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Protein - Without The Bologna

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well we want to welcome you back, okay and
00:03 we've got the finished product here. Yes,
00:06 we've got the noodles and the Hungarian
00:08 Goulash, that combination of spinach and garlic
00:11 and onions and mushrooms and all that's
00:13 together in that one dish meal. It is a meal that
00:17 you can have with a green tossed salad, you can
00:20 have some whole wheat bread and you're good
00:23 to go, good to go. Now let's talk about those
00:25 noodles, this is different type of noodles that
00:27 maybe people may not be familiar with.
00:29 Well the word semolina
00:31 actually denotes the fact that we're talking you
00:33 know a lot of noodles in the market are called
00:35 enriched noodles. That's true. A lot of
00:36 people got away from the whole noodle thing
00:38 because a lot of the pastas were enriched.
00:40 Okay, and so when that carb craze came out,
00:43 people are looking at other things and so they
00:45 came out, we begin, they see these 100%
00:47 semolina noodle, which is the actual flower
00:49 that these noodles come from and so you see
00:52 more of the whole wheat pasta noodles.
00:54 So you'll see the pasta blend, you'll see 100%
00:57 semolina, but like if you are going to the store
00:59 you will see the words most of the time on
01:01 your pasta boxes, enriched pasta noodles.
01:05 I think we did a series of programs on the
01:08 carbs too, talking about the good carbs,
01:10 the bad carbs and so therefore with this we
01:13 have the good protein, the plant protein as
01:16 opposed to the animal protein in this dish.
01:19 With everything too, we used also and the
01:21 Hungarian Goulash always uses a ground beef
01:24 and so we're trying to find something that can
01:26 match the ground beef. Okay, and so this little
01:30 alternative to use as well. Okay, now we use
01:33 the Boca Burgers in this one but again, we can
01:37 use any other type of mock ground beef, TVP
01:41 texture vegetables protein, any other type
01:43 or ground beef mock, yeah, in this dish as
01:45 opposed to Boca, if they can't find Boca,
01:47 yeah and there is a couple of other ones out
01:49 the market, yeah and at the frozen food
01:51 stores, they've got quite a few of analog meat,
01:54 we call them meat analogs, those that replace
01:56 that of the meat looks like and acts like, you
01:58 know the stimulation when you put it in your
02:00 mouth, it has that kind of a texture as well.
02:02 As well as when we think about foods, we
02:04 always think about color, we always think about
02:07 texture, we also think about the money, oh
02:10 that's a part of it, but you know we try to make
02:13 sure that we keep the foods at a lower cost
02:16 okay. But also looking like the foods that
02:19 we're used to, that's the name of the game,
02:20 okay yeah alright. Now, the reason why we do
02:22 this program, many reasons, we get a lot of
02:24 calls and emails about, if we're going
02:26 vegetarian Vegan Vegetarian, plant based,
02:31 then we're not getting sufficient amount of
02:33 protein and so that's what we've been hearing
02:35 over the years and that's why we, they get this
02:37 program on protein without the baloney.
02:40 And I think a lot of people still have the
02:42 same idea back in Daniel's days where
02:47 Nebuchadnezzar, wanted Daniel and his
02:49 friends to eat the King's meat, if they didn't the
02:54 prince of eunuchs thought that they would
02:55 be malnourished, but Daniel said well I'll tell
02:57 you what give me some vegetables and prove me
03:00 for 10 days and see how we fair and of course
03:02 you read the whole story in Daniel chapter 1
03:04 that they fair pretty good. And so therefore
03:07 this is what we want, protein without the
03:09 baloney, without the ham, beef, pork, lamb,
03:13 chicken, fish, I think they got the idea,
03:15 I believe so. Okay, now this is about ready to
03:18 consume, we're gonna wait till after the
03:19 program, absolutely it's getting hot and ready
03:21 to go, absolutely, as soon as the show is over,
03:23 okay, I guess we're just go ahead and sign off.
03:24 John 10:10, Jesus said, I come that they might
03:28 have life and have it more abundantly.


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