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00:01 Sometime ago the Hill's Brothers visited
00:04 Maxwell's house for a cup of Coffee.
00:07 And they both agreed this is good to the last drop,
00:11 well how good is it. Well our program is entitled
00:14 coffee, the inside scoop, we'll be right back.
00:45 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living,
00:46 this is Curtis Eakins and this is my wonderful bride
00:50 Paula Eakins. Hello, hello, not only are you my bride,
00:54 I like to also mentioned that you are my partner
00:58 and also my business partner, my traveling buddy.
01:01 All of those things above, my best friend too.
01:05 You're right below Jesus Christ,
01:07 now you can't get any higher than that.
01:09 Wow, wow! Anything you like to say in response to that
01:12 honey, while the cameras is rolling is just wow,
01:15 okay. Well I mean am I to return the compliments.
01:19 Well that's up to you, you know whatever you feel,
01:21 you don't have to say anything right now.
01:23 Okay, somewhere in the program I will have to return
01:28 the compliment. Okay, and we'll be waiting.
01:30 Okie dokie. Okay. Okie dokie. Alright, start to breathe
01:35 and get myself together first,
01:36 'cause that was a lot of compliments being thrown
01:38 at me at one time. Okay maybe next time
01:40 I can just kind of spin it out a little bit, yeah,
01:43 okay very good, I noticed the. Coffee
01:45 the inside scoop, I notice that, I noticed you got
01:47 the Hill's Brothers and everybody coming together.
01:49 Yeah. And getting their cup of coffee.
01:50 Yeah. Mr. Folgers's, he was there too at Maxwell's house,
01:53 they were all there together, this is a hot topic.
01:56 Alright, yes it is, this is a hot topic because
01:58 people love coffee, that's true, you got a couple
02:03 of places that we actually are volunteers at
02:05 and it's amazing how much coffee people drink
02:09 on a daily basis, that's true. Now and I personally
02:13 I never drank one cup of coffee in my entire life,
02:16 but this is what I'm told and so we'll go and talk
02:20 about is coffee really good to the last drop,
02:24 how good is it? I know you drank it years ago,
02:27 well you know, my parents were heavy coffee
02:31 drinkers and as a matter of fact my mother,
02:35 because it's ten of us in our family, she would say
02:38 when I drink my coffee then you can come
02:42 downstairs but until then until then stay upstairs.
02:46 And believe me we did not come down
02:48 until she had gotten her coffee in, alright.
02:50 And so of course you know as we got a little bit
02:53 older we drank the coffee as well.
02:55 The word is more mature. Okay more mature,
02:57 yes okay, we drink a little bit more of it,
02:59 you know but coffee is too strong for me,
03:02 I mean you know we've, I do not particularly care for it,
03:05 you know that's just me though, okay I know that,
03:07 that was one of the things and it was mainly because
03:11 of a drug we're gonna be talking about.
03:13 So, is there something about coffee that we ought
03:16 to know about, because it's obvious.
03:18 Well, it's obvious, this is where you going
03:19 and again this is part again
03:21 we're continuing our Mental
03:23 Wellness series and this is part of that
03:26 as well and you also determine why that is
03:28 so, as we go through this program.
03:30 I want to turn to one text and it's in Proverbs 20,
03:38 yes 20 and verse 1, the Bible says wine is a mocker,
03:48 strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived,
03:55 thereby is not wise. Now of course we
04:00 sometimes say if you're not wise you must
04:03 be otherwise, but it says wine is a mocker,
04:06 strong drink is raging, in other words wine is not
04:11 the only beverage that's strong. And both says,
04:16 the Bible says whoever is deceived thereby,
04:22 thereby a lot of people may drink wine or others
04:25 strong beverages and there is a deception associated
04:30 with these two beverages and we're going to look
04:33 at how a person can be deceived by thinking that
04:36 they maybe receiving good benefits from wine,
04:39 red wine because it's lot of clinical studies out there
04:43 about heart disease, but again a lot of people
04:45 maybe deceived by that and also by coffee as well.
