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00:01 These antidepressant drugs are making me
00:03 have blurred vision and constipation,
00:06 dry throat or foggy head, I'm a walking
00:10 zombie but hey guess what? It beats depression,
00:13 but today's program is entitled depression,
00:16 their drugs and alternatives, so stay by.
00:49 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living, this
00:51 is Curtis Eakins and this is my beautiful
00:53 bride Paula Eakins. How are you doing
00:55 today honey? Wonderful.
00:57 Your doing fine? Wonderful.
00:59 Look pretty good too. Thank you, you're
01:01 welcome. Wow, you sure named some
01:04 heavy stuff when this thing began this
01:06 program and we didn't cover all of the
01:08 symptoms and but I think someone
01:10 mentioned some else but we left that one out.
01:12 But there's a lot of symptoms dealing
01:14 with depression and their drugs so.
01:17 Again, a lot of people they have those things
01:20 and you know you have weigh out your
01:23 benefit to risk ratio. The benefits are
01:27 worth the risk then it may be adventitious,
01:29 if they risk out weighs the benefit then it may
01:32 not be adventitious to take that medication.
01:34 Well, you're saying about drugs and also
01:36 alternative, I guess my first question
01:38 Curtis to you would be what's actually
01:40 going on in a brain when a person is
01:43 suffering from depression. Okay, now again this
01:46 is a part of our running series our
01:48 mental wellness and last time we were on
01:52 3ABN we talked about depression and
01:55 also unveiling the culprit. Sure.
01:57 And so this time we're gonna go more into
01:59 the brain the drugs and also some
02:02 alternative to those drugs as well.
02:04 Now, in our presentations when we go in a community
02:07 sometimes we have a card and it has
02:11 three letters K I S S now some speakers
02:16 who speak quite often no one I am talking
02:18 about that a acronym, you remember acronym
02:21 honey, you wanna. No, you got it go on
02:24 one with this one. K I S S simply means
02:28 Keep It Simple Stupid. Now, so therefore this
02:32 can be very in depth as far as we're going
02:35 to the brain. So, we gonna keep it simple,
02:37 now, smarty because well we have done we
02:40 changed the last S to smarty because this is
02:42 more complementary. So, it little more
02:44 smarty so, that's what we're gonna do.
02:46 Well, we're going to the brain because
02:47 there is something going on in the brain
02:50 that triggers or not triggers but it's a
02:52 result of someone being depressed and
02:54 so with that in mind, we have what
02:56 we call Serotonin. Now, most people
02:59 heard of the term, its a neurotransmitter in a
03:02 brain serotonin and when a person is
03:06 experiencing depression serotonin levels are
03:10 low, okay, when a person is not
03:12 experiencing depression have a good mood
03:14 whatever then serotonin levels are
03:17 high that's about simple I can get that,
03:19 alright. So, with that in mind we call
03:22 serotonin a mood regulator alright,
03:26 and so with that mind that's the reason for
03:29 serotonin and, so therefore a lot of
03:30 drugs are catering to boosting
03:33 the serotonin levels. Now with that in
03:35 mind also of course you have a lot of
03:38 side effects as I just mentioned at the
03:40 opening as well, okay, okay, you have the
03:42 blurred vision, the constipation,
03:43 the nausea, the dry throat, a foggy feeling,
03:48 horrendous jitters, even suicidal thoughts.
03:52 Now, depression brings on suicidal
03:55 thoughts, some of the medication brings it
03:57 on too like a double whammy but again
04:00 that's what we're dealing with,
04:02 some of those medications out there as well.
04:05 Well, you're talking about the medications
04:06 stuff so, what about drug therapy,
04:08 talk a little bit to us about that.
04:10 Okay like I mentioned before a drug therapy
04:13 is not as efficacious as we will like it to be in
04:16 a medical profession. Antidepressant drugs
04:19 has tripled in the last 10 years, last year
04:24 some two hundred millions prescriptions
04:26 were filled for anti- depressant drugs alright.
04:30 So, it's growing at a increasing rate,
04:34 now with that in mind its only half effective
04:37 for those who are depressed.
04:38 So, anti-depressants only works for about
04:40 half of the people who are depressed out there.
04:43 So, the other half not really
04:45 receiving any real benefit.
