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00:02 Well, welcome back okay we are going to go
00:04 to this recipe which is called a
00:06 vegetarian burger, sounds good honey.
00:08 It calls for:
00:40 Okay, now I like this because we got
00:43 a lot of stuff burger time burger time
00:44 we are using on it first part
00:46 of show we are now putting those grains
00:47 and stuff together and we're going,
00:49 I'm gonna to make it vegetarian,
00:50 making that transition, that's right, right
00:51 I'm gonna start off with just adding
00:53 in Curtis when you, you're gonna
00:54 soak these beans overnight.
00:56 Okay, when we do the instructions on it,
00:57 as you're gonna to take the one cup of
00:59 garbanzo beans and put it in water,
01:02 two cups of water let it sit overnight,
01:04 it will swell up and make two and a half
01:06 cups of garbanzos alright.
01:09 Good point so we got that with the water,
01:10 we've already done that, we're gonna
01:12 go ahead and put those all in and right away
01:14 we're gonna to go ahead and start adding in,
01:16 we've got instant oats and you can go ahead
01:18 and get that onion ready for me okay,
01:19 you got instant oats and you can just make
01:21 it large, make it big, you don't have to make it
01:23 small alright, alright we got the old-fashioned
01:26 oats going in hmm, we've got the pecan,
01:30 this is pecan meal, this going in also.
01:35 This helps to get the texture,
01:37 that the burgers need to have as well,
01:40 the nut kingdom and then once you
01:42 put those onion in there for me, no,
01:44 big chunks baby, to be blended, as soon as our
01:46 food processor gets a hold of it, oh okay,
01:49 it is going to blend right on down okay.
01:51 Okay, I like this way, get on, get on top,
01:55 put on top of that yeah. Okay,
01:57 right, alright and I like this combination,
02:02 nice flavor one onion okay that alright,
02:05 alright we're gonna put that top on
02:07 and we're going to blend it.
02:22 Now, you want to make sure
02:24 that you blend this all away
02:25 until this becomes kind of a smooth,
02:27 you don't see the beans themselves
02:30 as far as the garbanzos, now what I'm gonna
02:31 to do now is I'm gonna add in the sage,
02:33 the soy flavor, nutritional yeast,
02:36 the salt and the garlic powder
02:39 and then I'm going to lastly put in
02:41 the soy sauce. Alright okay I'm going to turn it back
02:44 on let me start first one time here,
02:47 get all this down in there.
02:49 Now you mentioned soy sauce,
02:51 there's also, like, Bragg's liquid amino liquid,
02:53 which is just about the same amount
02:55 of sodium and soy salt lite, right, yes,
02:57 it's the same. I'll like the soy sauce lite
02:59 because it has a hickory kind of a
03:01 favorite to it. So I like that flavor a little bit
03:03 better, okay but you can use the other one.
03:38 Now what happens is
03:41 you can see Curtis already make
03:43 a nice kind of okay, pasty texture here,
03:46 I'm gonna go ahead and get the skillet honey,
03:48 go ahead and get the skillet heated up
03:49 because what happens is now I want to say
03:53 that once you make this up,
03:55 it does take you, want to let it sit for a while
03:58 because so that all those flavors
04:00 cannot actually get in there.
04:01 So I've already pre made up a batch,
04:04 so you can see what it looks like
04:06 when it's all finished and this is
04:07 the one we're gonna actually put into
04:09 our skillet, so you've got your olive oil
04:10 there, I mean canola oil we're using right now.
04:12 So lets get that canola oil together
04:14 and we're gonna, leave all of it, that's enough right
04:19 there, it's enough, wanna get that skillet nice
04:20 and hot and one of the things that I've
04:23 found out Curtis is that when you do
04:24 this if you would just take you can spray your
04:28 hand with a little bit of spray, if you want to make
04:30 the patties okay, but I've found that if
04:32 I take this 1/4 cup measurement I can make
04:37 a nice burger out of it and so you don't have to
04:39 worry about your hands getting dirty okay.