04:48 So it's a deception that we're going to more of that
04:51 in throughout our program. So, throughout our
04:54 program I want to ask your- self this question is coffee
05:00 or anything that caffeine has in it,
05:03 is that considered in the category of a strong drink,
05:08 we ask ourselves that question as we go through
05:10 this program today. Strong drink,
05:13 yes okay well then that means that when you're
05:16 saying strong drink there must be some type
05:18 of alteration going on with the mind and body
05:21 as you take these particular foods or this particular
05:24 drinks in so, I guess what then if we're talking
05:27 about coffee, what is the effect of that on our bodies?
05:32 Okay, now the first thing is we need to understand
05:35 coffee in itself has one ingredient that
05:38 we're going to zero in on today, that's caffeine.
05:41 Now caffeine is a plant alkaloid, anything that is a
05:47 alkaloid that goes into the system is going to disrupt
05:50 the delicate mechanism of the system itself
05:53 that God has created alright. It's a psychoactive
05:57 drug, according to the food and drug administration,
06:00 it is a drug. So although we're talking about coffee
06:04 anything that has caffeine in it, in the beverage
06:09 form also contains these psychoactive drugs
06:12 that caffeine brings to the table.
06:14 There are a lot of plants that has caffeine other
06:17 than the cocoa beans and any insect that feeds
06:21 on these plants that has caffeine in it actually
06:24 paralysis and kills some of the insects.
06:26 So it's a very powerful stimulant.
06:30 Now you have a several terms that we use,
06:33 such as I have a craving for something,
06:37 that means that if you don't get that item of food
06:40 that you desire you have craving for,
06:42 you can still function your life, you can still go to work
06:45 extra. But then we have another term that
06:48 says I am addicted to something,
06:51 that means that if you don't get that article of food
06:54 or that beverage whatever,
06:55 it really impacts your lifestyle drastically
06:59 and as we go through this program,
07:01 you will understand that a lot of people maybe
07:04 addicted to this liquid drug that has caffeine in it.
07:11 Coffee is one of the things and we're mentioning
07:13 coffee because coffee is consumed 4 out of 5
07:17 Americans every single day. So, ask yourself
07:21 this question again, if you're one of those millions
07:24 of Americans who must have your cup of coffee
07:28 in the morning, that shot, that steaming cup to
07:32 get yourself going to wake yourself up and if you
07:36 don't get it, you cannot function then as one think
07:41 tank conservative group says you maybe addicted
07:45 to that beverage. It is an addiction,
07:48 so we need to underscore that as well.
07:50 So coffee and also any beverage that has caffeine
07:54 in it will bring to the table as well. Okay.
07:58 But I know that someone is looking at their coffee
08:00 right now and they're saying well
08:03 I don't drink regular coffee, I drink decaf,
08:07 okay that's supposed to be caffeine free
08:10 or a low amount of caffeine in it. So,
08:13 address the decaf. Yeah, well I drink decaf,
08:16 well decaf of course decaf still has caffeine in it,
08:19 about seven milligrams and we'll look at
08:21 about other beverages that has caffeine as well,
08:24 but it still contains caffeine, but my question
08:27 is this, what do they use to take the caffeine
08:31 out of the coffee. You still have the coffee acids
08:35 and the harsh oils that's also added or it's also
08:40 still in the coffee itself, even though it's caffeine.
08:43 Now you still have, it affects the liver and it
08:46 also affects the stomach, so even though it's decaf,
08:49 some studies even suggest that decaf can raise
08:53 your cholesterol even higher than regular coffee.
08:56 So now you mentioned also before the other
08:59 question what about the effects it has on the body?
09:02 Coffee or beverages that contain caffeine
09:06 is a powerful stimulant, artificial stimulant that
09:10 acts on the central nervous system,
09:12 and also the brain, but also the body as well,
09:14 (1) It acts on the cardiovascular system.
09:20 When caffeine, such as coffee enters into the system
09:24 it raises our homocysteine, homocysteine
09:27 is related to heart disease, that's number one.
