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00:01 I am so excited and the reason I'm
00:03 excited is because this particular show is
00:06 an all cooking show. So that means you have
00:09 to have your paper and your pencil because
00:11 we are going to the Caribbean Isle to do
00:14 nothing but Caribbean food so stay by.
00:46 Hi welcome to Abundant Living. I'm Paula
00:49 Eakins and this is my husband Curtis Eakins.
00:52 Very good, excellent. Caribbean Isles,
00:55 Caribbean Isles you know, I can talk with
00:56 a accent doing this program, not really,
00:59 not really. I mean I can if you want me to.
01:01 Okay. Well you know one of things that's so
01:04 fantastic is that we've had the opportunity to
01:07 go to quite a few of the islands; we've been
01:10 to Bermuda twice and Bahamas twice,
01:14 okay and the Grand Cayman Islands.
01:17 Now I need to say this because we were in
01:19 Bermuda and they say that Bermuda is not
01:22 one of the Caribbean Isles so, they sure do,
01:23 they sure do. Yes. See it's kind of separate but
01:25 Bahamas and Grand Cayman is so Bahamas and
01:28 Grand Cayman but not Bermuda but we do
01:30 love Bermuda. And I think the thing that's so
01:32 amazing is that each one of those Islands have
01:34 their own type of fresh foods, okay, yes.
01:36 Where one island might use one thing another
01:38 won't, would not use something else,
01:40 but the main thing is that they're all heavily
01:42 involved in lots of fruits, lots of vegetables,
01:46 yes, okay, excellent. Abundance of them,
01:48 alright. Lot of mangoes and coconuts and so we
01:52 gonna have some of that here today.
01:53 We're gonna have some of that here today
01:55 and I know one thing I want to remind you
01:57 of Curtis and that was we went to Grand
01:59 Caymans and we were doing a week of health,
02:02 that's right. And at this particular church we
02:04 were at, people came in and you know Curtis
02:06 likes to play around and so he said to the
02:09 people in order for them to come to the program
02:11 every night they have to bring us a mango.
02:14 And they thought he was for real, So every
02:17 night people brought bags and bags of
02:19 mangoes until we had to have a big basket
02:21 up in front of church and they packed those
02:23 mangoes in there and I kept saying enough,
02:25 enough already. But I'm gonna tell you one
02:27 thing, in the Caymen Islands those mangoes
02:28 are humongous, right, you remember that?
02:31 We came back to United States and looked at
02:33 the mangoes here in the United States,
02:34 so small. Oh, no we can't eat those mangoes.
02:37 Not after we've seen the real mangoes in
02:38 the Grand Cayman. But we do eat the
02:40 mangoes, yes we do eat well. Yes. But they
02:42 were so huge and we kind of like, we
02:45 thought you just take a knife and you know,
02:47 we're so dainty, and we're gonna cut and
02:48 slice it very neat. And he say, no you just like
02:51 bite on top of that mango and rip it down the
02:53 side you know. Let the juice run out down
02:54 your cheek, you know. What happened was
02:57 we started doing that and our mouth broke
02:59 off from so many mangoes and I tried my
03:02 best to bring those mangoes back home.
03:03 Just couldn't do it. Couldn't do, couldn't do.
03:05 But I want you know we had our fill of it.
03:07 That's right. We're gonna do some mangoes,
03:09 are we gonna do some mangoes on this show?
03:11 You know we're gonna start this show Curtis
03:12 with a drink, okay, okay. I always like to have
03:15 some kind of a festive drink that kind of
03:17 matches and this drink just has a combination
03:20 of things in it, you know it has mango,
03:22 it has pineapple and it also has orange juice
03:25 and lime. All those are part of the menu at the
03:28 actual ingredients itself, you know. It's not a
03:31 recipe, it's not a recipe, just kind of put this
03:32 together and on and on. Yeah anytime you use
03:33 things like mango, pineapple, orange juice,
03:36 limes you're on your way. Alright. Okay, so.
03:39 And so I'm gonna make this up because we
03:41 need a drink to have anyway while we do the
03:42 rest of our program, alright. No problem.
03:44 No problem, no problem. So I'm gonna start off,
03:47 I'm gonna pour in the mango juice, that's
03:49 mango juice. Okay and then I'm gonna put in
03:51 my pineapple, pineapple juice. Okay, I put the
03:55 pineapple there, and I'm gonna put in of course,
03:59 let's go ahead with that lime, okay.
04:03 And then I'm gonna end with, I can tell you
04:04 this is gonna be a good juice right here.
