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00:01 I'm so excited and I'm gonna tell you why,
00:03 because this is an all cooking show.
00:06 As a matter of fact; this show is a show where
00:10 we're going on a picnic. So you're gonna get your paper
00:13 and pencil call somebody on the phone
00:15 and tell them the Abundant Living is on.
00:44 Welcome to Abundant Living, yes. I'm Paula Eakins
00:48 and this is handsome husband Curtis Eakins.
00:51 Alright. Thank you very much. You're welcome,
00:53 You welcome. I'm so excited, you're handsome too baby,
00:56 I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful. Beautiful
00:59 and beautiful, yes okay. I'm excited because
01:02 for two reasons one is that, is all cooking, all cooking
01:06 okay and number two in case you haven't noticed
01:10 the kitchen is different. The kitchen is different.
01:14 You know it's beautiful, yes and green is your favorite
01:17 color, green my favorite color, yes it is, that
01:20 worked out just fine. Everything is working
01:21 is working out really well. You think everybody
01:23 who had to part to play in this, all the people at here
01:26 at the 3ABN yes okay. You know what I'm saying,
01:29 let's break in baby and it gets me excited
01:31 because it gives us an opportunity to use all the
01:33 equipment and fix some good food, yes okay.
01:37 Now all cooking we go on a a picnic this is all cooking.
01:39 So this picnic food, yeah we're gonna to do anything
01:41 and at first I wasn't gonna to tell you about that
01:43 we were gone on a picnic okay because I
01:45 want to surprise you but then I knew when you came
01:47 into the kitchen well I'm the co-host so you have to tell
01:48 me, that you would see the food and you would see
01:50 what was going on and once you discover the
01:52 actual recipe and the menus that we're gonna to be fixing
01:55 you would say I can put together, I wonder
01:57 are going on a picnic yeah, I wonder yeah
01:59 you know okay and so this is a very appropriate time
02:02 to so do up and you know you can do a picnic at
02:05 anytime that's right if you have a picnic in summer
02:07 you can have it in a winter and fall you know
02:09 and there is my say it's too cold to have a picnic
02:12 you know in a fall you can have a picnic in the fall
02:15 I will tell you one thing okay I think about
02:17 our daughter, she was you know she has got a
02:20 few children and she always says mommy it's just
02:24 so hard to get out and do some things and one of the
02:26 things that I said to her you know what you can
02:28 do sometime you know put the children in the bed
02:31 and get you picnic blanket lay it down up stairs
02:34 and oh yes get all your picnic goodies together right
02:37 in the and you can have a picnic go right there.
02:38 So you can have a picnic it can be outdoors it can be
02:41 indoors that's right. You know we just do that kind
02:43 of things. Yes alright wonderful and picnic inside
02:46 this show the very first recipe that I'm gonna
02:49 to be doing Curtis is a Barbecue Tofu.
02:52 Okay. Alright. So we're gonna look at the recipe,
02:55 itself, alright let's do that.
02:58 It calls for:
03:16 Okay wow. Baked Barbecue Tofu yep and
03:19 I want to say I've got this tofu here because there
03:21 is something unique that I do with this remember
03:23 I said frozen and then I said thawed, now so this is
03:26 a different type of tofu, this comes in the water
03:29 it comes a container of water yeah it comes in a water
03:31 pack and it's usually 16 ounces and it
03:34 gives you a different
03:35 texture then it's totally different when you freeze it
03:36 totally comes in a box like Mori-Nu so yeah because
03:38 this one here as you know as it has more air holes
03:41 in it and where I like this one, I bring out the freezer
03:44 and boiled out, it actually has the texture changes okay
03:48 alright the texture changes and you're gonna press
03:50 that water press the water out of it don't really
03:52 press it real hard, but you are gonna press it out okay
03:54 and once you press mostly water out of it that
03:57 all you gonna do is just take a knife
03:59 and then you're gonna slice into your pieces.
