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00:01 I am not having a good day today.
00:03 I feel sad and I just really feel blue.
00:06 Well, if that's your problem
00:08 then today's program is just for you entitled
00:10 "Beating the Blues "So stay by.
00:41 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living.
00:42 This is Curtis Eakins.
00:44 I'm glad that you're with us today in our living room,
00:45 I'd like to introduce my beautiful bride,
00:48 wonderful Paula Eakins.
00:51 You doing pretty good today?
00:53 Wonderful Paula Eakins, I am doing absolutely wonderful.
00:55 And you are looking mighty good too.
00:57 I am doing wonderful. I was doing wonderful.
00:59 No wait, you have a tissue in your hand honey now.
01:02 And do you know put that tease.
01:03 Was that because of what I just said.
01:05 That tease you almost had me going with it,
01:06 I am so glad that Mitch bought the tissues over here
01:08 because you know, you need to just get it together here
01:10 'cause I know the show was about,
01:13 beating the blues and we certainly need
01:14 to beat the blues on this show.
01:16 Well, I don't think people know who Mitch is
01:17 but I think that's the crew here, but anyway,
01:18 so beating the blues and we need to beat the blues
01:21 now again this is part of our mental wellness series.
01:25 We talk about depression,
01:26 and we talk about seasonal affective disorder.
01:28 Beating the blues is different
01:31 from clinical depression.
01:32 It's a less severe case of that but again
01:36 people are not feeling a 100 percent.
01:37 They feel down, they feel sad,
01:40 they feel like you know they're blue,
01:42 so I don't know where that word comes from,
01:45 there's other colors other than blue.
01:47 That's true, that's true.
01:49 Yeah, but beating the blues, so we're gonna give
01:50 you some strategies of beating the blues
01:53 and if you have your Bibles with you,
01:56 you wanna get your Bibles at hand as well
01:58 because we're gonna look at God's word
02:00 the standard of truth in beating the blues,
02:02 so that's what we're gonna do
02:04 for the next 15 to 20 minutes and so.
02:06 Well, you know, you've done like you say
02:08 before the drugs, talking about drug alternatives
02:09 and we talked about what was going on
02:11 as far as maybe physiology is concerned,
02:14 that's right, and now let's go on the other side
02:17 of this and look at things like exercise,
02:19 now the question is, can exercise
02:22 really help you beat the blues?
02:24 Absolutely, yes it does. Next question.
02:27 Next question. How much exercise?
02:30 Oh! You want me to expand on that?
02:32 How long should I exercise?
02:33 Oh! Okay, well, let me expound on that.
02:35 Okay, exercise does help us.
02:36 What type of exercise?
02:37 Okay, you got that neck going a little bit okay.
02:40 Exercise does help us to beat the blues.
02:43 Now again for the last few weeks we talked about
02:45 Serotonin and not that we're focusing just on that,
02:49 but there's other thing too Dopamine and Epinephrine
02:52 and other things as well but serotonin
02:54 we wanna keep it plain and simple but when we engage
02:57 in exercise that in itself increases serotonin levels.
03:05 So therefore, that's a very powerful mood enhancer
03:09 getting out there in open doors and of course
03:14 we just talked about sunlight
03:15 how that's very healing to the eyes as well.
03:17 So sunlight and exercise both help to increase
03:22 serotonin levels, so increase our mood
03:25 thereby it helps us to beat the blues.
03:29 Now, what we do from a personal standpoint,
03:33 we while we're at home, we also exercise,
03:37 we do a walking program in our neighborhood.
03:39 And let's talk about that for a little bit,
03:41 honey, about our walking program.
03:42 Well you know at first we used to get in a car
03:44 and we used to travel to get to a place to do a walk.
03:47 When gas was, in Huntsville, lower, yeah,
03:50 and that's when, yeah, and then once things
03:51 started changing we said, you know what it is best
03:53 to stay in our neighbor and our neighbor
03:55 is absolutely beautiful as you can see
03:57 and so we get out and we walk in our neighborhood
04:00 and not only that we got a chance to meet
04:02 our neighbors and that's a real good thing.
