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00:01 Protein builds muscles so I need protein,
00:04 besides only place to get complete protein is
00:08 from animal kingdom. If that's what you think
00:11 then today's program is just for you, entitled
00:14 protein without the baloney, stay with us.
00:45 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living, my name is
00:47 Curtis Eakins and this is my partner and my
00:50 friend Paula Eakins. Hello, hello kind of, also
00:56 my wife, I just like to add too, oh thank you,
00:58 you are my wife, I'm your wife, yes, beautiful
01:01 I love you very much thank you, okay thank
01:03 you love me more, more, more and I love you
01:07 I love you more okay, okay well, that's a little
01:09 contest we have, who loves a person more,
01:12 anyway, that's a running contest.
01:14 But again, protein without the baloney.
01:17 Now of course in a tease, we need protein to
01:21 build muscle and I want to start this program
01:24 by saying this honey, from the outside, that
01:27 said that there was an article in vegetarian
01:29 times some years ago I still have the article
01:38 and it was entitled meatless muscles,
01:39 it has in that article because been a former
01:40 bodybuilder years ago I was very interested in
01:43 this article in the vegetarian times and it
01:46 had several body builders who were
01:49 vegetarians. Now we're not talking about body
01:52 builders who just came to the gym one or two
01:54 times, these are top notched body builders and
01:59 they entitled the article meatless muscles and
02:03 the first one was Andrius Colleen,
02:07 he was a 13 year bodybuilder and was
02:11 Mr. international. I remember him, building
02:14 muscles, I remember him, alright, without
02:17 animal protein. Yeah, yeah, the second guy
02:20 that it had in article was Bill Pearl, he was a
02:24 four time Mr. Universe building muscles
02:29 without meat, meatless muscles and of course
02:32 being a bodybuilder I was very interested in
02:34 that of course at the Huntsville Hospital, where I
02:36 used to work years ago, everyone knew that I
02:38 was a vegetarian and of course I would get
02:41 teased quite often of course it didn't, I didn't
02:43 mind that. I had several nick names salad
02:47 shooter, Tofu head, you know that kind of
02:49 thing. So, when some of the guys who used to
02:52 tease me and some of these people were
02:54 maybe 10-15 years younger than I was,
02:58 I would wait till a whole lot of nurses get
02:59 around, then I tell the person who is teasing
03:02 me, all of this time, I said okay I'll tell you
03:05 what how about an Indian Wrestle and I know
03:08 this is an international program, so that means
03:10 that you have a table and you put your elbow
03:14 on the table and then clap hands and you see
03:17 who can you know win the contest as far as
03:20 getting your hand back to the other side of the
03:23 table. So, I tell you what every single match I
03:28 won and that's why I as a person never had
03:31 any comments or I know that and tease me
03:33 any time after that. But meatless muscles and
03:38 so therefore this program is very popular and it's
03:40 needed in the society today because some
03:43 people think that we need animal protein to
03:46 build muscles. Well, why don't we discuss
03:48 then what exactly is protein. Well protein
03:51 basically is a compound found in foods and it
03:54 helps the body to maintain itself on a daily
03:57 basis. Why is so important for us to
03:59 have it? Well protein again compounds,
04:03 those compounds we call amino acids and
04:05 amino acids is very important as far as
04:08 tissue and cell growth, hemoglobin
04:11 production, red blood cells for hormone
04:14 processes, produce of hormones, a vision is
04:20 also good for that and so protein is good for a
04:23 lot of things and so that's why we need
04:25 protein on a daily basis because we need red
04:28 blood cells and we need antibodies, protein
04:31 protein does that as well. We need hormone
04:33 productions, protein is responsible for that as
04:35 well so again protein is very vital to sustain
04:39 life on a daily basis. Well, what are the best
04:42 sources when we talk about protein, the best source
04:44 is a best way to get that in. Okay the best
04:46 source is, let's go to God's word and we have a
04:49 clue as far as the best source of protein, we read this
04:53 verse before honey you maybe remember this,
04:56 but it's good to re-read it again, this is found in
04:59 Genesis chapter 1, this is right after God
05:02 created mankind and so we give, God gives us
05:08 a instruction as far as the diet for mankind in
05:10 verse 29, the Bible says this. And God said
05:15 behold I had given you every herb bearing
05:18 seed which is upon the face up all the earth
05:22 and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree
05:26 yielding seed to you is shall be for meat or
05:32 another correct more translation is food,
05:35 because in that text there is no meat listed
05:38 in that verse. So the word meat means food
05:41 and then after sin of course, Genesis 3 in
05:44 verse 18, the Bible says in addition to that
05:48 thou shall eat the herb of the field. Now with
05:52 that in mind, it kind of gives you an idea of
05:56 the source of protein and those two verses of
05:59 scripture before sin and after sin, there was no
06:05 animal protein mentioned at all. Plant protein
06:11 from the plant kingdom, either from the fruit
06:14 or the nuts or from the ground, which is the
06:17 legumes, vegetables and whole grain.
