Abundant Living

Transition Into Vegetarianism

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00176C

00:01 Well welcome back, okay, welcome back,
00:03 we have accomplished these vegetarian patties
00:06 that were made out of garbanzo beans alright,
00:09 garbanzos and pecan meal, we've got
00:12 the burgers already made up,
00:13 beautiful brown color yes and then we've just shown you
00:16 how you can take that same burger and you can put it
00:19 with your whole wheat bread, with your lettuce and
00:22 you tomatoes and your Soy Mayonnaise
00:24 and make it into a burger itself
00:26 and so what can you say expect that you know
00:29 we also have made on that show,
00:30 remember you know the sausage patties and
00:33 we showed you how to make the long ones
00:34 and round ones and just be creative alright,
00:37 but just go to show you that you can
00:38 take things like the beans and the grains
00:41 and work this out as well. Okay,
00:43 that's good, sounds good, I don't know if
00:46 good it tastes good and that is to also taste
00:48 in my book, can you work with me on this
00:51 honey. Well, let me just see, yes, into another cupboard,
00:53 in the cupboard here, as far that goes, oh look at this,
00:57 okay you have a whole burger, okay.
00:59 I got one eye on the clock and one eye on
01:01 the burger, to put together oh yes, yes, yes okay
01:04 yes, yes, yes, now how we're gonna to work this,
01:07 is our time running out honey, cause I can start
01:10 the sandwich. Okay will you take a bite,
01:12 yeah absolutely, I think we need to close,
01:16 but as always John 10:10 Jesus said
01:19 I come that they might have life
01:22 and have it more abundantly.


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