04:04 I think the thing that's so amazing is that
04:07 there are a lot of people in the neighborhood,
04:09 that are very, very friendly we get a chance
04:12 to meet them and talk with them and it is something
04:15 about in the morning when that sun starts up,
04:17 it just draws us outside.
04:20 It really does. It draws us outside.
04:21 And so with that in mind and when we do walk
04:24 in our neighborhood we come back with groceries.
04:26 Now you want to explain that because again and again
04:30 it is so efficacious when we're walking, yeah,
04:33 and then also in the open air with the sunlight
04:37 that's three right there that we can really increase
04:40 our mood but let's talk about the groceries.
04:42 I want to say especially around the spring
04:45 or summer time really that everybody's gardens
04:48 are all blooming and as we get to be friends
04:50 with our neighbors we've got figs from a neighbor
04:54 who have a big fig tree and we've gotten
04:55 plums and peaches and apples and pears,
05:00 I mean I can't believe it, so yes,
05:01 every time we go for a walk
05:03 and we come back with groceries.
05:04 God gives us groceries from outdoors.
05:06 Now in our neighborhood you can see back there
05:09 of course we have a lot of water too though
05:10 but lot of people have a lot of fruit trees
05:14 and so with that in mind people have pear trees,
05:17 apple trees, plum trees, fig trees in their backyard,
05:21 a lot of these individuals don't even eat those fruits.
05:24 No, no, no. But we love fruit and we actually go
05:27 and knock people's door, may we pick your apples,
05:31 may we pick your pears. Oh! No problem,
05:33 and we're there for a long period of time.
05:36 I think the most amazing thing is that
05:37 we have discovered it by being friendly you know
05:40 by to make friends you must be friends us as well,
05:43 and so with that in mind I was being out there,
05:45 making friends with the neighbors and we did,
05:48 we did go knock on the door believe it or not.
05:50 We knocked on someone's door, they had apples
05:52 and pears hanging from the tree and we saw this
05:55 for a couple of weeks and we finally went
05:56 knocked on a door and a woman we said,
05:58 we know she had a lot of apples and pears out there
06:00 she said, are you kidding me,
06:02 I'm trying to give these things away.
06:03 We said, well, never fear,
06:05 we made apple sauce and plum,
06:08 oh we made all kinds of stuff. God is good.
06:11 And our serotonin was increased at the same time.
06:15 Absolutely, absolutely. To beat the blues,
06:16 not that we were blue, yeah, we were just hungry.
06:18 But now God's word says something about exercise
06:21 as well, and let's look at God's word.
06:23 This is Genesis chapter 2 and verse 15,
06:27 and God is talking to the first parents here.
06:30 And the Lord God took the man and the woman
06:34 and put him and her, when make sure everybody
06:37 is happy, we're including everybody,
06:40 in to the garden of Eden to do two things,
06:42 to dress it and to keep it.
06:47 Now when you look at the of course
06:49 Bible was not written in English
06:51 it was written in Hebrew and Greek, and also Aramaic
06:55 but when Bible says to dress it and to keep it,
06:57 it's talking about exercise, physical activity,
07:01 thereby our creator God designed our bodies
07:05 to engage in physical activity.
07:08 So Adam and Eve they were just not sitting
07:10 around in garden of Eden, eating apples and oranges
07:13 and whatever, they will also engaged in work
07:16 not in the manual labor that we think of
07:18 but it was work outside in the open doors
07:21 in the sunlight and also using their bodies as well.
07:24 So therefore, God's word talked about the value
07:28 of physical activity in the Garden of Eden,
07:32 this was before sin, before sin.
07:35 I think we have a graphic too as well
07:38 this is a study that happened and was,
07:40 took place at the Mayo Clinic
07:43 in Rochester, Minnesota about exercise.
07:46 So let's look at the graphic at this time.
07:50 Walk it out. And this is the study done like I said
07:54 before at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota
07:56 and these people actually walked out there depression
08:00 or beating the blues and one thing
08:02 that walking does, is number 1,
08:03 it increases endorphins this is again
08:07 is a mood enhancers so by walking
08:09 you increase your endorphins, excellent for that.
08:13 The next thing it does and like we said before
08:15 it also increase serotonin
08:18 this is also a mood hormone as well, so again
08:22 endorphins and serotonin is both increased.