06:20 Now having said that, let's go to our first
06:22 graphic and let's see about the plant protein.
06:26 The best source, this is from the American
06:29 Journal of Clinical Nutrition it says, "Plant
06:33 protein alone can provide adequate amounts of
06:39 amino acids if a variety of plant foods are
06:43 consumed." Plant protein, the best source.
06:48 Now people maybe looking at that and
06:50 saying wait a minute now, because plant
06:53 protein is really incomplete, it doesn't
06:56 have all of the amino acids and either one of
06:59 the foods in the plant kingdom so, let's talk
07:01 about that honey, what is, how can we get
07:04 complete protein from the plant kingdom?
07:06 Well, you know many years ago, when people
07:09 began talking more about vegetarianism,
07:11 you use to always hear words, there's not
07:13 enough calcium available to us not enough iron
07:15 available to us and of course certainly not
07:17 enough protein available and for a long time
07:19 people, did not want to switch over because
07:21 they felt they were going to not have the
07:22 amount of any of these and specifically
07:25 protein because it's function in the body.
07:27 Hmm, and what has happened is through the
07:29 years, the scientific community has now come
07:31 back and said you know you can have a
07:34 protein source incomplete let's say for instance
07:36 you might have beans in the morning for your
07:40 breakfast meal and you might not have it at
07:42 lunch time with rice, so the combination of
07:44 beans and rice together will make it complete
07:46 protein. Okay. The combination of beans and
07:49 some type of bread, wheat product would give
07:52 you a complete protein, so everybody was
07:53 trying so busy to match mix and match things
07:56 together and what they discovered was that
07:58 you could have an incomplete protein in the
08:00 morning you can have an incomplete protein
08:02 in the afternoon and because of the time frame
08:05 that is still considered as complete protein.
08:08 Okay so therefore in the past they said that
08:12 you suggest to have always together, always
08:14 together at the same meal, right, right okay,
08:16 but now you don't have to do it at the same
08:18 meal yeah, you can have your legume at one
08:20 meal and a whole grain at the other meal and
08:22 therefore it still be complete in that one day,
08:25 right. Well actually it was always that way,
08:26 it's just that science said now, you're just now
08:29 catching up, yeah, yeah. Because you know
08:31 we go back and we, they go back and forth
08:33 for different things but that's been a big
08:34 question and a lot of people have asked that
08:36 question and I think that as a result of it that's
08:38 one of the things that has actually caused more
08:40 study to be out, talking about the combination,
08:43 but what a real good source to actually get
08:46 that now to know that, you know and God
08:48 knew what he was doing, right, I mean he
08:50 says fruits and vegetables and grains and
08:51 cereals, that's what he said alright, right, right.
08:53 So it's just a matter of us really catching up
08:55 with God. Yeah and I think again a lot of
08:57 people still think that we need protein to build
09:02 muscle and a part of it said that protein does
09:06 not build muscle, what builds muscle is
09:10 exercise and we get more than enough of our
09:13 share of protein, we're gonna have to little skit
09:15 in the kitchen and you'll discover that how
09:17 much protein that most people get on a daily
09:19 basis, but exercise builds muscles and I
09:23 think because muscles contain protein, people
09:27 assume that protein builds muscle, hmm.
