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00:01 You, if you were gonna miss a program
00:04 this is the one you do not want to miss
00:06 because this program is dedicated to all those
00:09 individuals who have called us to say it
00:11 I want to know how to make
00:12 transition into vegetarianism.
00:15 So I want you to stay by.
00:47 Hi, I'm Paula Eakins, the co-director director
00:53 of Abundant Living and Health Seminars,
00:57 he's right and this is Curtis Eakins
00:59 my husband and I'm also the co-director,
01:02 co-director, co-director, co-director,
01:04 but I was president, you are a vice-president,
01:05 but now you've moved up to co-director,
01:08 all my friends, now we're equal.
01:09 All my friends would be glad
01:11 when they find out that I'm now co-director,
01:13 alright, you know what I'm saying,
01:14 equal part, equal partners.
01:16 Now this program,
01:17 okay is so important this sure honey
01:20 because we get so many phone calls
01:23 from individuals and they will say things
01:24 and not only phone calls we get emails as well
01:26 and also letters, people are saying
01:29 you know I want to know how to make
01:30 the transition to vegetarianism you know
01:32 I've been trying to figure it out I don't have
01:34 enough recipes I don't know what to mix
01:36 and match and I'm not sure what's going on
01:38 and it's amazing the numbers are getting
01:41 larger and larger, as a matter of fact
01:43 Curtis you have a little article there
01:45 that we got when we were getting back
01:47 on our plane trip.
01:48 Yeah, this is from the U.S. today news paper,
01:52 growing vegetarian roots,
01:53 it has hit approximately 3.2% of U.S. adults,
01:58 which is over 7 million people
02:01 say that they are vegetarians,
02:03 how long have they follow a diet free
02:06 of meat, fish, and fowl and 51% or 57%
02:11 actually say it more than 10 years,
02:14 again you have 6 to 10 years is 18%
02:17 and going on and on. But again now,
02:18 there is a growing concern not a growing concern
02:21 but a growing trend of more people
02:23 here in United States who are actually
02:25 going vegetarian, over 7 million
02:29 and still counting and still counting.
02:31 And that's what we're here today
02:32 because we do get a lot of emails,
02:34 a lot of phone calls. People want to make
02:35 that transition and they want to ask us
02:38 or they ask us where do I start,
02:40 how can I begin? Yes and so with that
02:43 in mind let's begin first with God's word.
02:47 So we have the word of God in a kitchen
02:50 and so we're going to lay the foundation
02:52 when God created mankind,
02:55 first he created their bodies,
02:58 then after that he gave them the diet for them
03:01 to eat and it's recorded in the
03:04 first book of the Bible and the first
03:06 chapter of the Bible,
03:08 here it is, Genesis 1 and verse 29 and God said,
03:12 behold I have given you every herb bearing
03:16 seed which is upon the face of all the earth
03:20 and every tree into which is the fruit
03:24 of the tree you do seed to you it shall be
03:28 for meat or for food.
03:30 So thereby this is God's diet for mankind
03:34 before sin, therefore diet for mankind
03:38 is fruit from the tree.
03:40 Now the fruit also includes the nuts as well.
03:45 The, what a tree produces
03:46 so the fruit from the tree now after sin,
03:49 God added something to that diet,
03:52 we go over to Genesis chapter 3
03:55 and verse 18 and the Bible says
03:58 thou shall eat the herb of the field.
04:02 So now we have before sin after sin,
04:05 a plant based diet, therefore God's
04:09 word lays the foundation for
04:12 mankind's diet in the Bible.
04:14 Well you know I've often said this before
04:16 and it stands repeating
04:18 and that is if the diet that God
04:22 has already directed us or asked us to
04:24 participate in if it was not important
04:27 he would not have put it
04:28 in the first book of the Bible,
04:31 in the first chapter.
04:32 You know I always think about
04:34 Curtis people say you know if you buy
04:35 a brand new car then you not going
04:37 to do anything more than read that
04:38 manual and put into the car exactly
04:41 what is written in the manual otherwise,
04:43 otherwise you may compromise
04:45 the operation of the automobile, absolutely,
04:47 absolutely. So, this is our manual for
04:50 our body that's the manual,
04:51 that's the manual and God knows
04:53 what he is doing and then on top
04:54 of that he put out a bounty of fruits
04:57 and vegetables and grains and cereals
04:59 of all things that we need to keep
05:01 our bodies healthy. Yes he did, yes he did.
05:04 And beautiful they are. Yes,
05:05 and I'm just thinking about this too honey
05:06 in the new kingdom, kingdom made
05:08 new we would still eat these foods
05:11 or in Revelation now, the first book of
05:13 the Bible tells us a diet for mankind.