04:41 So once again you make this up
04:42 and you would let it sit for at least a
04:44 good 10 minutes before you start making your
04:45 burgers and I'm going to go ahead I'm going to go
04:49 ahead on and lets move that over that side
04:50 and let's go ahead and make the burgers, your pan
04:53 nice and hot baby. Well, is it hot, turned up a little
04:56 bit there, it's 300 alright, you want it higher,
04:58 350, 350, alright, gonna put it in and we're gonna
05:02 flatten it out. Now how many burgers
05:05 can this make approximately based on this?
05:06 This makes about 15 large burgers, 15
05:09 15 large burgers if you can see, see we do
05:10 1/4th of a cup, okay alright when I make it in the,
05:13 I like to make the circle with cords alright
05:15 and let's say do another one and then I wanted to
05:19 tell you something else I do with this as well.
05:21 So then make 15 nice burgers, just flatten it out
05:24 and if you were and this is going,
05:26 making the transition, transition is what we're
05:29 talking about, this is very inexpensive,
05:31 yes of course you know of course meat is
05:33 very expensive but using the whole grains
05:36 and legumes going to be inexpensive
05:39 as compared to meat, yes, as flat foods.
05:41 Yeah, one thing I do Curtis too
05:43 with this you remember I've sage in it.
05:45 That's right. Okay so you can also turn this
05:47 into like a little sausage patties
05:48 and the way you do and I'm going to have
05:50 get some in my hand and that is
05:52 you would just take a smaller amount of it,
05:55 let's see if you can get less than that,
05:57 a smaller amount and then oh and roll it up a little bit
06:00 and make it into sausage patties.
06:03 Okay, and if you want to make a long patty
06:06 like you know like the sausage length
06:09 to add a little bit of red peppers to it,
06:13 if you want a little bit more sage
06:16 and you can actually make it into a length
06:20 oh okay, you need variation that you'll like
06:24 any variation you can make up a combination it can work
06:26 of different things there I need to fit them now,
06:29 I'm gonna tell you now well, you want to brown up on
06:31 that one side really well it takes about a good,
06:34 I would on a speed, maybe about a good 10 minutes
06:38 or so, because these are beans and it is raw,
06:40 remember that, okay not cooked.
06:41 And so with that in mind and you have a
06:43 spatula over there, do you not, I don't know where,
06:45 you got a spatula, it looks like it's looking
06:47 pretty good there, lets turn that first one over,
06:49 lets turn it over so we can see that brown,
06:51 that nice brown color it actually makes.
06:53 Alright and than flatten it down a little bit, hold on,
06:56 flatten it down a little bit there, alright
06:58 nice golden brown, nice golden brown, you can do
07:01 the second one there too okay as well.
07:06 Don't smack it too hard honey, don't
07:08 smack it so hard, let's move it down
07:09 so that we can get the other ones brown as well.
07:12 And now you know what's gonna happen
07:13 is that's going to be browning up like
07:16 I said it will make about 15 burgers,
07:18 the size of the burger bun, believe it or not
07:21 and then it will make something like almost
07:23 30 of the actual little patties and it'll make
07:25 almost 30 of those long ones, so you can have it
07:27 like we do the little small ones,
07:29 I think with waffles on a Sunday afternoon,
07:31 I do that with waffles, Sunday like a brunch
07:33 or something like that yeah, yeah.
07:34 So, let's go ahead on and turn those,
07:35 so we can see that one, yeah go ahead,
07:37 this burger, and do the other burger
07:39 okay and I don't think the middle one
07:43 is ready. Well, let's just see what happens
07:45 there I just want to see the little,
07:46 the little one okay oh it is yeah,
07:52 'cause it's sitting at 300, it's in at 350 alright.
07:57 The main thing is you want to make sure you get
07:59 that oil because the oil is what actually
08:01 causes the brown okay. Now this is an
08:06 excellent combination, you got the beans,
08:08 you know you got all those the whole grains,
08:11 the combination go together there and you can
08:13 serve this once it's done, once the burger
08:15 is done, you can serve it on a whole wheat bread
08:18 with a soy mayonnaise, alright and we also have
08:21 our mayonnaise, as we have in our book,
08:23 we revised the cook and made easy, that's true,
08:25 lettuce and tomatoes you known but I know you're saying
08:27 to yourself, I still don't believe that,
08:29 so you know what we want you to stay by
08:31 because we're getting ready
08:32 to show you the end product.


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