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Participants: Paula Eakins (Host), Curtis Eakins


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00:02 Well, welcome back, okay, we're excited
00:04 with this particular recipe which is an
00:06 apple salad ambrosia let's look
00:09 at the recipe, okay, lets do that.
00:12 It calls for:
00:36 Okay, and now for those who may not be
00:40 able to get the Mori-Nu Tofu they can use
00:43 another type or, they can use a silken any
00:46 type of a silken type of tofu because you
00:48 need something that's very, very soft, softy,
00:50 yeah, okay. And the name of the game here is
00:51 that most ambrosias we'll use either a whip
00:54 cream or a half and half or they will use
00:58 Mayonnaise. Oh okay, and because we
00:59 are trying to do all this in vegetarian
01:01 format, alright, then we're using the tofu in
01:03 its place, alright. Now, you also
01:05 you mentioned the Mori-Nu pudding mix again
01:08 yes, that's the same maker that Mori-Nu
01:10 tofu, same maker that makes the silken also
01:12 makes the pudding mix as well.
01:13 Okay, now and they can get that online,
01:14 but, you can get online and or you can use
01:17 vanilla pudding mix but you want to
01:18 careful of any extra amount of sugar that
01:20 might be in some of those pudding mix.
01:22 So you're gonna read those labels as we
01:23 talked about before. Okay, very good,
01:24 now for experience sake Curtis, okay,
01:26 I have actually just thought of putting
01:27 things together I have the red delicious
01:30 apple and also had the golden delicious,
01:33 my two apples I am using for this already
01:34 cut it up and also navel orange has done as well.
01:37 Okay, now we've gotten our mixture
01:39 together which is the soft tofu silken.
01:43 Also the milk and also the pudding mix.
01:47 Okay, its already blended up, let's spin
01:48 one more last time I am gonna put give it
01:50 to you to put it into the bowl.
01:51 As I put the rest of the ingredients inside
01:53 okay, lets go ahead and do that,
02:00 That's more or less to wake it up after
02:02 I just got finished putting it all together
02:04 its got a nice smooth surface, be careful of
02:07 your blade, and get a chance to see what
02:08 that looks like, okay, nice and soft, alright.
02:13 And then, all this goes in, nice and smooth,
02:15 it's all gonna go in there, okay, alright.
02:18 And I am just gonna stir this up a little bit
02:20 here and the oranges help to keep the apple
02:26 from going. okay, I am gonna go head
02:27 and put in my raisins, I am also gonna put in
02:32 my walnuts chopped walnuts, this is a
02:35 wonderful salad. Just marvelous, and I put
02:37 in diced celery, get all the goodies,
02:40 all the goodies, all the goodies.
02:42 Its gonna be hard to get all the goodies out
02:43 of this one. I gonna stir it and I think you
02:45 are about, just about ready to put that in
02:46 here too Curtis. Yeah. I want to leave some
02:49 in here, so I can lick the bowl okay, that
02:50 sounds good, sounds good to me too.
02:52 Alright, here we go we gonna go ahead on
02:53 and put in sauce, okay, nice and
02:58 creamy. This is delicious, it actually
03:01 you wanna chill it once again and,
03:04 do you need some help, now just hold on
03:05 honey, oh! Okay. You wanna chill some
03:06 of this in refrigerator you can eat it right
03:09 away but I would like to chill it that gets
03:10 nice and cool, okay, look good baby, okay
03:12 and because it is. For how long would you chill
03:17 this in the refrigerator? About a hour, is just a
03:19 couple of hours or one hour, one hour,
03:20 one hour if it lasts that long.
03:22 It will, hopefully it will last, I guess you
03:23 can in about 30 minutes. I like all the
03:26 combinations you know you got the
03:27 crisp apple, then you got the oranges,
03:29 you got the walnuts, you have grapes in
03:31 that too, and the raisins, and then all
03:33 this combination together makes for an
03:35 excellent dessert. So you know what,
03:38 what I want to you I want you to stay by
03:40 because you have got to see
03:41 the end product, stay by.


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