Abundant Living

Don't Be S.A.D.

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Participants: Paula Eakins (Host), Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00172C

00:01 Well, well, well, okay. We have finished all
00:03 the food and it's good, team work,
00:05 yes it does. Let's look at what we prepared.
00:07 We went Caribbean, we went Caribbean.
00:08 Or Caribbean. We started off with of course
00:11 a punch, yes. But then our menu was
00:13 actually a mango salad with coconut and
00:16 lime, yes. We did the curried chickpeas and
00:19 potato with some real good seasonings on
00:21 inside of it. Sometimes known as roti,
00:23 absolutely. And then we did the skillet ripen
00:29 plantain. Which way you wanna say it,
00:31 it looks good. Let me just may be part of
00:34 that or piece of that, I knew you were
00:37 gonna ask that question so you know already
00:39 Curtis, okay sometimes you can hiding
00:41 things under, I'm learning you, I'm learning
00:42 you, yes. I got a fork here so that
00:45 you know, you know what I showed it,
00:48 it's very, very sweet. And, yes, okay.
00:51 And so what? It's time to consume and like
00:54 a one eye well anyway. John 10:10 Jesus
00:58 said I come that they might have
01:01 life and have it more abundantly.


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