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Don't Be S.A.D. Pt. 2

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well this is a very colorful recipe
00:04 as I was saying before. And welcome back.
00:06 And we wanna welcome you back
00:07 and, that's right we wanna go to
00:08 the actual ingredients. Okay.
00:12 Its calls for:
00:42 Okay, so this is a skillet green beans
00:44 and tomatoes. Yes, yes, yes and there a lot
00:47 of other things going here, 'cause we got the
00:48 olives in here as well. You notice I have the
00:50 olive not too close to you Curtis.
00:52 And why is that? Because you are the olive man.
00:55 I'm the olive man. And what's you're gonna do.
00:57 I'm getting ready to cut up the last part
00:59 of the chopped onions and if you will go ahead
01:01 and get the skillet on and get that
01:02 olive oil going. Alright. Alright and now
01:05 we're gonna put in the onions and the garlic.
01:08 Okay fresh garlic. Make sure the heat turned
01:10 down a little bit. Yeah, turned down low okay.
01:13 How about that. Alright, alright, okay.
01:18 And we'll put some, well we have olive oil.
01:21 We got just 15 minutes, we got olive oil there.
01:22 We're using 2 tbsp. of the olive oil.
01:26 Alright. Alright and as soon as it hits that
01:30 heat it's gonna start spreading around.
01:31 Okay, okay now honey, don't be sad.
01:38 Now during the winter time,
01:39 we didn't mention this in the talking section,
01:41 but what do you do during the winter time
01:43 when well all year long really, but.
01:46 As soon as the rain comes or it's a cloudy day
01:51 I'm in the kitchen. That's right.
01:52 100 percent developing recipes
01:54 and working on it. The whole house
01:56 is just smelling good. Let's go ahead on
01:57 and just start move that around a little bit,
01:59 okay, because when it starts smoking
02:01 once you put in onions we'll be okay,
02:03 alright, alright. Turn it down a little bit more.
02:07 You just fire it down a little bit more,
02:12 okay. Just check it out. A little bit more.
02:18 Okay, alright, you go ahead and start to turn
02:20 that up, and I'm gonna go ahead,
02:22 I'm gonna go ahead on and put in the garlic.
02:23 The garlic's going in. Yeah and get all
02:25 the goodies, all the goodies in there.
02:28 I love to cook. I love to cook and
02:30 develop recipes. And love to eat.
02:31 I know, I know and so with all that in mind
02:35 you know there's always something cooking
02:37 in the kitchen. In our kitchen.
02:39 At Eakins home, that's right.
02:41 Now this recipe is really good because
02:42 it calls for the green beans and
02:44 I'm gonna go ahead on and serve it a
02:46 little bit more, little bit more over here
02:47 on the side there. Okay. I'm gonna go ahead
02:49 and start putting in the green beans,
02:50 because it's a very colorful recipe,
02:53 have lot of goodies in it. Okay.
02:55 That's the green beans going there.
02:56 Now shall I fold the green beans. Just go ahead
02:59 and stir it around a little bit there yeah.
03:01 Okay. You know I can't fold you know.
03:03 I know you learned how to fold.
03:05 And we gonna now put in corn.
03:07 Okay it's very colorful. Put the corn in there.
03:11 This is a wonderful dish. It's actually a one
03:14 meal dish. Oh okay. Alright baby got that,
03:17 oh oh one corn alright. And then we're going to,
03:23 we're gonna put in something that's one
03:24 of Curtis' favorite. Now do you want me to
03:27 put that in? No, I'll do it. We're gonna
03:30 put in the black olives. Okay.
03:36 Curtis did you take an olive honey?
03:38 Did I take a olive or more than one olive.
03:41 Okay you got, you can always e-mail me,
03:44 give me a call, give me a call, give me a call.
03:47 Now we're gonna put in the tomatoes.
03:49 Look at this dish. Well that camera shifts
03:51 right off of me at the right time, fantastic.
03:54 Now this is a colorful dish.
03:56 Let me just kind of hold that handle there.
03:58 Yeah, you do a little bit better than I.
03:59 Well I just wanna get all the,
04:03 mix it all in there together. Isn't that,
04:04 isn't that pretty. Isn't that pretty?
04:06 Yes, its looking good.
04:07 And now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna
04:09 put in the seasonings that go into this okay.
04:11 And normally what you do, it doesn't take that
04:13 long okay for this to get ready.
04:16 We're gonna go ahead on and then add
04:17 in the seasonings to that as well.
04:19 And we have the chives, okay,
04:22 this is when they go in, we also have the sea salt.
04:27 Alright now of course we use sea salt here,
04:30 but they can use if they can't find sea salt.
04:33 Then they can us the regular salt.
04:34 'Cause sea salt has a little bit more nutrients,
04:36 but again regular salt would be used.
04:38 And the thing that really brings us to life
04:39 is that sweet basil. Oh sweet basil okay.
04:43 Alright. Now most people when they cook
04:45 green beans, they just put little water
04:48 and swish it. Just soak it and that's it.
04:49 Yeah, yeah, yeah, soak it and go ahead
04:52 you can go ahead and turn that again,
04:54 so you can get all those goodies in.
04:57 You know there is another way to do
04:59 this dish and it is lots of fresh vegetables
05:05 when you think about it you know.
05:07 That's true. And then we got those beautiful
05:09 tomatoes in there as well. Yes, very colorful.
05:11 Very, very colorful. We eat according
05:13 to the rainbow. So your food should not look
05:16 all brown on the plate or the same color.
05:19 All the same color.
05:20 It should be different colors.
05:21 Now you know I serve this up with maybe
05:23 some cornbread or corn muffins
05:25 or a Whole Wheat Roll, we can have it with
05:28 a salad and believe it or not once again
05:30 it can serve as a one meal dish because
05:33 you got lots of vegetables in there as well okay
05:35 or of course a person could just actually
05:37 use that as their vegetable dish.
05:39 Alright. Oh alright. Let's go ahead and put that
05:41 lid on, let that there sauté for a few minutes
05:43 about 10 minutes or so okay and you know
05:47 what when we comeback you will get the chance
05:50 to see the final product, so stay by.


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