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00:01 Well, Welcome back, Welcome Back,
00:03 in the kitchen. Once again this is a real
00:04 good recipe and we are going to
00:06 look at the ingredients. Alright let's do that.
00:10 It calls for:
00:28 Now, okay Pasta Lenticchie, Lenticchie.
00:32 Now, believe it or not this recipe, yeah,
00:34 it actually came from a friend of ours.
00:35 And she is Italian, right, and she spoke,
00:39 she fed us this as a part of a dinner along
00:41 with some, I remember, along with some corn bread.
00:43 It was actually fantastic and it was really
00:45 interesting how simple this recipe actually was
00:49 and the combination of things that went in it.
00:51 She kept saying that, it was actually the foods
00:53 that they used when she was growing up,
00:55 we didn't have a lot of money,
00:56 you put over things together.
00:58 And I would never have thought to put together
01:00 the lentils and the green split pea combination,
01:03 but that's exactly what she did.
01:05 And I'm telling you this is dynamite,
01:06 excellent, excellent, excellent recipe.
01:09 It, it, it was a knock down and dragged out,
01:14 that's your favorite statement.
01:15 That's knocked down, dragged out, okay.
01:17 Yes, yes, yes, okay, okay. And we're gonna go
01:18 ahead on and start off, okay, let's do.
01:20 We're gonna go ahead, why don't you bring
01:22 it a little bit closer honey. Okay,
01:23 okay, and your pot there. We're starting
01:26 off with that olive oil, we're gonna get the
01:27 olive oil in that pan and get it going.
01:29 I'm gonna finish chopping up the onions
01:32 that's gonna go inside of this dish as well, alright.
01:36 It takes a while Curtis for this recipe to be ready,
01:39 but because we're on TV we're gonna do the
01:42 short version, the short version.
01:44 The short version, the TV version.
01:46 So, yes, so they can see the finished product, okay.
01:48 Now, I'm gonna give you these, you get your
01:52 spatula right here, grab a spatula,
01:53 just get one of those. Okay, and now get that one,
01:57 get this one right here baby, yeah, okay.
01:59 Is that one, and go ahead on and put the onions
02:02 on in there, alright, okay. So, and we're gonna
02:05 get those onions in, get them started, okay.
02:10 Now, normally what happens with this
02:13 as he's sautéing it? We called it caramelizing,
02:16 which means that at this time we always
02:18 talk about that letting it get translucent,
02:21 that kind of opal color, but basically with this
02:23 Pasta Lenticchie what you do is it actually gets,
02:26 it caramelizes the onions, so it goes
02:29 a little bit more, not to a burn, but it goes
02:31 a little bit to a brown state.
02:32 Well once again we're gonna go ahead on it
02:34 and put in the rest of the ingredients.
02:36 Now I want to say to you that we have the lentils.
02:38 These are the lentils, they have that
02:40 kind of a peppery type of a taste to them.
02:43 And then along with the lentils, we also
02:45 have this split pea, the green split pea,
02:48 it's also going with that. Then we have salad
02:51 macaroni or noodles that we're gonna be using
02:54 and this is a, a Sea shell that we're using in
02:57 this particular one that you're gonna have as well.
02:59 And what happens is when we do this recipe,
03:02 what we usually do is let it cook, let the peas
03:05 cook first, these are the peas in this group.
03:08 Let them cook down, after we caramelize the onions.
03:11 And then and toward the end, it goes almost about
03:12 closely two hours for it to cook very low on
03:14 the stove, it creates it's own gravy.
03:17 As I say, always gravy that's the starches and
03:19 the peas is there. And then the, the macaroni,
03:22 the noodles actually go in lastly and it is so hot
03:26 that the noodles actually cook the macaroni, alright.
