 it actually the wheat germ itself
03:02 so I said then use your unbleached flour and put
03:04 about fourth of the teaspoon at the wheat germ in it
03:08 okay or go with that alright. Now
03:09 I'm gonna to begin because this takes a little bit
03:11 okay I'm gonna to start off and what you're gonna
03:13 to be doing Curtis and I'm going to go ahead on
03:14 start off the creaming of the margarine
03:17 with the sugar, the soy milk the vanilla
03:20 and also the Egg Replacer.
03:22 Okay what you're gonna be doing is we are gonna move
03:24 this out the way we're gonna to go ahead on
03:26 and you're gonna shift together, you got the
03:28 pastry flour the unbleached flour
03:30 and you got your salt and your baking powder
03:32 aluminum free okay let's go ahead and put that in
03:38 Alright. So most those ingredients can be purchased
03:41 at most regular grocery stores now that's right
03:44 make it convenient for everybody.
04:16 I like that kitchen egg very quite it's not noisy
04:20 as some yeah lovely kitchen made
04:23 yeah vendors can be it does a nice job
04:24 of that see running things together
04:26 the blade is very, very sharp
04:28 and it does a wonderful job
04:31 Okay. This is a creaming it right now creaming
04:35 everything together. I'm gonna to go ahead on it and
04:37 put in the soy milk next and you just about to finish
04:49 And we're gonna do this is soy milk going in.
04:55 Let's go ahead and put that on once again because
04:57 that was a good idea to scrape the side
04:59 everything back down in the middle
05:01 and what's gonna happen Curtis that the flour
05:03 you have you're gonna use you've already sift that
05:06 with the baking powder and the salt
05:07 yes we're gonna go ahead on it
05:09 and spin around little bit more we're gonna
05:10 go ahead and begin to add in the flour
05:13 Oh the flour okay and this flour mixture, okay.
05:26 Alright, I'm turning it down on low and you can go ahead
05:28 and start moving that in about that and it's going
05:31 around slow little by little you can go ahead on
05:33 and put in the flour. Let's go with half of
05:36 the flour first okay about half of it
05:44 Okay and we'll turn it up.
05:53 Now first thing do they need to have a blender
05:56 just like this one I can hear someone saying or asking
06:00 us I need to have this particular blender otherwise
06:03 it just won't work. These are just anybody has
06:07 mixing bowls, any mixing bowls
06:10 any mixer can do this okay, okay.
06:12 Put everything in honey.
06:14 Yeah go ahead and put all in there.
06:23 I am gonna stop it again and you know
06:26 we have a cookie sheet at we're gonna to put these on
06:28 and get them inside that oven it takes us 375 degrees
06:33 and you can see it's got a nice consistency here.
06:35 Yes it does. Okay.
06:38 Cookies on a picnic, cookies on a picnic,
06:42 real easy quick fast and absolutely delicious
06:47 this is last time and I'm gonna go ahead on and
06:49 put in these whole grain oats into this recipe, okay.
06:53 This gonna be the next we're going to put in
06:55 and we're gonna stir in the raisins and also the walnuts.
07:00 Now I'm gonna to put the oats in that, oh oats,
07:01 let's do the oats okay, okay.
07:14 Put that on the side there.
07:16 Already, I just want you to see the texture
07:18 as you can see it looks just like the texture
07:21 of regular cookie dough okay, look cookie dough, okay.
07:27 What I do next is I'm gonna to I don't have my cookie,
07:30 my cookie sheet but what I would do then it just
07:33 we're gonna stir in the raisins and also the
07:36 walnuts. I'm gonna go ahead and take this whole
07:38 thing and we can go ahead and stir them right away
07:39 here put in walnuts. Okay. We're gonna to put
07:44 in and we've another recipe after this
07:47 or this is the last one? I've got to well you know
07:50 you on a picnic got to have to Barbecue Baked Beans
07:53 Oh okay and that's just a real easy simple thing to do.
07:55 Alright. And so after we've get all these off
08:00 all the goodies off we're going to just open up
08:02 our bowl move back over here okay
08:06 and we just gonna stir everything together here
08:09 and you know what's gonna happen Curtis
08:11 is we're gonna we had got oven already ready to go
08:13 okay. At 375 degrees ready for it to come in.
08:16 We're gonna to take a tablespoon and we just gonna
08:19 to take it by tablespoon and put it on the cookie sheet
08:21 Oh and we're gonna to bake it oven for about 10 minutes
08:24 and the cookies will be ready along with that
08:26 we also have our Barbecue Baked Beans
08:29 that you will see at the end...
08:30 Oh, Barbecue Baked Beans, all that is coming
08:32 Well I mean not so much of it coming as a fact
08:35 that is just no more then just you know
08:36 some Baked Beans and we're gonna to put the
08:38 Barbecue Sauce on it and baking them
08:39 They know how to do that. They know how to do that.
08:41 Okay, okay sounds good and so you know
08:43 what we've done something as you on the show
08:45 we're gonna to go on a picnic like I say
08:47 and so we want you just to stay by.


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