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00:01 Now we have already gotten the curried
00:05 chickpeas and potatoes done, we've got our
00:07 meat in there and everything and we have
00:09 now a soft shelled, potato shells that we're
00:13 gonna be using whole wheat, whole wheat
00:15 okay. And it's soft. And you can warm them
00:18 up a little bit you know before you start
00:20 put that in there. A little bit pliable.
00:21 Well I like the soft one because it is a lot
00:23 more pliable, okay, alright. And what I'm
00:25 going do is I'm actually going to take about
00:28 a spoon of this. It's already been cook down.
00:31 It does have a nice smell to it, yes.
00:33 We're gonna put it in the middle,
00:34 just a little bit more. 'Cause the thing is
00:35 you've got to wrap it, alright. So you're
00:37 gonna wrap it this in front first then you're
00:40 gonna turn it under like so and let's see if
00:46 we're gonna get it to cooperate and then
00:47 you're just going to just lay it right there
00:50 on your plate, okay. And actually that's
00:52 the serving and so what happens is that
00:55 each person will get one of those, alright.
00:57 Now I know you're kind of standing there.
00:58 Each child will get one and half or each,
01:00 a man too. I know you're standing right
01:01 there Curtis, why don't you get your spoon
01:03 and you can make one as well, right here
01:04 in the center once again. You wanna make
01:06 it, so you can actually turn, be able to turn
01:09 it under, okay. Want me to do one?
01:11 Yeah you can go ahead and do one right
01:12 there. And this makes about a good six of
01:16 these, alright. Okay. Right in the middle here.
01:21 Right in, about a spoon there and, you can
01:23 put a little bit more honey. That's a lot, okay,
01:28 okay. Don't spread it, don't spread it,
01:31 'cause if you spread it, you're not gonna be
01:32 able to fold it, oh okay. And so, this is so
01:36 delicious, I'm telling you, it is so, so delicious.
01:40 And face down, face down, face down.
01:44 That's a bigger one, that's mine right there.
01:47 Yes. And we just gonna fold, fold under and
01:50 over. One serving per roti, per roti, or curried
02:01 chickpeas and potatoes. And this is a real
02:03 good recipe as a matter of fact when we
02:05 were in the island. And they were making,
02:07 they took us somewhere when we went
02:08 to a restaurant to get some roties.
02:12 Now this was back in the States when we
02:14 came back we are up in Washington and
02:17 Raymond and his wife were making roti,
02:18 they were getting roties together for us.
02:20 And she kept saying you know we got a find
02:22 a way to make this roti up, and use it that
02:26 doesn't have so much oil in it and so one
02:28 of things that we did, you can actually have
02:29 a roti shell, you can make yourself.
02:31 I tried out and it didn't work out too well
02:33 for me. So they're very expensive to even
02:36 buy these shells, yes I got the shells the soft
02:37 one, at any major grocery stores so.
02:39 The soft shells works very, very well you
02:41 know. So once again this kind of goes along
02:43 with that mango salad, yeah. And that
02:46 punch and so. Now, again we use here the
02:49 mock steak strips, can you use the mock
02:52 chicken strips absolutely, that's out there
02:54 as well, absolutely, absolutely. And I'm glad
02:55 you both that, 'cause you can use steak
02:56 strips, you can use the chicken strips and
02:59 then you can also use TVP which is textured
03:01 vegetable protein. Quite awhile back before
03:04 all the newer products came out on the market,
03:07 like the frozen food section in your grocery
03:10 stores, they now have always say the
03:11 breakfast section. They have all the mock meats
03:13 like sausage and they have mock chicken
03:15 and fish and all that. We would use this TVP,
03:19 some of you remember as the word granburger,
03:22 which was a long time right, we're gonna ride
03:23 it comes in a carton, the granburger, you say
03:25 comes in a carton and add the water and it will
03:27 swell up, right. Alright. And so then TVP
03:31 Textured vegetable protein came out.
03:33 The one is dark brown, we use as simulation
03:36 for beef and then there's also TSP, Textured
03:39 soy protein and that one looks like chicken
03:42 when it's once up. It's a light color, isn't it?
03:44 Yeah lighter color like a beige color.
03:46 And so each of one of these you will add,
03:48 if you're gonna be using that 'cause that
03:49 might be something else you can find then
03:51 it would be one cup of either the TVP
03:54 Textured vegetable protein or one cup of the
03:58 TSP Textured soy protein to two three
04:01 fourths cup of hot water. Now the water
04:04 amount that one forth you wanna cut back
04:06 because you wanna make it fluff up,
04:07 it'll fluff up and it will be a nice texture,
04:09 it looks just like ground beef, it looks
04:11 just like chicken and that can be something
04:13 you put in the product as well as the steak
04:16 pieces as well and so. Okay. This is a lot of
04:18 variations of the invitation mock steak,
04:22 mock chicken so we've thrown out some
04:24 different ideas, recipes and some variations
04:27 of those things so. Yeah. Whatever is in
04:28 your area and your community that you can
04:31 use that and it can work. It can work,
04:33 it can work. Alright what about the last
04:36 recipe? Now that last recipe is another one of
04:38 my favorites that we have and that's called
04:41 skillet ripe plantains, let's look at the recipe.
