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00:01 Welcome back, welcome back to our kitchen.
00:03 We're gonna make this a silken carob pie,
00:06 so we're gonna go to the recipe,
00:07 okay sounds good honey.
00:10 It calls for:
00:34 Okay, Roma granules. Now believe it or not this
00:38 is actually a pie that kind of takes the place
00:42 of a chocolate pie and there is a special ingredients
00:46 that actually are in there and I'll talk about that
00:47 as we begin, but I'm starting off with the
00:49 Silken Firm Tofu, I'm going to put the other way
00:54 because it takes 2 box of it Curtis, okay we're gonna
00:57 go ahead and put that in and we have a few ingredients
01:00 that people may not be familiar with. So,
01:02 yeah we add a couple of those and let me go ahead
01:04 and start this, alright, spinning this first for a
01:05 few minutes and then we'll look at those okay,
01:08 okay. This going to spin,
01:25 now what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead
01:27 on now and I'm going to start putting in the following,
01:29 I'm going to put the vanilla flavoring in,
01:31 I'm going to put the fructose in and I'm going to put
01:33 the carob powder in, this carob powder is that
01:36 which is gonna represent that of let's say chocolate
01:39 alright, doesn't taste exactly like chocolate,
01:41 but there is a couple of things I'm going to do
01:43 here number 1 is I'm going to be using Roma,
01:46 which is the coffee substitute.
01:48 Curtis, why don't you show them that,
01:49 there's the Roma here alright and we use this quite
01:51 often in our home and again as we mentioned
01:54 before it doesn't have any other coffee acids
01:57 that the coffee bean has, this is from Barley
02:00 and Chicory and it's a nice rich flavor,
02:04 so this is what we use and doesn't have the caffeine
02:06 of course as well. So it does not affect our brain
02:09 or our central nervous system.
02:10 Ah yes and then another secret ingredient is almond
02:15 flavoring. Now the almond flavoring combined
02:18 with the Roma and combined with carob as this pie sits
02:22 it has that flavor and texture, mouth feels okay
02:27 and smell like chocolate. Hmm, the rustles down
02:31 that Carob, yes, a lot of people may not be familiar
02:35 with Carob so it wrestles down that flavor of Carob.
02:38 Right, that almond flavoring and then lastly
02:41 I'm going to be put in clear jel gel instant
02:43 and you know we've talked about that a couple
02:45 of times on the show, as a matte of fact in our cook
02:47 book we have the 1-800 number, that's true,
02:49 you can get a hold of that and this a coagulant
02:51 it helps to in a cold item it keeps it,
02:54 causes it to congeal okay that's what I want to say
02:59 causes it to congeal, well you don't have a hot item
03:00 for us, something like Corn Starch or Potato Starch
03:02 we're going to use the clear gel instant.
03:04 I'm going to turn it back on okay I'm going to begin
03:05 to put in the other things, let me just do this,
03:07 I think what I'm gonna is I'm going to go ahead
03:11 on and put the sugar in period, Curtis,
03:13 just go ahead and put that in and that's Fructose,
03:15 so this is Fructose, not really refined sugar, but,
03:17 alright fruit sugar and I'm going to go ahead and put
03:19 in the Vanilla. Okay, alright and let's go ahead
03:23 and get that carob powder in there alright.
03:25 No alcohol in that vanilla. No okay just checking
03:29 right and now we're going to turn it back on unless
03:36 you move this. You see the coloring
04:05 coming in there, I want to spin around make sure
04:08 everything gets in there now this is going to be
04:10 a pie, that we can just put in the refrigerator
04:12 and it will not be a, this is not bake, not unbaked,
04:14 unbaked. It needs to sit in the refrigerator,
04:17 it has to be at least 4 hours. Okay oh 4 hours
04:19 and look forward to gel and get to a texture that
04:22 you're able to cut it okay and that instant clear
04:24 gel or that's what he is going to do it,
04:26 make that right. I'm going to now then just add in the
04:28 rest of the ingredients, which is going to be
04:29 the almond flavoring, the Roma and also the
04:32 instant clear Gel. Now you want to make sure
05:06 you get all the goodies in there, all the goodies in,
05:09 we wanna stir around one more time.
05:11 Now you can sees that's smooth, consistent Curtis,
05:13 yes nice smooth texture it's actually going on right
05:15 here and this will be the last and oh I can smell
05:18 it too. Aha! It has a nice smell, that's an almond
05:20 doing that. I wish 3ABN has smell-a-vision
05:22 I know I know I know I know it can smell of Roma.
05:23 Yeah, this is gonna be it here, okay this is going
05:26 to be it. Now you want to make sure that you spin it
05:51 to a nice smooth consistency because you know
05:53 anything there, you know lingering in the pie alright.
05:57 What's going to happen is I'm going to take this off,
05:59 I'm going to pour into my already prepare
06:02 grand cracker crust and when we come back
06:05 you will see the finished products, so stay by.


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