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00:01 Well, welcome back okay. This is a easy very
00:04 simple recipe and we're gonna look at the
00:07 ingredients for it, it's entitled Hungarian
00:10 Goulash. Alright let's do it honey.
00:12 It calls for:
00:38 Okay. Lot of ingredients,
00:42 lots of ingredients in this one Curtis,
00:44 Hungarian Goulash and I've got everything
00:46 here in front of me, everything here, why
00:47 don't you go ahead and get our fire started so
00:49 I can get this, okay, olive oil, we'll begin
00:51 with the olive oil. Get that olive oil heated up,
00:53 turn it down a little bit more, up a little bit
00:55 more baby. There you go, and I'll probably
00:58 turn it down a little but more if I get that
00:59 going, alright. Alright, we're gonna go ahead
01:01 and put in the olive oil, no animal protein in
01:04 this dish, no animal protein, meat protein,
01:07 I did mention in this though the Boca Burger
01:12 Crumbles. Yeah let's talk about that, that
01:13 maybe new to some of the viewers and these
01:15 are Boca Burger Crumbles and they already
01:19 come frozen, alright and you don't need that,
01:22 throw them out, you know it's already
01:24 pre-cooked as a matter of fact and so it just a
01:26 matter of, and you can get this at a grocery
01:28 store, all the major grocery stores have it.
01:30 Now if you don't have access to the Boca
01:34 Crumbles, then you can use any kind of mock
01:37 of ground beef or something that's supposed
01:39 to be a stimulation of a ground beef in this
01:40 particular recipe, alright. We've got our
01:43 fire going here Curtis okay and I'm gonna to
01:45 have you go ahead on and start the onions for
01:47 me, get the onions going and I'm gonna to
01:49 finish up the, I'm gonna to go ahead and finish
01:52 up the green peppers tat goes in there. That's
01:55 the big one honey, can we, oh let me get this,
02:00 there you go, okay, I can work with this, a big
02:03 spoon, a big spoon, alright and go ahead and
02:04 get that, once you're finished with that,
02:05 go ahead and put that garlic in. Garlic,
02:07 uh hmm, this is what gives it a real nice
02:08 flavor. Hungarian Goulash, okay. Hmm hmm
02:12 hmm. Now you did mention about the onion
02:16 powder and garlic powder, yeah, as opposed
02:20 to onion salt and garlic salt, why don't you
02:23 explain that honey, right. When we talk
02:25 about the onion and garlic powder as we use
02:28 the powder as verses the onion and garlic salt
02:31 because of the salt content and we're trying
02:33 to make sure we don't have an extra amount of
02:35 sodium in our products when we're doing
02:37 these different foods on, on the Abundant
02:39 Living show and also here at 3ABN. Alright,
02:42 so basically what they'll do is you'll have the
02:45 garlic salt or onion salt, which is really salted
02:48 garlic and salted onion. Okay, because if the
02:50 flavor is so strong, they can really get away
02:52 with just putting in a little bit, so with that in
02:54 mind, we just wanna go with the powder.
02:56 Okay, alright. Looking for the powder, let's go
02:57 ahead on in scraping those peppers. Alright,
03:00 this is a very pretty dish, yes it is, do well
03:02 Curtis very, very attractive dish. When was
03:04 the last time you made this for me, can you
03:06 remember. This is a new, this is actually a new
03:08 a new dish, just coming out of our, 'cause you
03:09 this for me, our supplement now. oh okay,
03:11 this is a new one coming out of our
03:13 supplement pack. Okay. Alright. Gonna get
03:16 back going and this takes a few minutes and
03:19 then with that I'm gonna to go ahead and start
03:21 pouring in this protein dish and because you
03:24 were talking about protein, without the
03:26 baloney, this is a real good time for you to
03:28 kind of go through, you've got too much to
03:30 get there, you want to do, I'm going to go
03:31 ahead and add my protein in and then I'm
03:33 gonna go ahead and put in my spinach.