08:25 The next one is, it decreases
08:28 one of the stress hormones called Cortisol,
08:31 this produced by the adrenal glands
08:33 and so therefore by with that in mind it's also
08:36 going to enhance ones mood as well, okay,
08:40 and then lastly it also releases the tension
08:44 primarily in the muscles when you walk,
08:47 so therefore, by those individuals who did that
08:50 and we're look at about 20 to 30 minutes per day
08:55 and those who walk more at least 3 to 5 times
08:58 a week have a significant increase in beating
09:02 those blues just by walking alone.
09:05 They're powerful and very efficacious.
09:07 We've got a friend Barbara in our neighborhood,
09:10 yeah, that's true, and every time
09:11 we walk in the morning, early in the morning
09:13 she is always out there, yeah,
09:14 and the thing is so amazing is that she is a widow
09:16 and everyday she is out there walking
09:20 and when we see her, that's right,
09:21 she is always happy, she always talks about how
09:23 the being out in nature really
09:25 helps her a lot as well. And so I guess you want
09:28 to know then we talk about that air out there walking,
09:30 we're talking about the sun and everything.
09:31 How does the air help soothe our nerves?
09:35 Okay, well, it does, let's go, before we go to our
09:38 next graphic let me first qualify this author.
09:42 We mentioned this author before in previous programs,
09:45 the author has been translated more than any
09:48 other author in United States according
09:50 to the Library of congress in Washington DC,
09:53 The most second translator author in the world.
09:57 This author makes a profound statement
09:59 as far as air is concerned.
10:03 Let's go to our next graphic
10:04 and let's see what this author says,
10:06 The boon of heaven, this is from the
10:09 book ministry of healing, it this says
10:11 "A good respiration of fresh air soothes the nerves
10:19 and induces sound refreshing sleep."
10:25 I should get a good amen on that one.
10:27 Amen, amen. That's true.
10:28 Okay, well, I guess you're the only one
10:30 and I guess people can't say that but,
10:31 so again and we're talking about fresh air
10:33 in previous program on Abundant Living
10:35 as far as mental wellness is concerned,
10:38 I think weeks ago we talked about those who
10:40 tend to have their doors closed and room closed,
10:44 not having any fresh coming into their
10:46 sleeping quarters in particular,
10:48 it also leads to depression in the mind becomes
10:52 depressed, so just to reverse having that fresh air
10:56 coming in particularly in the winter time
10:59 with the little crack window and thereby with that
11:02 in mind our mood will enhance, increases
11:06 our circulation and also it quickens
11:08 our mind as well, so fresh air is wonderful,
11:11 so if we do the fresh air while walking outside
11:15 with the sunlight now you have three things
11:18 working for you, so it's really wonderful
11:20 as far as the fresh air is concerned.
11:22 Now we do this in our bedroom as well
11:25 and our window of course at the side on the bed
11:27 and so in the winter time our windows are open
11:30 what I say about what 2 inches or so
11:32 and it's very good for that.
11:34 Now I know, I know surely you are saying yourself
11:37 I am not opening up my window at night time
11:40 while I sleep because you don't know my neighborhood.
11:42 Well, let me just say this one of best things to do
11:45 is to actually get that fresh air inside as well as
11:48 when we go outdoors and the reason for that is that
11:50 there are so much chemicals and things
11:51 inside the house we're breathing continuously.
11:54 We got the drapes closed.
11:55 We got the windows closed so when
11:57 we have the ability to actually open up now I say,
11:59 if you're afraid to have the windows open at night
12:02 then during the daytime open your windows up
12:05 and I even say if you have a bathroom adjacent or,
12:08 to the bedroom you can actually open up the house
12:10 in the daytime let the fresh air come through,
12:12 in the evening you can crack the window
12:14 a little bit unless you're a ranch level home,
12:16 then of course you might have problem
12:18 with that as well. But I want you to know
12:20 that we always say that when we are letting that
12:25 fresh air come in it does something to the psyche,
12:28 it really does, it makes you feel good, going outside
12:31 having air outside and the air inside as well.