09:31 Also caffeine stimulates or effects the heart beat,
09:37 the heart muscle, delicate gland, the heart
09:41 itself when caffeine entered into that system
09:44 it creates a regular heart beat. Arrhythmias,
09:50 what about osteoporosis?
09:52 This was an interesting study done at the researches
09:55 at the Creighton University of Omaha,
09:58 they looked at 85,000 women and those women
10:02 who took in a lot of caffeine. So just coffee
10:06 they discovered that they have increased
10:08 rate of osteoporosis. Caffeine also snatches
10:12 calcium from the skeleton system,
10:15 you know sometimes you have the Dowager's hump,
10:17 yeah well caffeine helps to collapse the skeletal system,
10:21 so coffee does that as well or caffeinated beverages,
10:24 let me put it that way. What about diabetes
10:27 or hyperglycemia, when caffeine enters into the
10:31 system it triggers the liver to release stored sugar
10:36 we call glycogen, when stored sugars enters
10:40 into the system thereby what happens is it alerts
10:43 the pancreas to produce more insulin. Okay,
10:47 to take that stored sugar into the cell for energy,
10:51 well that happens over and over again then the
10:53 blood sugars becomes low, we have hypoglycemia.
10:58 Miscarriages, 3 cups a day, women expecting
11:01 a child bearing age, you have twice of much risk
11:05 of miscarriages as well. So coffee has a lot of things
11:09 that it can do and impacts the system,
11:12 the body and general. Whew! And you know
11:16 and that's just the good news, there is more to come.
11:22 The more to come, I guess then while people
11:26 are still trying to understand is it just
11:29 a coffee issue. Is this caffeine in other beverages,
11:34 because you called that out a couple of times,
11:35 right that's true yes. So and we're mentioning
11:38 coffee because again like I said before, we
11:40 get most of our caffeine in the form of coffee,
11:43 75%. Well let's look at that caffeine count,
11:46 let's go to our first graphic at this time.
11:50 The Caffeine Count: Just look at it.
11:53 Soft drinks, it can be anywhere form 35 up to 50
11:57 milligrams of caffeine, soft drinks. Tea,
12:01 this is caffeinated tea, that can be 50 milligrams
12:05 or more of caffeine just in caffeinated tea,
12:08 then you have coffee, this is instant coffee now
12:11 and of course these are averages but it can range
12:13 anywhere from 75 up to 90 milligrams of caffeine,
12:19 next we have energy drinks, now this is very popular,
12:22 energy drinks have at least 100 milligrams of caffeine,
12:26 sometimes up to a 150 because sometimes
12:30 if you read the ingredients and we'll have the word
12:32 Gorana, Gorana that's also caffeine too,
12:36 so add caffeine plus Gorana, we have sometimes up
12:39 to a 140 milligrams of caffeine.
12:42 The last one that's coffee and this is proved and this
12:45 can be again range of 115 up to 130 to 40 milligrams
12:51 of caffeine. So again, coffee is not of course the
12:55 only beverages that has caffeine in it,
12:57 you have the soft drinks, you also have particularly
13:00 that's more popular now as of late that energy
13:03 drinks that can have a whole lot of caffeine
13:07 in those energy drinks and you read those ingredients
13:10 it will help caffeine and also has the word Gorana
13:14 that needs to be added to the caffeine count
13:17 in those energy drinks. So again, these are,
13:20 we call health destroying beverages with a high
13:23 amount of caffeine, there's drug that's in the plant
13:26 kingdom. I guess when you're combining,
13:29 if you're having the coffee throughout the day
13:33 our lets say in the morning and then you're turning
13:35 around and having those soft drinks,
13:36 like the energy drink in the afternoon or so yes
13:39 so then that means that's some real,
13:41 that is some lots of mind alterations going on it.