05:15 Yes, the last book of the Bible in
05:17 Revelation tells us what would be eating
05:19 in the new Jerusalem. The fruit of the tree,
05:23 yes, 12 manner of fruits every month,
05:27 so again we're going back to the fruit,
05:28 the plant kingdom and we see nothing
05:31 compared from what your saying.
05:33 Eyes have not seen or ears have heard,
05:34 I'm just thinking about the fact of the coloring
05:37 and the color that God put in the food
05:38 to draw us to it, right. Now when making that
05:41 transition, yes there are things that people
05:43 say to us and that is you know, I'm not quite
05:45 sure, we know for the very first time
05:47 the Food and Drug Administration,
05:49 the American Dietetic Association, put out that
05:51 pyramid chart that talked about for the
05:53 first time more fruits and more vegetables
05:55 and more whole grains and then for
05:58 the same pyramid chart Curtis, they came back
06:00 and say more exercise that's true and
06:03 you know that's the first time they did that,
06:04 the first time the first time right
06:06 first time ever you know, it's almost like
06:07 you know somebody reading the Bible,
06:09 you know, getting closer and closer, very, very
06:10 very, very excited about that and so the
06:13 Pyramid chart you know once again it was
06:15 stating that we should have 2 to 4 servings
06:16 each day of the fruit kingdom, 3 to 5 servings
06:19 each day of the vegetable kingdom,
06:21 4 to 6 servings each day of the grain
06:24 and cereal kingdom and I know that you're
06:27 thinking I know you're saying to yourself
06:28 okay, 4 to 6 servings of that grain and
06:31 cereal kingdom, should mean that much
06:32 6 slices of bread, 11 slices of bread or what?
06:34 6 slices of bread and you exactly,
06:36 that's your serving.
06:37 Now remember you don't have to try
06:39 to figure out anything for yourself
06:40 I know people would be trying to calculate
06:42 and figure out how much they have had,
06:43 God has built in it's own calculator in the
06:45 system so if you say that, that pie
06:48 or that cookie or that bread is only
06:51 so and so amount of calories,
06:53 the body tells you not so, not so.
06:56 Now another reason for a transition is because
06:59 of the major killer diseases right, major killer diseases
07:02 that are going on right now
07:03 people want to make the transition
07:04 and they have actually seen a change,
07:06 you know. Yeah, and a lot of people who do
07:09 contact us, email us they say that now that
07:11 my husband has had a heart attack
07:14 or my wife has been diagnosed with cancer,
07:17 we're now going to make a change.
07:19 And sometimes God allows these things to
07:22 happen, so that it was inspire us to
07:25 lead a more healthy lifestyle, and move more
07:27 into a plant based diet. So, of course
07:30 First Corinthians there I think in Paul says
07:33 into the Corinthians that our bodies
07:36 is to temple First Corinthians 6:19, 20,
07:38 it came to me just now. That our bodies
07:41 is the Temple of the Holy Ghost,
07:44 we are not our own, we are brought
07:47 with the price of Jesus shed blood,
07:49 therefore we should be mindful of what goes
07:52 into our mouth and how we treat our
07:54 bodies and this is the food that God
07:56 prepared for this machine that he has
07:59 created and made. And of course speaking of that
08:02 transition Curtis, when we talk about the body
08:04 and the mind, the body being the temple where
08:05 the Holy Spirit dwells then we're also thinking
08:07 about you know you can't just eat anything,
08:09 it's very good we got the labels out there and now
08:12 you want to read those labels and see
08:14 what's the amount of calories,
08:15 what's the amount of fat what is the
08:17 sodium and the carbohydrate or the
08:19 starches in the foods that were actually eating
08:20 but I'm going to tell you something when it really
08:22 comes to the foods that God has prepared
08:24 for us there is no label for calories
08:26 or something because it's already there,
08:28 what you see a lot of your foods is manufactured
08:30 has all that written on it and more and more
08:32 we're having to move that way as well,
08:34 so major killer diseases are equipment
08:36 people ask me about equipment is really funny.
08:38 Okay, because sometimes on Abundant Living
08:39 they'll see certain things that I have a
08:41 food processor, a blender you know
08:43 and they'll call me and say I want to get that
08:45 food processor, I want that blender or I want
08:46 that juicer that you had on the show.
08:48 And if I don't have that blender,
08:50 that food processor the food will not
08:53 come out exactly the way you did
08:55 and I always say not so, not so, not so, not so.