12:33 Beating those blues, beating the blues
12:35 is the name of the game, the name of the game,
12:36 and I gonna tell you, my next one, the question
12:39 I have here is so apropo because I want to talk about
12:42 how does laughter help reduce stress?
12:45 Well, it really does and it really helps
12:48 beating the blues, I am gonna go to God's word
12:49 on this one of course I can cite this verbatim
12:53 but Proverbs chapter 17, I believe and verse 22, yes,
12:58 it says, here A merry, happy, joyful heart
13:03 I'm adding those words doeth good like
13:06 a medicine but a broken spirit,
13:09 a depressed spirit drieth the bones.
13:12 A lot we can say about that but though again
13:15 when we're happy, when we're joyful,
13:17 it increases our white blood cells.
13:19 Our white blood cells are manufactured in our bones.
13:23 White blood cells contain a lot of fluid
13:25 thereby when we are depressed
13:28 our White blood cell count is low therefore,
13:31 there is less fluid and our bones actually are dryer.
13:35 So this text is physiologically sound,
13:39 it maybe hard do good like a medicine
13:42 but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
13:45 So laughter is really like a shot of morphine
13:48 it really is, and I think we have a graphic on this.
13:51 Let's go to our next graph
13:52 and let's see what laughter can do.
13:55 I will call that "Humor Intervention"
13:57 This is what it says, laughter reduces
13:59 the levels of stress hormones
14:01 and at the same time increases natural killer
14:06 cell function lasting honey up to 12 hours,
14:11 the power of laughter.
14:14 Again if we have to checkout some Candid Camera videos
14:19 or something but in our home of course
14:21 there is a lot of laughter and my wife,
14:23 she's so precious she laughed at all of my jokes
14:25 whether they are funny or not,
14:26 and sometimes she cried so much like
14:28 she is doing right now but laughter is a boost
14:31 of a shot of morphine is what I call it.
14:33 So it's one way of beating blues,
14:35 laughter is really good.
14:37 Well, you know, in our home we don't need
14:39 to have any laughter videos or DVDs.
14:41 For those of who have not this is might
14:44 be your first time watching Abundant Living
14:46 I want you to know that Curtis keeps me in stitches,
14:48 alright, he is always funny, he's always saying things
14:50 and so with that in mind I sure
14:52 that I go way beyond 12 hours of having
14:55 my system boosted up alright.
14:58 With do 24x7. 24x7 is like that you know
15:01 and it's a blessing I am truly blessed,
15:03 I am grateful and thankful to the Lord
15:05 that He is in my life and he has a lot to say
15:07 and of course he does keep me laughing
15:10 and I always say if someone were to come
15:12 by our home as our windows are up.
15:14 They would say what in the world
15:16 is going on with the Eakins because
15:18 he is always making me laugh. Praise Him.
15:21 Well, I think, the Lord, and we don't have
15:23 to be comedians but I think the Lord just wants us
15:26 to be humorous and God has a sense of humor too
15:30 as one person said, you know God has a sense of humor
15:32 just look in the mirror, so but anyway
15:35 throw it out there let's move to our last question.
15:37 Okay, okay, last question. Alright.
15:39 Alright, music. Okay.
15:42 What about music, how can that help?
15:44 Okay, music can beat the blues folks
15:47 and let me tell you we're probably gonna expand
15:48 a little bit more into the kitchen
15:50 but let me just lay the foundation here.
15:51 God's word is the standard of truth.
15:54 When Saul was troubled, Saul, the King in the Bible,
15:58 David played on his harp and Saul was refreshed.
16:02 Ephesians 5:19, says, singing and making melody
16:09 in your heart, spiritual, psalms
16:11 and hymns very good for that.
16:14 The children of Israel while they would journey
16:16 through the wilderness, they'd cheer their way
16:19 with music of sacred song.
16:21 So music is a weapon, we can always use
16:26 against discouragement, lets put a pen in that one.
16:29 Let's go into in the kitchen.
16:31 We're gonna put a pen in that way
16:32 and we wanna make sure that the music is good music,
16:34 spiritual music as you just got finished saying,
16:36 and speaking of music we have a recipe
16:40 and this recipe is a mock sausage quiche,
16:44 get your paper and your pencil
16:45 and meet us in the kitchen.


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