04:47 Now when it comes to serotonin because a
04:50 lot of these drugs really focuses on
04:54 serotonin, right, to increase the serotonin
04:57 in the brain itself. So, with that in mind
05:00 we have what we call the S S R I, Selective
05:07 Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, S S R I,
05:13 these drugs target the serotonin.
05:17 Therefore enhance the serotonin levels,
05:20 therefore a person can have more of a better
05:22 mood with those. Now, with those
05:25 drugs, okay, those are only 20 to 30 percent
05:28 effective. Okay. So, close to 70 percent of
05:31 people who taken SSRI are not even
05:34 really benefited from those type of drugs.
05:37 Therefore a lot of people say hey I have
05:39 these drugs out there in a medical
05:40 profession anti- depressants SSRI,
05:44 they're not as effective I still need some help.
05:49 And with that in mind that's why a lot of
05:51 people are moving more to the alternative row
05:54 as far as drugs are concerned.
05:56 So and like I said before last week when
05:58 we were here women are experienced more
06:00 depression then man, two to four times
06:02 more then that. And a lot of times some
06:06 of them pregnancy, due to pregnancy
06:09 those who are depressed may take
06:10 that medication, it can also harm
06:12 the fetal as well. So, therefore we need
06:15 some alternatives to depression drugs,
06:20 when we speak about alternatives
06:22 I know we're often talk about alternatives
06:23 now as a non-drug therapy, alright.
06:26 So, this non-drug therapy or a way in
06:29 which lifestyle or and or eating can possibly
06:33 take the place of the drug or okay.
06:36 So, if that, in that respect you know my
06:38 first question is gonna to be you that is,
06:40 are there foods that are high in serotonin level.
06:43 Okay, now that's a very good question
06:45 because serotonin levels are low which
06:47 is the trade mark of those who are
06:49 depressed it seems to reason if I eat foods
06:54 high in serotonin that serotonin levels
06:57 become higher, okay, well, that's not as
07:00 easily said, okay, because number one
07:03 foods high in serotonin, there are
07:05 many foods that are high in serotonin.
07:07 I'm not even going to mention them,
07:08 the reason why is this, when you eat those
07:10 foods high in serotonin but because
07:12 serotonin does not cross the blood brain
07:14 barrier then it does not affect serotonin levels.
07:18 So, we eat those foods but it does not impact
07:20 our serotonin levels, okay. And that's why
07:22 a lot of times we're dealing with the food,
07:24 we're dealing with the chemistry,
07:26 the neurotransmitter in a brain.
07:27 So, therefore you cannot talk up
07:32 serotonin there must be something that one
07:35 can take to boost the serotonin level that's
07:37 why with depression talk therapy has
07:42 moved into drug therapy. Because you cannot
07:46 talk serotonin into someone's brain.
07:50 So, therefore there is shift as far as
07:52 treatment is concerned. So, with that in mind
07:55 now there are some foods that has Tryptophan,
08:00 now some people may have heard of that term.
08:03 Tryptophan is a essential amino acid,
08:05 that is a precursor of serotonin.
08:09 So, when we eat foods high in Tryptophan
08:12 therefore increases our serotonin the mood
08:15 regulator therefore serotonin
08:17 levels are increased. Now, with that in
08:20 mind the foods high in Tryptophan.
08:23 Let's go to our first graphic and see what
08:25 those foods are? I call these foods
08:27 the mood foods. Now, the highest food
08:30 that has the highest kind of Tryptophan is
08:32 of course the soybeans, okay, and of course
08:34 soybean as you also get tofu as well then
08:38 you have spinach, fresh spinach,
08:41 the Broccoli, steamed broccoli,
08:44 mustard greens, sesame seeds.
08:46 All of this are foods they're high in
08:49 Tryptophan which is a precursor to serotonin.
08:56 So, those are the key foods that are in high
08:57 in Tryptophan and again I have to
08:59 emphasize that the soybean is number
09:03 one as far as Tryptophan is
09:04 concerned so we take in those foods then
09:06 serotonin was just the mood regulator help
09:10 for those who may be depressed.
09:13 What about natural supplements.