03:30 Well we're gonna go ahead on,
03:31 stir it a little bit more there Curtis,
03:32 we're gonna go ahead, I'm gonna start putting in,
03:34 start putting in the, okay, the lentils,
03:36 stir it up just a little bit more there for me,
03:40 little bit more, okay. And yeah, once again
03:43 like I said before it go to that caramelizing
03:45 affect and, into this translucent.
03:47 No, it's gonna go past translucent.
03:49 Oh, past translucent, like I,
03:50 well we say caramelizing.
03:51 It's that short of it being browned,
03:54 okay, kind of onion. Okay, we don't want it
03:56 to burn or anything like that, alright.
03:57 Now, you know, lentils already had it's liquid
03:59 and everything, it's already done,
04:00 so we're gonna go ahead and put the lentils in.
04:04 Alright, I remember this dish was very good,
04:07 very tasty. Throw all the peas,
04:10 all the goodies in there. And then we're gonna
04:13 go ahead on and start the split peas in, ready?
04:17 Okay. And these split peas what, these are canned or.
04:21 No honey, everything has been cooked from scratch.
04:23 Oh, everything has been, okay just pay attention.
04:25 These are fresh, okay, you know, we got,
04:26 I got this, okay. The peas are go in there,
04:30 alright. And then you're gonna go ahead
04:32 and stir it up a little bit there.
04:34 Nice combination, okay, okay.
04:36 When we were visiting with our friends
04:38 believe or not we were served as it was a cold,
04:42 cold day. And so, it was a wonderful addition to
04:45 the, to the meal that evening to have
04:47 something like this, okay. Yes, it was.
04:49 And of course I said, you can salt to taste,
04:51 of course after everything is done you can do that.
04:53 One of the things that we always talk about is
04:55 that, do not put the salt in ahead of time
04:57 because it will actually retard or cause the bean
04:59 or the pea to go a little bit longer and it's tough
05:02 and so, okay. We want to put that in lastly.
05:04 And now we're gonna put in, and this is semolina
05:06 or shell noodle, that's gonna go in there as well.
05:09 So, why don't you go ahead on and add that to that to.
05:11 And, and a normal scenario after it cooks
05:13 for about almost an hour and a half to two hours
05:16 then you would put in the shell noodles, okay.
05:21 This was very tasty. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, on yeah.
05:23 Now, this can be one dish meal.
05:25 It can be a one dish meal. Because it has
05:26 everything in here, you have your pasta,
05:27 you have your legumes, and your peas.
05:31 You can serve this up with a salad Curtis,
05:33 right, and you can also serve it, some corn bread,
05:35 some corn bread, yes muffins. Yeah, okay,
05:37 just stir it a little bit more,
05:39 serve a little bit more.
05:40 On a hot or cold chilly day. Yeah,
05:44 on a hot day, on a cold day was when
05:47 we gotta to serve this on hot, a hot day.
05:50 Well, it would be too little
05:51 bit hot because, yeah.
05:53 Well, I mean this is good on hot day.
05:54 You can have, it's a nice hearty soup,
05:56 that's what it is. You can see that from the
05:57 combination here. And I would never
05:58 once again. I would never have guessed
06:00 that, you could put those together and
06:01 also it's an inexpensive meal when you think
06:03 about it that the pasta, the actual split pea
06:06 and also the lentils combination, okay.
06:08 I'm gonna go ahead on for the sake of our
06:10 program. And I'm gonna go ahead and
06:11 sprinkle that on top and this is the salt that
06:14 we're gonna be using also, okay. Stir it up
06:16 one more time now Curtis then we're
06:17 gonna put that lid on it. And, and how long we
06:20 let this cook honey? Well, when you after
06:22 you put your pasta in, it takes about a good
06:24 maybe 15 more minutes, okay. But we already
06:26 let it cook for a while and then once it's
06:28 finished the noodle itself will get done,
06:30 you will be able to taste that noodle and tell that
06:32 it's finished. And then of course at that point
06:34 it is ready to consume. And so,
06:38 what I want you to do is to stay by,
06:40 so you can see the finished product.


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