08:57 You know we can all do it all, you know
08:59 God has given us the ability to be able to do
09:02 this, he can do the same thing for you as well.
09:04 So it's really not in the equipment but it is for
09:05 the love of food and try to make show
09:07 the things taste good. Now let's talk about
09:09 some specific questions that people have
09:11 actually asked us, yes, over the years
09:14 and let's talk about some of those questions,
09:15 let's make some particular suggestions as far as
09:19 moving that diet into a plant based diet
09:21 and making that transition. One of the first
09:23 questions that I get Curtis is that of protein,
09:25 can I get adequate amount of protein
09:27 if I'm on a vegetarian diet
09:30 and the answer to that question is yes.
09:33 As matter of fact, now that you've mentioned that
09:35 if you look in the coming weeks of Abundant Living,
09:37 we're going to do a program entitled protein
09:40 without the Baloney. I like that,
09:43 I like that and hamburger beef,
09:45 I like that, I like that, you like that idea
09:46 so, we will cover that but again there is adequate
09:48 amount of protein in a diet and more
09:50 we'll go into that authoritatively
09:52 in that program protein without
09:54 the Baloney, but that's always a issue
09:56 absolutely, absolutely, as far as protein is concerned
09:58 and so I brought some things out to actually help out
10:00 with that, as a matter of fact the number
10:02 has got the highest amount of protein
10:04 would be in the actual bean kingdom
10:06 alright we got the bean kingdom, I have
10:09 the native beans right here that I have
10:11 in front of me and I'm also in our bounty of all the
10:15 different foods I've gotten my Pinto Beans
10:18 and I've also got my lentils as well. Alright,
10:20 and there are so many beans on the market
10:23 I mean words cannot express and all of these
10:25 come, these beans come with the combination
10:27 of the amount of protein that we need
10:29 as adequate for the body,
10:30 one of the things that for a long time
10:32 that used to say you had to have your beans
10:34 and your rice together in order to get an
10:35 adequate protein at the same time, at the same
10:37 meal and now of course they've come back
10:39 and if said not so, not so, so if you get
10:42 a good breakfast in and you've got your bread
10:45 and things, foods in that breakfast, believe it or not
10:48 when you get to the lunch and you might
10:49 throw the beans in that time or you
10:51 might throw that rice at that time,
10:52 that still matches up.
10:54 So, it doesn't mean that you have to have them both
10:55 at the exact same time, but it is a good thing
10:57 to have them throughout that day.
10:58 So, you can have a legume bean
11:01 at one meal, whole grain at another meal
11:05 and together you have complete
11:07 protein absolutely, absolutely okay.
11:08 Now in another thing to talk about
11:10 and they ask us about going vegetarian
11:13 or vegan or plant based, making that
11:15 transition is about the dairy. Now we did
11:17 a program years ago entitled Not Milk,
11:21 alright but the, what about the dairy and
11:23 what kind of transition can we make
11:25 there right there. Well there is a couple of things
11:26 for that number one is that of course they,
11:28 people have gotten away from the
11:30 whole milk period because of the high amount
11:31 of saturated fat and they moved also
11:34 now into 2 % 1 % and also your soy milks.
11:38 There are individuals who have an allergic
11:39 reaction to soy milk fine, there is almond
11:42 milk on the market, there is rice milk on
11:43 the market and more and more of these
11:45 milks are coming out that we can use to
11:47 satisfy whatever we need and you know it
11:50 used to be a day when it was say 3 glasses of
11:52 milk a day was what we needed to have
11:54 to keep the bones strong alright,
11:56 but we also know here in
11:57 the Unites States of America
11:59 that there are a lot of people who suffer
12:00 from osteoporosis mainly, and we take in
12:03 more dairy than any other country in the world
12:05 and we have the highest rate of
12:07 osteoporosis which you did a whole
12:08 series on that anyway.
12:09 And so once again, it's that protein
12:11 and calcium combination and speaking of
12:13 the calcium now talking about dark
12:15 leafy green vegetables, that's were that
12:17 calcium is housed as well as the soy bean,
12:19 high end calcium amounts as a matter of fact,
12:21 it has been some reports that you read
12:23 it that the calcium in the soy bean itself,
12:26 that's the regular soybean is this high
12:28 as that of regular whole milk, that's true,
12:30 that's true, and then talking about iron,
12:31 getting the iron in, we're talking now about
12:33 raisins and we're talking about the figs
12:36 and all these we call earth foods, therefore
12:39 of the iron that we actually to have
12:41 and I always tell people that if you doing
12:43 a food and you're having a hard time
12:45 simulating the iron to your system if you do
12:48 a dark food like the figs or the raisins
12:52 and you do orange juice or orange,
12:55 a whole orange then guess what it helps to
12:57 break that iron count that okay to the point
13:00 once you break it down and break the
13:02 orange down. It's more stimulating to the system,
13:03 but it helps to break it down, get into the system
13:05 Now another question that people asking again
13:07 this is based on what you have asked
13:09 us over the years. Well you know my
13:11 husband he is a meat and potato man
13:14 and I need to have something in place
13:17 of flesh food that you know of course we
13:19 eat with our eyes what can be do with
13:22 that before making that transition,
13:23 not only for my husband maybe for myself
13:25 or my family members as far as meat
13:27 is concerned, making that transition.