13:45 As a result of that you're not going to be,
13:47 because you can have anywhere from 300 to 400
13:49 milligrams of caffeine and of course 3 cups of can like
13:53 I said before double the risk of miscarriages those
13:57 who are caring to feel. Well I'm sure that it also
14:00 will alter the minds of individuals anyway period
14:04 you know well now that's another thing,
14:06 a good point because honey we're talking about
14:09 how it effects our minds, this is a part of the
14:12 Mental Wellness series. So now we gonna get into
14:14 the Area of Mental Health. It does effect our mind
14:18 drastically, remember caffeine is a artificial
14:23 temporary stimulant, not only on our mind but
14:27 the entire Central Nervous System.
14:32 A very delicate system and it impacts that.
14:36 It also exhausts the adrenal glands, the adrenal glands
14:40 is our bodies stress center, okay and also we talk
14:45 about this in the last weeks or so coffee or caffeine
14:49 I should say, when it goes into the system it depletes
14:53 Serotonin. We talked about Serotonin before on the
14:57 program yes, yes serotonin is the mood
14:59 neurotransmitters, so coffee impacts that as well.
15:02 Let's go to our last graphic and let's see
15:04 what this inspired writer says about coffee and coffee
15:07 drinking. A deceitful cup, this is counsels on Health
15:11 page 441, this is powerful quote,
15:14 "coffee is a hurtful indulgence, it temporarily
15:22 excites the mind, but the after affect is sad.
15:27 The mind become weak and the activity of the
15:32 the brain greatly lessened."
15:36 Now we'll zero in on how it affects our mind
15:40 and the central nervous system. Why is that a
15:44 deceitful cup? Here's the thing about this, people
15:49 they would drink coffee in the morning and because
15:52 they feel invigorated their imagination it seems
15:56 to be enhanced, they think that coffee is doing them
16:01 a world of good. Okay, that's the deception,
16:05 it's just like if we had a 401K, if I took daily
16:10 withdrawal from my 401K to provide a temporary
16:14 financial fix then later on we're going to pay a hefty
16:20 dividend with that. Coffee is the same thing,
16:23 alright it provides a temporary fix but on long run
16:27 we'll pay the price in the long way. Well then what kind
16:31 of advice do you give an individual who is trying
16:34 to stop drinking coffee or a lot of caffeine
16:37 like beverages. Well, keep in mind now again
16:40 this is a drug, psychoactive drug, a plant alkaloid,
16:47 therefore a lot of people maybe addicted,
16:50 hence if someone's addicted to lets say recreational
16:54 drugs, then if one lay off with this drug caffeine,
16:59 there's going to be a withdrawal alright.
17:02 I want to read a statement and closing by this author
17:05 who's been translated more than anybody else
17:08 in the United States according to the Library Congress,
17:11 and this is to just kind of help people, let people
17:13 understand about the leaving off of the caffeine
17:17 or the coffee itself. This is very powerful,
17:19 counsels on diets and foods page 430,
17:21 listen to these words. Those who attempt to leave
17:25 off these stimulants, she's referring to coffee drinking
17:28 and caffeinated beverages. Well for a time fill a loss
17:33 and we'll suffer without them, but by persistence
17:39 they will overcome the craving and seize to feel
17:43 the lack. Nature may require a little time to recover
17:48 from the abuse she has suffered, but given her
17:51 a chance she will again rally and perform her work well.
17:57 So, again those out there, those 2 or 3 cups of coffee
18:02 just to get going to wake up. Nature has been abused,
18:06 the body has been abused and in time the nature
18:09 came really into a recover form this abuse of a long
18:13 coffee drinking or caffeinated beverages.
18:16 So we just ask that God will help you and the
18:19 Holy Spirit will give you the persistence,
18:21 the will power and also the strength to lay off this
18:26 hurtful beverage. Well you know once again
18:29 here we go we, you know we talk about this often
18:31 on Abundant Living and here on 3ABN that nothing
18:34 is impossible with God. That's right honey,
18:37 but the one thing that I like is that in the New Testament,
18:41 the book of Luke, there is a statement and that is it says
18:45 things that impossible with man are possible with God,
18:49 so God can do anything but fail. Amen!
18:52 And speaking about impossibilities,
18:54 there is positively that we're going into the kitchen
18:58 today and in this kitchen we're going to be fixing
19:01 a silken carob pie, so stay by.


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