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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well, we wanna welcome you back, welcome you back,
00:03 the finished product honey.
00:05 I want you to look at the finished product,
00:06 which is actually that Silken Carob Pie,
00:09 look at that you know it is a nice substitute
00:14 for individuals who are trying to break the habits
00:17 of course the coffee as you said before, it's a very,
00:20 very smooth consistency, very nice mouth feel right
00:23 you know and one thing for individuals that really
00:26 like chocolate, also I knew you have to mentioned
00:29 on the program as well, that's true but that's
00:31 also another item that you can get yourself
00:34 all caught up in, alright. Yeah chocolate does
00:36 have caffeine, it doesn't have as much caffeine
00:38 as the other caffeinated beverages but that's also
00:41 included and this can be a nice substitute
00:44 and the almond flavoring had to wrestle down that
00:47 carob taste so this is very good. Yes, yes, yes,
00:50 begin just go ahead, I said, I said that 2 to 4,
00:51 don't forget 2 to 4 hours it has to sit, the longer
00:54 it sits, especially with that tofu, the almond
00:57 and the Roma is going to give that flavor of chocolate.
00:59 So of course you can't cheat and try and eat earlier
01:02 because you won't be thinking of that if you do
01:03 that okay. This good nice desert and again not
01:06 the caffeine or coffee or tea, ask God that we'll
01:09 help to break their habit. There is always John
01:12 10:10, Jesus said I come that they might have life
01:16 and have it more Abundantly.


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