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Depression's Drugs & Alternatives

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Participants: Paula Eakins (Host), Curtis Eakins


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00:02 Well, we've accomplished it
00:03 Curtis, okay, team work, team work
00:05 we've gotten the Apple Salad Ambrosia,
00:09 ready to go, alright. Nice and creamy and
00:11 crunchy, nice and creamy and crunchy,
00:13 lots of combinations there beautiful
00:15 presentation as well you know, we just
00:17 talked about again Tryptophan and those
00:21 kind of things that boost the serotonin
00:23 levels and of course you have some foods
00:26 in here we call the mood foods
00:29 Tryptophan and so soy beans, tofu,
00:32 as part of those food groups.
00:34 Excellent, this is good, excellent.
00:36 Now, again this is in your cookbook and
00:40 that also needs to be in my mouth at the same time.
00:42 So, we work out some type of way to make
00:45 that come about, I had a feeling you were
00:47 gonna do that. Okay, I just thought of
00:49 looking down here because sometimes
00:50 you be sneaking things around, yes,
00:52 okay, I need the apple, raisin and what
00:57 else is in there, why don't I go first.
00:58 Okay, that's not what I had in mind,
01:00 that's not in the script. That means I got to
01:03 eat after you right, I got one eye on the
01:05 clock and. Nice and creamy, this is so good.
01:12 We are teasing people out there too.
01:14 This is wonderful, again depression this
01:17 is part of series now the next time we
01:19 come back we talk about seasonal
01:22 effective disorder. SAD. So we want to
01:25 stay tuned for that as well and the other
01:27 form of depression. So, as always John
01:30 10:10 Jesus said, I come that they might
01:34 have life and have it more abundantly.


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