13:29 Well, one of the things I like about
13:31 that Curtis is that is also combinations.
13:32 Now we're now talking about if you look
13:34 over here in this corner I have my
13:36 walnuts okay, I like walnuts or your nuts
13:40 group, your nut kingdom is another kingdom that can be
13:42 crushed and milled and made into
13:45 a product that can help to go into something
13:47 like the beans and these two, okay, together
13:49 can be apart to go together to make burgers.
13:52 On top of that I have another product
13:55 over here on the side which is called TVP,
13:57 Textured Vegetable Protein, okay and if you add
14:01 hot water to that it will actually swell up
14:04 and look like ground beef and so we have,
14:06 this is the TVP and also comes in what we call
14:09 TSP Textured Soy Protein. Now as I understand that we
14:13 can get that at most health food stores around yes,
14:16 yes and you just simply add water to that
14:18 they were swell and be just like ground beef,
14:20 so in place of lets say ground beef, yes
14:22 you can use this in place of that, in place of it.
14:24 So it can be like your chilies
14:26 or sloppy Joe's or anything you wanna do,
14:28 spaghetti sauce, anything you want to do
14:30 with ground beef yeah, yeah that's a good
14:31 transition for that and then of course we have
14:33 our tofu which is another product that can be
14:35 made into different things, we've actually
14:36 done a Chicken Cacciatore okay with that,
14:39 with the tofu and we've also used it
14:42 to make Barbecue Tofu there is all different
14:44 brands and types of that in the market
14:46 they have firm or extra firm they have a soft,
14:48 so that's the other option and then some people
14:50 say well I'll make my own tofu or
14:53 you know what about the soy bean
14:54 itself you know and so all these things
14:56 are ways in which to get that added protein in.
14:58 You know I think too honey,
15:00 there are a lot of people that want something
15:01 brown on their plates, yes they're used
15:04 to having their meat, Hamburger, chicken
15:06 whatever so this will we have a good place
15:09 in place of that brown absolutely,
15:11 absolutely, absolutely normally in that place
15:13 good transition. It's all about sight Curtis and
15:14 I've got a surprise for them because
15:17 a little bit later on I'm gonna actually make
15:19 something with the bean kingdom.
15:21 Let's talk about the fruit and vegetables
15:23 group and that fruit and vegetables
15:24 and you can see them right here in front of us
15:25 the fruit and vegetables kingdom.
15:28 There is a statement it's been made that says
15:30 out of book a book called Counsel on
15:32 Diets and Fruits, it says all the fruits,
15:34 all the vitamins and minerals are housed
15:37 in the fruit and vegetable kingdom,
15:39 all that God wants to give us. So you have
15:40 all your vitamin A and your vitamin C and
15:43 all the B kingdom, they're all set up in the
15:45 fruit and vegetable kingdom
15:47 and they're so tantalizing.
15:49 I mean you know when you go to
15:50 the grocery store and you see these colors,
15:52 they just make your mouth water
15:54 it does, do you notice it
15:55 and this should not be a surprise because
15:57 since God created all these foods,
15:59 the fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables,
16:02 then there shouldn't be anything that
16:05 lacking in these food groups absolutely,
16:07 absolutely as he created them well. Absolutely.
16:08 Now I think this maybe take a break and
16:10 then come back in we're gonna a little bit
16:12 of cooking before we leave, we're gonna
16:13 to do little bit of cooking and then what I'll do
16:15 is I'll take my just spices I have down
16:17 here in the very front you know the
16:18 nutritional yeast and I've got sweet basil,
16:21 I've got garlic, granulated garlic and I also have
16:24 the garlic clove and so what we're gonna to do is
16:26 take some, we're gonna take a break
16:27 Curtis and we're gonna come back
16:28 and we're gonna take and make a protein dish
16:31 that I think that we really love and I call it
16:33 vegetarian burgers so stay by.


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