04:47 It calls for:
04:57 Now this is another easy recipe. It's also easy.
05:00 And it's a plantain. Okay. And of course
05:02 you know when you go and see the plantain
05:04 in the store you're like, I'm not sure what
05:07 to do with that, it's that a big old banana.
05:09 Did you eat it? Do you fry it or bake it or.
05:13 Yeah well. I see some green once too.
05:15 Yeah I was gonna say, it does it comes in
05:17 green and it comes in different shades of yellow
05:19 or it gets more riper as the time goes on.
05:22 Okay, alright. And actually what it looks
05:23 like this the darker it is with these lines on it
05:26 they're actual sweeter. The actual plantain
05:28 is, oh okay. You can buy green and you do
05:30 it green then you can, you boil it. Oh okay if
05:34 it is green. And you boil it with, you boil it
05:36 with the skin on it. And so there's an art to
05:37 take the skin off but, I see plantain a lot
05:40 in the stores Curtis, I see it a lot in the
05:41 stores. A lot of people pass it by, and lot
05:43 of people pass it by and it's inexpensive,
05:45 inexpensive, oh okay, alright. So what I'm
05:47 gonna do is I usually cut it here on a slant,
05:51 we just start it off this way. Now why on
05:52 a slant, 'cause it has a better look to it,
05:55 actually for aesthetics more than anything.
05:57 And then you're gonna take your knife and
05:58 you're just gonna go down the middle of it
06:00 like so and then all you're gonna do then is
06:04 just peal the skin right off it. Oh okay.
06:13 There you go. Now do some people eat it
06:15 just like, it is right here. Most don't, yeah,
06:21 not typically. You won't be a happy camper,
06:23 I mean you know especially if you think
06:25 it's not a banana, yeah. It's in the banana
06:26 family. And it's very high in potassium by the
06:29 way. It's too starchy, but it is sweet and what
06:32 I usually do Curtis is I usually just take and
06:34 just kind of cut it on slant like so. Okay, okay.
06:41 The longer the pieces, you know you don't
06:43 want to make it real, real thin like so, okay.
06:47 And see it's still got the kind of, look at, do
06:49 you some of that reddish color in there,
06:52 yes. And it doesn't look if you see it,
06:53 of course it doesn't like a banana at all,
06:55 it's kind of, that's true. Okay. And so why
06:58 don't you try your hand, I'm gonna cut one
06:59 more time like this, okay. And you get try your
07:01 hard at it and in the meanwhile what I'm
07:02 gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and get
07:04 my skillet ready. And you can get, I guess
07:09 close to 10 or 12 of those from just one.
07:17 Okay. Okay, okay. And what we're gonna
07:19 do is I'm gonna go ahead and put the
07:20 margarine into the skillet and let it begin
07:23 to melt. And that's the soy margarine,
07:27 and it's the soy margarine and, there's a
07:28 lot of soy margarines on the market so, yes.
07:31 Now you know, not only that, not only that,
07:35 I like the soy margarine because it gets
07:37 more flavor as well. But you can use a
07:40 little bit of olive oil. If you want to use olive
07:41 oil as well to skillet fry and you can do it
07:45 that way too, you smell that banana smell.
07:47 Yeah, but the margarine gives us more
07:48 of a flavor. I like the flavor, I like the
07:49 flavor of the margarine, okay. And so we're
07:53 gonna that down just a little bit there and
07:56 we're gonna start putting the plantain.
07:59 And really you cook it on one side and then
08:01 you cook it on the other side, okay.
08:03 Not the margarine that is. So let's go
08:06 ahead and put those pieces in it.
08:07 Okay, alright. You just lay them down, okay.
08:10 Now, can this be used as in place of a
08:13 dessert or normally or how would you?
08:18 Yes, the answer is yes. As a matter of
08:20 fact at the end of our show, we will be
08:22 seeing it as a dessert, it's gonna be the
08:24 dessert portion of that actual meal.
08:26 And will we be consuming it at the end
08:28 of the show. Well we shall see, we shall
08:30 see, we shall see. Alright. We'll determine
08:34 whether or not I will consume.
08:35 Well we'll see. Okay. I better not push it.
08:42 Okay. Get the last one in. Now it's brown
08:45 on both sides. It browns on both sides.
08:48 Okay. And what's gonna happens is that
08:50 we're going to take a little break here and then
08:54 we'll come back and you will see the finished
08:55 product of all the things so you wanna stay by.


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