04:06 Mango, mango, mango. You can get, they're
04:09 already in a can, a container right?
04:12 You can get it in a can, or you can actually
04:13 just get a fresh mango whatever you want
04:15 to do of course, you know it just depends on
04:16 what you want. And like I said it is a tropical
04:19 fruit drink, okay, okay. So I'm going to put my
04:22 little thing on here, and we're gonna
04:24 blend it for just a hot sec.
04:31 You're already at the top, and that's what
04:32 I call a hot sec, okay that's a hot sec, okay,
04:35 okay. And all I'm gonna do is just mixing it
04:37 together and I'm gonna pour it into our pitcher.
04:40 Oh that was it, that's it. Now you have some
04:43 pineapples here, that's gonna actually go
04:45 inside that as well, oh okay, isn't that
04:47 beautiful, isn't that beautiful. Yes, now
04:49 what do you call this drink, do you have a
04:51 name for it. I just called it, I call it a
04:52 Caribbean Fruit Punch, that's what I call it.
04:54 Caribbean Fruit Punch, that's the name of it,
04:56 that's the name. I'm gonna just put a
04:58 pineapple in your glass, and a pineapple in
05:03 my glass. I want to get more of that pineapple
05:05 and we're gonna pour in our drink, okay.
05:11 Excellent, my dear excellent, it smells
05:12 wonderful, does it smell good. Okay, a little
05:13 bit more, okay, okay. And then I'll pour
05:15 some in mine, I'll get a little more okay.
05:22 Wait a minute. They're the same size honey,
05:26 okay that's yours. They're the same size,
05:27 add two more drops. Put together with
05:29 pineapple inside of our drink there. Okay.
05:33 Let us consume, now I'm telling you this is
05:34 a real good punch and you can actually do
05:36 this with a little bit of ice shavings if you
05:39 want to as well, oh yes. And so this is a
05:41 real good way to start this program,
05:42 this is a nice punch, a nice punch. Okay.
05:49 Is that good or what. This is so good.
05:51 I'm telling, I tell you, well I just keep on
05:53 drinking and you keep on doing the recipes.
05:57 Can taste the mango, can taste the pineapple,
05:59 each one of it has their own personality.
06:01 Boy that's a good mix of juices all together and
06:04 good flavor. Yes indeed, yes indeed, and we
06:06 are gonna go to the very first recipe.
06:09 Alright let's do it. It's called a mango salad.
06:29 Now, this is a real quick and easy recipe, okay.
06:32 But there's always a way to actually cut
06:34 that mango and so we've got our mango here.
06:37 I'm gonna take our knife, and we're gonna to
06:38 just go right down the middle, right down the
06:41 middle of it. And we can do the same thing
06:43 on the other side. This is just a wonderful
06:45 fruit. And you know it is one, and always it's
06:47 wonderful and the softer it is the sweeter it
06:50 is and there's all different types of
06:52 mangoes. Yeah, the Haden Mango and the
06:54 mango that has a lot more strings in it,
06:57 or stringing mango. But anyway.
06:59 This is more like the Haden Mango, oh Haden,
07:01 alright, okay. And they come in all different
07:03 sizes and different colors, you know reds
07:07 and orange and green colors, okay.
07:09 This particular one here is a nice sweet one.
07:11 You see juices coming out of it, it is ready
07:13 to go. And what I need you to do is slice
07:15 down to center, okay. And I'm gonna make
07:18 it into cubes, oh okay. Okay. Very good.
07:23 And then if you just take and just do it like
07:26 that, then of course we get the cubes,
07:31 the cubes, mango. Nice cubes on top of that
07:34 mango. One of the side is not going to be on
07:37 the top of that salad. But, it's got another
07:40 thought coming here. Okay this is so,
07:42 it's nice and. I can tell you this is nice and
07:45 wide. It's jumping everywhere, it's nice
07:46 and ripe. Now how can you tell when a mango
07:48 is ripe? I heard that you kind of smell it,
07:51 you know, you can smell it, you can, yeah,
07:53 yeah, mango. You can smell it and it's also
07:55 soft, the way it feels, yeah, it's also soft,
07:56 the way it feels. I have a friend girl that's
08:00 heavy into, she's our mango person and
08:03 she knows what's going on, you can see
08:04 that, look at that, yes. Okay, okay.
08:06 And so she's always picking or getting
08:09 mangoes and stuff for me especially a
08:11 certain of year, when she knows they're
08:12 all ready to go, big, big mangoes. Oh yes, yes.