04:02 Alright, okay and I want you to see because
04:05 you could actually see the air holes, I call it
04:06 more air holes in it then you would see normally okay
04:09 and it's got that meat kind of texture so it changes
04:12 on you. So now this is a type of Tofu that you will use for
04:16 any type of meat substitute dishes, yes this is what
04:20 I use because of the texture yeah and there is a silken
04:23 one out and the silken one you can't freeze this
04:27 one here okay you can you know you can freeze it
04:29 or whatever so this was easy one to do Curtis
04:31 like I said you thawed it out, you can
04:34 see the air holes in it what I'm gonna to do is
04:36 I'm gonna to take some of the barbecue sauce
04:39 and then you can use any barbecue sauce your
04:40 favorite barbecue sauce that you want to however
04:43 in our global cook book we have yes own Paula's barbecue
04:46 sauce, which is probably better then other barbecue
04:48 sauce what can I say absolutely, absolutely
04:50 and we're going to go ahead and pour a little bit sauce
04:52 in the and the give me a spatula there honey okay,
04:55 okay we're gonna do that, we gonna just
04:56 put little bit here in that, I like passing that to you.
05:00 And I'm gonna take that see you some at the bottom
05:03 then some on top yeah we put some on the bottom
05:06 so Tofu I like because the more it sits the better
05:10 it actually gets you know when you put it in here
05:12 and it's gonna bake in the oven alright so
05:14 I'm gonna to do is just take and lay my pieces
05:17 right down over the top that sauce.
05:21 Now I think you've done this before on
05:23 3ABN Abundant Living and one person said does that
05:27 really taste good because lot of people think if
05:29 you put that tofu in there nothing else but the
05:32 barbecue sauce it would be a bland taste,
05:34 but really the barbecue sauce is
05:37 soaked up into the tofu
05:38 absolutely and then you everything is going on
05:40 is that we also have a seasoning and you know we've
05:41 the onion and garlic powder and so we're gonna go
05:43 ahead and sprinkle that on top as well okay,
05:48 okay and that helps that's one thing to now you know
05:50 like I said before I said bakes the flavor goes right
05:53 into that okay oh okay. Now on top of that we have
05:57 I'm going to let you do that, go ahead and do your...
06:00 We are just going to cut these into... just go ahead
06:02 and cut like that okay could you
06:07 put that on top you're already smell barbecue sauce
06:09 it's smells really good smells good okay,
06:13 okay and it actually bakes in the oven at 350 degrees
06:16 alright you want to have that covered and that's about
06:19 enough of that honey okay we're gonna actually use.
06:21 Now you can do it two ways one is you can do put
06:23 your barbecue sauce little bit more over on the top
06:27 okay this is a good way to get that flavor in
06:31 marinated, marinated. Now does this need to sit
06:34 before you bake it or no okay it's really good go into oven
06:37 it's going to be ready to go in the oven okay
06:38 and I'm just going to more that around this a little bit
06:41 so you can make sure and while it's baking in the oven
06:44 you can always just turn it over, but unless I put
06:46 barbecue sauce on the bottom like that oh I see okay
06:49 can you smell it's wonderful. Okay and now we're gonna
06:52 to put those onions right on top okay some on top
06:58 of that just place them in the kind of way okay
07:02 and then we're gonna finish it off with the last bit okay
07:07 sauce Baked Barbecue Tofu, now I tell you yep,
07:12 yep, yep as a matter of fact we just finished coming
07:15 from friends home and... just get the last bit on there.
