Abundant Living

Don't Be S.A.D.

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL00175C

00:01 Okay, finished product. Finished product,
00:04 we've made it all up. It looks very appetizing
00:07 I know you probably cannot wait till the end
00:08 of the program. Oh, yes, to, to consume it.
00:10 Yes, the corn bread too. We've added the corn
00:12 bread, she had corn bread at, at the house,
00:15 but the thing I liked about the corn bread
00:16 is that, it's an excellent,
00:17 excellent dish to actually have with this
00:19 Pasta Lenticchie. Alright, okay very good
00:22 program again. Now, we're talking about
00:24 the Art of Positive Thinking. And so,
00:26 I want to emphasize that and maybe we
00:28 would need to have a word of prayer for those
00:30 who, we have a problem 'cause there maybe
00:31 people out there who may have a history of just
00:34 negative thoughts. It's gonna be more difficult
00:37 for those individuals.
00:38 So, let's go ahead and do that this time.
00:40 Father God, indeed we count the privilege
00:42 and the pleasure once again to be able to
00:43 come the Cross and speak to you about
00:46 what's going on now. There are many
00:47 individuals out there that are going through
00:50 different changes in your life Lord,
00:51 different journeys that you have already set
00:53 in the pathway for them and we're asking
00:55 that you would bless them in a very mighty
00:56 way, that you would be with them as they
00:58 watch the program, bless 3ABN and all
01:00 the staff here Lord and thank you so much
01:02 for the opportunity be able to speak a word
01:04 for you, is our prayer in your son's name, amen.
01:08 Amen, okay, very good program and a
01:10 very good meal as well. So, as always
01:13 we close with John 10:10 where Jesus said,
01:16 I come that they might have life
01:19 and have it more abundantly.


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