08:16 Alright, so this is a matter of fact,
08:18 look at this. You have got to, you go for it,
08:24 go for it, go for it, what do you think.
08:26 Oh yes, this is a good one baby. A good one.
08:28 You picked one, you picked a good one.
08:30 I'm having a good time. Okay, give me that
08:31 one too. Okay. Yeah. You can drop some
08:35 more on the table. No, I think that's enough.
08:37 That's enough, okay. That's enough.
08:38 And you know of course, because we're on
08:40 television I'm not going to be bad girl
08:41 and go and do what I normally do,
08:44 but we're just gonna do. What do you normally
08:46 do? Usually I just go hit on them just
08:48 whatever. Whatever what? Anyway.
08:50 We never know. So on top of that,
08:52 that's right, on top of that, and those are
08:53 red leafs I use a red leaf for color. Okay.
08:56 Because they add some color to it.
08:58 They're nice and ripe mango, nice and ripe,
08:59 nice and ripe. And so, and then we are going
09:01 to tell. Now what do you do with this one
09:02 over here? Well, you know you can also just
09:03 take this and just going down the sides.
09:05 I still use it, right. And you can still use this
09:07 as well. Okay, okay. And put that one to,
09:10 we've got enough mango on there so.
09:11 Okay, enough, okay. You know but this is a
09:13 good time for me because you know you
09:15 carried on so bad about it. Okay, you're
09:19 teasing the people baby. That's not fair.
09:24 Okay. And then you'll take your coconut.
09:27 You can say all that. And gonna sprinkle the
09:29 coconut on top. Something simple. Very,
09:32 very simple. A nice way to start this meal
09:33 off too by the way. A single guy can do this.
09:36 Absolutely. Yes. Yeah. We're not going to mention
09:39 any names, and then we're gonna take,
09:41 now what's that? This is fresh lime,
09:43 lime juice, and we're going to just pour that
09:45 right on the top. You can just drizzle,
09:47 just drizzle it on. Okay. And it's ready to
09:50 go, it's ready to go, it's ready to go.
09:52 Okay. And we have this one here and you
09:54 just sit right there, right in the middle.
09:56 Right in the middle. And then you have it.
09:57 Mango salad. And you see that's very,
09:59 very quick and easy to make. And it's a
10:02 nice refreshing way to start off your
10:04 actual meal the mango, we said the cherry
10:07 was optional. If you want to put cherry on
10:09 you can. Mainly, I'm always looking at
10:11 stakes as far as color is concerned.
10:13 And we have our main entree that we're
10:16 going to do very next, and that main entree
10:19 is a curried chickpea and potato.
10:24 It is awesome. Let's look at the recipe.
10:30 It calls for:
11:07 Now this particular recipe is very, very
11:09 exciting and it doesn't take a long time.
11:12 And we're going get started because I'm
11:14 gonna tell you right now, it calls for some
11:16 real good ingredients so. Okay. If you'll go
11:18 ahead and get things going there,
11:19 you can get the stove on, you can put your
11:21 olive oil in there for me to get started,
11:25 I'm gonna chop out some onions go to in
11:27 there. Make sure it's not too hard. Turn down
11:29 a little bit lower than that, little lower.
11:33 Keep on, yeah turn it down, just a little
11:35 more. Well you know what. That's okay,
11:40 how about that. Well you know what that
11:41 clicking sound baby. There you go. Alright.
11:44 There you go. Go ahead and put your olive
11:46 oil in, olive oil's going here. Olive oil's going
11:48 in, and then you can go ahead and start
11:50 that garlic up then, the garlic, so I'll take
11:53 the garlic here, garlic, and you got your
11:55 spoon there. And we got our onions ready
12:00 to go also. You can use that, you have a spatula
12:05 there something there. How about that?
12:07 Please get that white spatula, white spatula.
12:08 What's happening right now, we're trying to
12:10 make an actual base. That white spatula,
12:14 this one. Yeah, yeah. Use that one there,
12:16 kind of move things around a little bit. Okay.
12:18 And we wanna make sure we don't,
12:20 we don't cook that garlic or make it burn.
12:24 So just sauteing a little bit there, make it
12:28 translucent. As you're sauteing that,
12:31 we also have a major thing which is the curry,
12:35 now what's that, curry. This, we're gonna
12:36 make it curry. It brings it out, I'm gonna
12:37 sprinkle that on top and you can go ahead
12:41 and stir that in too and with that in mind
12:46 we're gonna take a forth of a cup, curry smells
12:49 good baby. Yeah, that smells good.