07:21 We just finished, coming from our friends
07:23 home and we did this particularly dish and it
07:26 was kind of amazing because she called me back on the
07:29 phone, okay we had the Barbecue Tofu and then
07:32 her husband had a sandwich dish he made a sandwich
07:35 in whole wheat bread and she put the barbecue tofu
07:39 on it and he tasted it and he said I'm really surprised
07:42 I'm surprised, yeah, because of the freezing of the
07:45 actual tofu and it actually changes to almost like a
07:49 chicken or Turkey Breast Texture you know once
07:51 again you know we eat with our eyes and then once
07:54 again and when you bite into it you want to be
07:56 able to have that mouth feel or that texture that when
07:59 you bite down on it it's not soft but it's got a meaty
08:02 texture and that's exactly what happens when you freeze
08:04 the tofu okay. Now I usually freeze the one is firm
08:07 and extra firm okay I don't freeze the one that soft,
08:10 the soft one I use if I'm gonna do like
08:12 milk shakes or ice cream, whip toppings,
08:16 sour creams I use the softer once, I use the
08:19 silken ones okay but the whenever you doing any kind
08:21 of a meat base you usually you're gonna to use firm
08:23 or extra firm tofu for those. Now, I think sometimes
08:26 you get the ones that's in a water or water pack
08:29 yeah you freeze that whole container, water
08:32 in all into the freezer yeah right for several
08:34 hours okay. Well I always say always say you know
08:37 at least 24 hours at least 24 hours okay inside the
08:40 container in the container everything the whole
08:41 container everything that goes in there okay
08:43 and what happens when it goes in the freezer Curtis
08:45 the water of surrounding it goes up into the tofu
08:47 itself and so it turns into a real solid block.
08:50 So when you take it out you just press it out, thaw
08:53 it out first and then press it and press it press the
08:56 water out of it and has that meaty like texture right
08:58 and this is what we have here yes okay.
08:59 I'm telling you this is absolutely okay excellent dish
09:03 you know and it goes along with the very next recipe
09:06 that we're gonna to fixing in that is grilled vegetables.
09:11 Oh okay, let's look at the recipe:
09:56 Well, we are ready to okay start we've already
10:00 got that, grilled veggies grilled
10:01 going ready to go there.
10:03 Have one already only grilled baby and you know
10:04 what we're gonna to do is we're gonna to take a
10:06 little bit of olive oil and we just gonna to brush
10:08 these vegetables and Curtis as I brushed them
10:10 you can take that and put it on top okay.
10:12 We got all kind of veggies going on here,
10:13 we got onions and sit that on there only grilled
10:17 and we got that red pepper I talked about before too,
10:20 because we are going on the picnic baby to the going
10:21 the picnic, so we've invite somebody on the picnic
10:23 with us yeah. Let's invite the camera crew yeah,
10:26 yeah let's just invite the camera crew okay
10:28 to come with us yeah. We can do that no problem
10:34 alright put them on just lightly,
10:35 Lightly, just lightly, brush them
10:38 with little bit olive oil I tell you what let me do
10:40 it this way yeah that works better for me
10:42 turn them over that's out there and we got
10:44 easier and we get all those different colors
10:46 in there okay, but one thing got the yellow or red okay
10:51 and I tell you right now my friend Robby she gave
10:55 me this beautiful, beautiful I'm was hate to cut it
11:00 but I got to cut it now I could for you now,
11:03 because I'll do it okay. It's beautiful
11:06 well let me go ahead and cut it down since
11:08 you are going to do it and cut that eggplant as well
11:11 I'm going to turn up fire up little bit baby turn up little
11:13 bit there and let me get something for my hands
11:16 there and this has the olive oil kind a get
11:20 real nice flavor as well. Okay let's get that
11:24 eggplant on there and move this down little bit
11:26 eggplant on okay. Well we're cooking now baby
11:30 and we got that and when you know you only go
11:33 few minutes about maybe five minutes or so just
11:37 grilling it and I think that zucchini is ready to come
11:40 off put here baby okay this place in a plate right there
11:42 you baby there you go, there you go,
11:45 there you go put out the eggplant on.
11:46 Now let's talk about this grill, where can they get
11:48 just they won't do this inside you know they say
11:51 we are not outside let's take this rainy, but still we
11:54 still wanna go to picnic, so we're gonna do this
11:55 indoors like our daughter did there yeah, yeah, yeah what
11:58 can I get some like this now I'm gonna to tell you
12:00 right now Curtis on a market the grills are
12:02 everywhere they got to all different types.
12:04 Oh okay they got the ones it do one burn
12:06 and they have the ones it do double burns and some
12:08 of the new stoves even come out with the whole grill
12:10 section in a very center oh really of course they
12:13 are lot more expensive, but we're actually grilling
12:15 with our grill here okay yes.
