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00:01 Well, welcome back, welcome back. Okay, recipe time.
00:04 This recipe is absolutely delicious,
00:07 it is called a "Sausage Quiche Pie."
00:10 Let's look at the recipe. It sounds good.
00:12 It calls for:
00:47 Now, Sausage Quiche, I do have to say to you Curtis.
00:51 What do you do to say to me?
00:53 That, I love quiche, and I love you.
00:59 Thank you. You're welcome.
01:00 It was, it's actually a French dish
01:02 and it's a dish that's made with lots of creams,
01:06 half and half and whole milks and cheeses
01:11 and so we've got our modified version
01:13 including the sausage is a mock sausage so it's
01:16 not real because we're on 3ABN on Abundant Living,
01:19 we do not do any milk, eggs, cheese, plant-based,
01:22 we do all plant based foods on
01:25 because of expediency sake we want to make sure
01:27 you see the end product.
01:28 We've already got the sausage and the onions
01:30 and the olive oil just cooking away over there.
01:33 I move this around a little bit.
01:34 And you would just take and stir it down
01:36 and I'm gonna go over here and start
01:37 putting the things together,
01:38 it's gonna go into the recipe itself, okay.
01:42 Now you mentioned this is the mock sausage again,
01:45 mock sausage. Now of course we use,
01:47 we have our brand that we use
01:49 but in case someone maybe wondering or.
01:52 On the market, on the market
01:54 there are when you're talking about alternatives
01:55 you wanna look around for something that has
01:57 that sausage flavor and if push comes to shove
02:00 you can actually use another mock,
02:03 maybe a ground beef, which is not real beef either
02:06 and add a little bit of sage to it and you kind of,
02:08 that's really where the sausage meets the road,
02:10 that sage actually is in there.
02:12 It does that as well. I've already got my tofu ready
02:15 to go and I'm gonna go ahead and start putting
02:17 in the other ingredients in this as well.
02:19 The soft tofu is in here.
02:22 I'm going to turn the machine on.
02:23 My food processor and I'm going to begin
02:27 to add in all the rest of the ingredients, okay,
02:30 so we got the lemon juice and we got the yeast flakes,
02:33 we've got the turmeric and we also have
02:36 the salt as well as the garlic.
02:38 So let's go ahead and start that up.
03:04 I'm gonna stop it for 1 minute there so we can make
03:06 sure that everything goes around.
03:08 Now the name of the game you know of course
03:09 because we're simulating cheese, Curtis,
03:11 we have to get something that looks
03:12 just like that, okay, that have that cheese color
03:14 and turmeric is one of them, okay,
03:16 you don't want to put too much in it,
03:18 it might look too dark.
03:19 And the other one of course is the nutritional
03:21 yeast flakes that helps to give
03:22 a cheesy type of the flavor as well.
03:25 We can eat with our eye.
03:26 Absolutely, we're gonna put that back on.
03:28 I'm gonna add then the salt, the garlic and then
03:30 we're gonna throw in a little bit of that Parmesan.
03:51 I saved a little bit of that Parmesan.
03:53 Now why is that? Because we're gonna
03:55 put that on top for garnishing.
03:56 Oh! To sprinkle over that quiche.
03:58 And it is ready to go now.
04:00 Your sausage should be ready to go
04:02 and ready to receive the ingredients here
04:05 that I have is ready.
04:07 Okay, so let's go ahead and take this off.
04:11 And I am gonna slowly pour in the sauce.
04:15 This is the actual ingredient, now go ahead
04:17 and put your sausage back by the head. Oh! Okay.
04:19 There you go. Alright. Wanna go ahead
04:21 and pour it in and then you're gonna
04:24 likely toss that in this as well.
04:25 No cholesterol quiches. No cholesterol,
04:28 it took a while to develop this particular recipe,
04:31 yes, because like I said I like quiche
04:33 and I was trying to figure out.
04:35 One time before we did this program
04:37 we did a spinach quiches.
04:40 I remember. Okay, a spinach quiches.
04:42 So here we go now with the mock sausage.
04:43 For all those ones who are meat lovers
04:47 and want some kind of exchange as well.
04:49 Okay. Now stir it around, get all the goodies,
04:54 hold on a minute and get this out of here. Okay.
04:56 You see a nice creamy base it just looks
04:57 it has a cheese base there to it.
05:01 I want to get the rest of this out.
05:03 And this meat texture that we're using, the mock meat
05:05 you don't really mix the meat as well. No.