03:35 While Curtis is showing you the
03:37 demonstration, my onion and garlic powder
03:39 and then lastly my salsa, okay alright, okay
03:42 well you do that honey, I'll help you, let's get
03:44 over here. Now again, a lot of people are
03:46 wondering, well how much protein do most
03:48 people get on a daily basis, as I mentioned
03:50 before based on the international studies
03:53 around the world they suggest that we need
03:56 only about 25 to 35 grams of protein. Once we
03:59 reach about 40 to 50 even 60 gram, you start
04:02 losing calcium from our bones and it stresses
04:05 also the kidney. Let's take a typical breakfast
04:12 here and again this is typical, now what I have
04:13 here is two strips of bacon, scrambled egg and
04:16 a cup of coffee, this is a typical breakfast for
04:20 some people not all. And so we're gonna put
04:23 that breakfast right there, so you can see it
04:26 and the amount of protein in that breakfast
04:30 alone is 19 grams, alright. Now let's go to our
04:35 lunch, I decided to go with a fast foods lunch
04:38 since most people, not a whole lot, but a lot of
04:41 people do eat out on a regular basis. So this is
04:44 a meat patty, 3 ounces, a hamburger bun and
04:49 also French fries and a milk shake. This is
04:53 noticed as some people may take in, not
04:55 everybody and again this can be varied, but
04:58 again this is a lunch that we have here for a lot
05:01 of individuals, maybe on a daily basis.
05:04 Now, the amount of protein for their lunch
05:07 is 45 grams of protein, just for the lunch alone.
05:12 Lets move to the supper time, now we have
05:16 here is a chicken, two pieces of chicken,
05:19 we have macaroni and cheese, we have green
05:22 beans and also a soft drink. This is a supper,
05:26 again a lot of things can be varied here, but I
05:29 just give you an idea of a typical supper, that
05:32 maybe a lot of people may consume and in
05:35 that amount of meal of protein, in that meal
05:38 you have 35 grams of protein in the supper
05:43 alone. Now with that in mind for the
05:45 breakfast, the lunch and the supper, will you
05:50 combine all those grams of protein in a daily
05:53 basis, you're looking at over 100 grams of
05:58 protein in these three meals and this is typical.
06:02 Some people may even get more than that, so
06:04 with that in mind then we're really getting a
06:06 lot of people some three times more protein
06:10 than a body needs. And again, as I mentioned
06:12 before, excess protein is converting into our
06:17 body fat. So, a lot of people say well, you
06:20 know you need protein to build muscles, we're
06:23 not, if that's true with the amount of protein
06:25 that we take in, people who eat a nice dish
06:28 should be all muscular, because of the amount
06:30 of protein they're taking in on a daily basis.
06:32 Right, right, so we know that, that cannot be
06:34 true based on basic anatomy and physiology.
06:37 So we do need protein folks, but without the
06:40 baloney. In the ham and pork and beef etc.
06:45 So, all these amounts that your talking about
06:46 right now and early you had you've just
06:48 finished saying about the amount we need is a
06:50 lot less, yes. So, if in the event that we're
06:52 almost storing three to four times more, yeah
06:54 three times more and sometimes they get even
06:56 a 110 grams of protein and this is just a
06:59 typical breakfast lunch and supper, we can
07:01 make changes to this. But again the kidneys
07:04 are stressed out and since the kidneys
07:06 regulate sodium and potassium. Guess what,
07:09 the blood pressure goes up, cardiovascular,
07:11 cholesterol, saturated fat, increased risk of
07:14 heart attacks and strokes, the list goes on and
07:16 on with this excess amount of protein and
07:20 it's not the best source for the animal
07:21 kingdom. The kingdom we want is from the
07:24 plant kingdom and then you have it, protein
07:26 without the baloney. Well as you can see that
07:27 we got our protein going here and yeah and
07:30 this is flat protein, this is a pretty, a pretty
07:32 combination, yes it is, we got the spinach in
07:33 there and the bell peppers and the garlic
07:35 and everything and what I'm going to do is
07:37 I'm going to go ahead on and put in the last
07:38 thing, which is the lime and garlic salsa.
07:42 Now this is a colorful dish too, yeah, yes it
07:45 is, Hungarian. I've a couple of friends that
07:49 say. Now this is Hungarian, so this dish
07:52 originate in Hungary, oh do you know. I just
07:56 know that Curtis it's called you just know the
07:57 name of it, Hungarian Goulash. Okay, when I
08:00 was doing, working on this recipe. I've had it,
08:02 the recipe for a while believe it or not, yes
08:04 did, but just trying to do some work with it,
08:08 you know once again, you know taking a
08:10 recipe and changing it up is the name of the
08:11 game for me. But look at that, normally the
08:17 Goulash, as the Hungarian Goulash as we've
08:18 seen in the past, they usually have regular
08:21 tomato sauce, two tomatoes or tomato sauce
08:23 and we've got a little bit of a more of a
08:26 modern version by adding these salsa's
08:28 because salsa's are the big ones out right now.
08:30 We're gonna to put the lid on this and we're
08:31 going to go away and when we come back
08:34 you're gonna be able to see the finished
08:35 products. So we would like
08:37 for you just to stay by.


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