09:31 Well, the body contains a lot of water that
09:34 doesn't mean that water builds the body, right,
09:36 so it's the same scenario. Well, we, the
09:38 question is how, how much do we actually
09:39 need to have? How much protein do we need,
09:42 now of course you read all types of medical
09:44 journals and websites and they tell you that
09:47 sometimes based on your weight, that based
09:51 on your weight determines how much protein
09:53 you need. So if you're 70 pounds then you
09:57 shall have at least 35 grams of protein, half of
10:00 your weight, alright, but we do not endorse
10:04 that and so therefore with that in mind and
10:06 is how it really started back in the 1800s,
10:08 about this protein and how much we really
10:10 need. To look at a set of coal miners and they
10:14 were you know healthy, strong, they're
10:15 working the coal mines and they decided to
10:18 watch how much protein those coal miners ate
10:23 on a daily basis. They discovered that they ate
10:25 a 118 grams of protein per day, okay, so what
10:30 they did is in 1800s they rounded it up to a
10:32 120 and that's hard they started with the amount
10:35 of protein people need on a daily basis and
10:38 then before long as years gone by they
10:41 decided that 120 is not, is too much than what
10:47 we need. Hmm, so they started lowering the
10:49 amount of protein slowly going down after
10:53 year after year after year, so realize but it
10:56 started at a high level of 120 grams of protein.
10:59 Now, based on international studies
11:02 around the world, it's determined that we eat
11:04 about 25 to 35 grams of protein per day,
11:10 alright. Okay. Now having said that, if a
11:13 person is on a plant based diet, it's easy to
11:18 get that 25 to 35 grams of protein per day,
11:21 but now if you get your protein from the
11:22 animal kingdom then you can overwrite that
11:26 by a long short as far as getting too much
11:28 protein. Hmm, what happens if we have too
11:33 much protein? Well, now a lot of things can
11:36 happen when we get in too much protein,
11:38 again as I mentioned before we cannot get a
11:41 lot of protein if we get our protein from the
11:44 plant kingdom, if we get too much protein
11:46 more than likely we're getting our protein
11:48 from the animal kingdom, because the animal
11:50 kingdom is loaded with protein. Okay and you
11:53 may say that's a good idea, but not really
11:55 because with that comes some other things
11:58 that's brought to the table along with the
12:00 animal protein Hmm. You also have
12:03 cholesterol, hmm, you also have saturated fat,
12:10 these two combinations reeks havoc with the
12:13 cardiovascular system. Which you do not get
12:17 from plant protein. Okay, so with that you
12:21 increase your risk of heart disease and stroke,
12:25 that's number one, number two, lets look at
12:27 the kidneys. Now, I call the kidneys our
12:30 internal washing machine and the kidneys
12:33 work admirably in doing that, but now the
12:37 kidneys cannot work at it's top level if there is
12:41 too much protein in the system. It puts an undo
12:45 burden on the kidneys, with that in mind
12:48 animal protein stresses out the kidneys they
12:51 cannot perform their job admirably, so
12:53 therefore you have increase of renal failure
12:58 and kidney stones. Which is about 80% are
13:02 cholesterol. Let's look at fat, if we get too
13:06 much protein again we're talking about the
13:09 animal protein, you really can't get a whole
13:11 lot in the plant protein, then excess protein
13:14 that the body needs converts over into our
13:18 fat cells. Therefore you have increase of weight,
13:23 with the increase of weight increased stress
13:25 of the skeletal system which is now talking
13:28 about osteoporosis, that also depletes calcium
13:33 from the bone. So all of these problems when
13:35 we get too much excess protein into our
13:39 system. Thereby that's why we suggest plant
13:43 protein based on Genesis 1:29, based on
13:46 Genesis 3:18 is the best protein available and
13:50 that's why we emphasize in this
13:52 Abundant Living program and also in other
13:53 programs in Abundant Living and also on
13:56 3ABN I should say, we emphasize God's
14:00 original diet a plant based protein. Well, we
14:04 can never go wrong with God's original diet.
14:06 No, you can't. That's for sure, that's for sure.
14:08 I know you're saying, well speaking about the
14:09 original diet are they going into the kitchen.
14:12 Well, the answer is yes we are, as a matter of
14:14 fact we're gonna be doing a fantastic dish
14:16 that deals with a plant based protein. Oh okay
14:20 called Hungarian Goulash. Get your paper and
14:23 pencil and meet us in the kitchen.


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