12:50 Yes it does. Okay we got to just fan that
12:52 out there. Its working now baby. You can
12:53 smell it. Yes. And then oh wow, now what is
12:55 that. And this is the water. Oh water,
12:57 you got to do like here, there we go.
13:02 Right there, stir it Around and that makes into
13:05 like a thick gravy. Alright. Oh I see.
13:07 Its looking like thick gravy. But for sake of
13:09 television you know it's going to, you know
13:11 it'll look down a little bit. It then calls for
13:13 the potatoes. And the potatoes are gonna
13:14 cook until the potatoes really get tender.
13:18 So we're gonna go ahead and call for two
13:19 cups of water, one forth already I put into
13:22 this mixture, so we're gonna go ahead and
13:24 put the potatoes in, already cubed, okay.
13:30 Alright, alright. We're gonna also put in our
13:33 garbanzo beans, garbanzo beans, that are
13:35 already cooked. It's the same as chickpeas.
13:38 Same thing, right, same thing, okay. We'll stir
13:40 that around. Okay. And normally what I do is we
13:45 let this cook down. Okay, alright. But we're
13:48 not going to let it cook down so, you know
13:50 we're gonna just kind of put everything there
13:52 one time and let it cook, okay. I'm gonna
13:54 go also put it there in my chicken style
13:57 seasoning. Okay. Alright. It helps to give
14:01 flavor. Now chicken style seasoning,
14:03 does not have any chicken. No chicken
14:05 whatsoever, it's mock, yeah, alright.
14:07 It's a mock and also it's a chicken style and
14:08 a beef style out there as well. Now those
14:10 who may not be able to get a chicken
14:11 style seasoning, what can they use in place.
14:14 Well really and truly if you can't find the
14:17 chicken style seasoning or the Bill's best
14:19 any other seasoning. We also have a
14:21 saltshaker substitute that was use also in
14:23 some of our cooking. And then on top of
14:25 that you can just use regular salt.
14:26 Because the curry is actually what makes the
14:29 flavor. That's true. More than the chicken
14:30 style seasoning does, okay but it kind of
14:32 gives a broth to it. You stir it down little a
14:33 more time there, okay. And then of course
14:36 I have with me the actual...
14:38 This is strips of course; there is a different
14:42 combination of strips on the market.
14:44 Number one is we're talking about a mock
14:46 chicken, and our mock beef. What I learned
14:49 in, in the islands was that they always has
14:52 some type of a meat base that goes inside
14:54 of that Roti. Because we know, when you
14:56 say curry, chickpeas and potatoes, it's actually
14:58 another name for Roti. Right, that's right.
15:00 And so with that in mind we are looking for
15:03 something to assimilate beef or chicken,
15:05 either one of those can go. They sometime use
15:08 a curry goat, yeah sure, in that respect.
15:11 So this is the mock. I found, I found like
15:14 there's different strips on the market and this
15:15 is a beef type combination and it is not
15:17 real meat, it's just a beef combination.
15:20 And this is normally soy based, is that correct?
15:22 Soy based, it's soy based and if you can't
15:25 find a soy based one you can certainly get
15:27 one, that maybe has a little gluten in it.
15:29 But some people have an intolerance to gluten
15:31 but this is more of a soy base, okay.
15:32 Stir that one more time for me Curtis there.
15:35 Alright. The name of the game is to get that
15:37 cooking and that will actually cook all the way
15:39 down once those potatoes get tender,
15:41 it will cook down. It will make a thick kind
15:43 of a gravy, believe it or not, okay. And I'm
15:46 going to for once again, for expediency sake
15:49 I'm gonna go ahead on and put in the mock
15:52 beef, alright. And we get that in our regular
15:54 grocery stores, regular grocery store.
15:56 So there's many different variations of the
15:57 mock beef, but, many variations.
16:00 So just used what's in your neighborhood,
16:03 what's in your neighborhood. And once
16:04 again this is when you talk about soy cooking,
16:06 the more it sits you know the better it's
16:08 going to get. We're gonna at this point put
16:10 our top on and we got our fire down and
16:14 we're gonna let it simmer until it turns into
16:16 a nice kind of a gravy, the potato because of
16:19 the starch in it, will actually thicken up and
16:21 turn into like a gravy type sauce and I'm
16:23 telling you. We're gonna take a break and
16:25 let this cook and then when we come back
16:27 we will gonna see is the Roti already
16:29 made up, so you wanna stay by.


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