05:08 That's a nice mouth fill, it's a nice mouth feel
05:10 and we just get that last bit.
05:13 Want this turned up a little bit.
05:14 Turn it up just a tad.
05:15 I don't want it to burn just a little bit there, okay.
05:18 Alright. You know 'cause it doesn't really,
05:21 it doesn't, it's actually more or less warming it,
05:23 Curtis, because it's going to cook you know
05:25 it's going to cook when it bakes in the oven.
05:27 It actually goes in the oven, alright,
05:29 so you're stirring that around.
05:30 You get out of the way because we also
05:34 have with us our whole-wheat shell.
05:41 Now before you go whole wheat shell you mentioned
05:43 about the vegan Parmesan alternative, again
05:46 this is a mock alternative for Parmesan cheese.
05:50 Right, right, right. It's a, so you can get that
05:52 at any health food store but.
05:54 At the health food store and you got a mock
05:57 believe it or not we have a mock cheese
06:00 that I've actually made, in our first cookbook,
06:02 vegetarian cooking made easy,
06:04 I thought it was in the global.
06:05 No, it's in a revised book, alright,
06:07 now you know we talked about a crust,
06:10 a whole-wheat crust, and we also had that
06:12 in our book as well, and the whole-wheat crust
06:14 is actually a whole- wheat pastry flour
06:16 and then we've also used with that an oat flour
06:19 and the way you make the oat flour as you just take
06:22 oat meal which is like a cup of oat meal,
06:25 old fashion oats and you put it into your blender
06:30 and you blend it and make a flour out of it
06:32 and you mix it in with your pastry flour
06:34 and once again it's got olive oil there,
06:38 a little bit of salt and then you're gonna
06:40 use your water and you wind up making
06:41 this beautiful whole-wheat crust, alright. Oh! Okay.
06:43 And I like it because you make the crust
06:46 actually in the dish, Curtis. Oh! Right there.
06:48 Once you make it up, yeah, once you make it up
06:49 you actually just take your fingers and you just
06:51 move around and get your sides in place
06:53 and then you mash down the bottom portion,
06:57 you get the bottom portion in place and then
07:00 you take a fork and you stick the fork in it
07:02 so that you won't have that puffiness
07:04 that will comes at time from that crust itself.
07:08 It will puff up if it does not have enough air in it
07:10 through the holes to do that.
07:11 So what I am going to do now is I'm gonna
07:13 take this and we're gonna go ahead and fill.
07:15 I turned the fire off. Yeah. Now of course now,
07:18 if those who wanna do something that's faster
07:21 then they can just buy the whole-wheat pie crust.
07:24 You can buy the whole-wheat pie crust.
07:25 This one normally people have things like oat meal.
07:28 Okay, so that's something that you make easily.
07:30 Yeah, you can eat that, you can eat the oatmeal
07:32 and then also you can use if you don't have the
07:34 pastry flour you can use a regular flour as well.
07:37 Okay. But once again because of health we want
07:39 to make sure it's like whole -wheat pie crust. Okay.
07:41 Whole-wheat crust, okay, so we gonna pour this
07:43 inside the pie. Oh! This is gonna work.
07:45 I can see this is gonna work right here.
07:47 Yes it is, alright. This will help us beat the blues.
07:52 This will help us because the one thing
07:53 that causes us to have blues is that.
07:56 There is no food on table.
07:57 I mean I really get blue when there is no food.
08:00 And I am a hungry person.
08:01 So this will help me tremendously.
08:04 Well, you know I have this friend his name is Ben,
08:06 every time we do foods or do anything
08:10 that has to deal with foods.
08:11 He said he gets so hungry, right, so hungry. Okay.
08:14 Alright. So we're gonna mash this,
08:15 move this around, just move it out in this shell
08:19 it makes a wonderful and believe it or not
08:21 Quiches have lots of eggs in it.
08:23 There is no eggs in this quiche whatsoever and so
08:26 with that in mind we're going to just take
08:29 a little bit, just little bit of the Parmesan
08:33 and we're gonna just, just sprinkle,
08:34 on top, on top, on top,
08:36 and then we're gonna put this in the oven.
08:38 It goes in the oven at first at 400 degrees
08:41 and it's gonna bake for about 45 minutes
08:44 the center is going become very, very firm.
08:46 I am telling you when this thing is finished,
08:49 it's wonderful, so you want to stay by.


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