12:18 We got lot of colors there Curtis lot of colors
12:19 kind of working and now by the way another
12:22 way to do this if you don't have a grill is you
12:24 gonna actually put them these veggies on a rack
12:27 and put it in the oven on broil and when you do that
12:32 oh okay that will also do them as well okay.
12:34 Let's put a few more pieces on here, we're running
12:37 out of room, you are running out of room,
12:38 you got the fire up and just turn them on over
12:40 yeah that turn it up a little bit more okay turn it up
12:43 then you go ahead.
12:44 Now while you doing that you are getting those together
12:47 and got quite a few pieces that you're gonna go ahead
12:49 and put them in the plate what I'm gonna
12:50 to do that I'm gonna to making up the dressing
12:52 is actually gonna to go on it as one as done because
12:54 you remember like I talked about the olive oil
12:56 we got olive oil and put in this dish okay
12:59 and save a little bit there so you can finish
13:02 rest of our vegetables and we've also got
13:05 the salt and we've got a other seasoning this is the
13:10 Thyme and basil and we got little bit of sesame oil
13:16 and put that in there as well. Now this is you don't
13:19 if you get those brown you can put those on a plate
13:21 once they turn we're gonna to put in our garlic
13:23 use that to mix garlic oh this is so good or smell
13:29 wonderful it does we don't just turn it all around
13:32 and at the everything is over. I'm gonna to go ahead
13:35 on it and put that on top alright,
13:37 how that looking, that's looking good, is looking good
13:40 how about those peppers and stuff there.
13:42 Shall we cut these in strips? A little bit of basil no,
13:44 no that's fine is that turn over okay there is actually
13:47 really this way that's your right just like that okay
13:49 in that one there. Oh alright okay so we make
13:52 we made up we've made up our seasonings to
13:55 go on top of there okay and you kind of get the idea
13:57 you can keep on and put it all kind of veggies
13:59 there you go all kind of veggies on top of that.
14:04 Okay that's ready to go, oh it's smell so good
14:06 I wish we had smell o vision I'm telling you right now,
14:09 just take our word for it. Olive oil is working its
14:11 working oh that's beautiful, that's beautiful.
14:13 Okay just lovely turn that little on it,
14:15 the plate you can go and put the pepper on okay alright I
14:18 can go and this is you are working aren't you alright,
14:22 I'm working at, alright, you got that the pepper going, alright
14:25 let's put that I think this is ready eggplant on top
14:27 of that how about that one there yeah and turn it
14:29 one more kind yeah and see that's gotten softer
14:31 okay that can go on okay alright I'm working
14:34 now baby alright go ahead got the hang of this,
14:36 it yes and while he is doing that what's gonna
14:39 to happen I'm gonna to go ahead on start brushing
14:41 on the other seasonings but make sure
14:44 we get some garlic on top of that as well.
14:46 Wow, that smells wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
14:50 wonderful just lovely okay go ahead and put
14:52 that red pepper on it and get some more color
14:53 over here. We've had let's get some color.
14:55 There you go, alright okay alright just turn it
14:59 turn it over it over okay there you go and how
15:04 about from yellow this is little bit on there.
15:08 Any more veggies coming on, oh put onion on there
15:10 and what we're gonna to do is we'll put more
15:12 Vegetables, so at the end of the show they'll get a chance
15:16 to see to all of those good tasting, that's beautiful
15:18 look at that. Well that's lovely so on top of that
15:20 I'm just doing a wonderful job here, your doing
15:23 a wonderful job here just excellent alright put
15:25 it on there and you know what what's gonna happen
15:28 is Curtis are finishing up these veggies and we're gonna
15:30 to have him more and you see them at the end
15:32 of the show is we're gonna actually take a break
15:34 and we're gonna to move to the next recipe
15:38 we're gonna to do which is a real good recipe
15:39 how about that? Sounds good baby alright.
15:41 So let's take a break.


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