09:15 Okay, now, there's are lot of natural
09:16 supplements out there in the market as well
09:18 that people can take and some of these
09:20 natural supplements I am just gonna
09:22 mention two of there is many we can mention
09:24 alternative to drugs and what drugs can do
09:27 and short coming drugs for depression
09:30 but two are produced by the body by the
09:33 way, one is called 5- Hydroxytryptophan,
09:37 5HTP. Let's go to our first graphic, well our
09:40 second graphic and lets see what this
09:42 particular supplement can do. We call this a nature's
09:47 antidepressant of the 17 reviewed clinical
09:51 studies 13 confirmed that 5-HTP has true
09:57 antidepressant properties. 5- HTP this stands for
10:04 5- Hydroxytryptophan. Alright and again,
10:07 this is another precursor to serotonin
10:13 alright, and so therefore with that in
10:14 mind our people can do that and the doses
10:18 based on clinical studies can range
10:20 anywhere from 100 to 300 mg/day and
10:26 suggest to take that in the evening, no more
10:29 than two months at a time. And a lot of people
10:32 who have taken this found to be,
10:35 have their depression symptoms either
10:39 reduced or eliminated. Alright, find in any
10:42 health food store as far as 5-HTP.
10:45 Now, there is another one that's very
10:48 profound, has a lot of clinical studies back
10:51 in this as well. Let's go to our last
10:53 graphic and let's see what this it may can
10:55 do as well. A proven track record, in over
11:00 40 clinical studies, SAM-e has demonstrated
11:06 the ability to enhance both serotonin and
11:11 dopamine levels eliminating or
11:14 decreasing symptoms of depression.
11:19 SAM-e sometimes is known, this is,
11:21 again this is produced in our body, but again
11:24 we can get this at any health food store as
11:26 well and this SAM-e, the doses with this is
11:31 about 40, 400mgs twice a day this has
11:35 been used for over 40 years. It's been very
11:39 efficacious for those who not receiving the
11:43 benefit they're hoping for and depression
11:46 drugs but also this is another way of using
11:50 some alternatives as far as that is
11:51 concerned. So, there's many other things out
11:53 there I didn't even mentioned St. Johns
11:55 Wort we know about that in Germany by
11:58 the way I just mentioned this point
11:59 right here, that in Germany you know Prozac,
12:04 Zoloft and Paxil, those are SSRI's
12:08 Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors.
12:11 In Germany, only two percent of the people
12:16 in the Germany use Prozac over 60
12:20 percent use St. John's Wort in
12:22 antidepressants. So, again they are
12:25 using a lot more natural remedies over
12:27 there then we use here in United States but
12:30 so that's the some of the things we can do
12:32 magnesium 400 mg it helps the brain cell
12:36 connection that very efficacious a lot more
12:39 we can offer but just want to give them
12:41 something they can go on as some
12:43 alternative to drug therapy.
12:45 Now, going with word of God,
12:48 I think someone might be asking a
12:49 question that is that are you talking about
12:51 all three of these things at one time or
12:52 you talking about one or the other,
12:54 yeah very good question yeah, it just depends
12:58 some people have very good results
13:01 from just a 5-HTP by itself alright,
13:05 and some people use that with St. John's
13:09 Wort, okay, or Valerian, okay, and
13:11 you have to you know work and see what
13:13 works best for you. Other people just use
13:16 St. John's Wort by itself, because
13:17 remember you have different degrees of depression.
13:19 You have mild, you have moderate,
13:21 you have severe, alright. So you may have to
13:23 also work with your dosage as well, and
13:26 work with your health care professional,
13:28 absolutely, so they can be aware that
13:31 you're doing those things as well.
13:32 So, again in the SAM-e of course, that's
13:36 another way of doing that some people find
13:38 good results just by that alone and nothing else.
13:40 Our combination there, but again
13:42 SAM-e and 5-HTP are produced in our
13:46 body in a way. So therefore you don't
13:48 have those adverse reaction that you
13:50 would normally get from the drug
13:51 mediation. Now, going to the word of
13:53 God 'cause you see our time's slipping
13:54 away, God has something to say
13:55 about depression and we're gonna close up
13:57 with another Biblical example as well,
13:59 you know in Psalms 42 okay, there's some
14:02 statements being made, and it says,
14:04 the soul cast down. So the Bible talks
14:06 about that as well, and in Psalms 42 it says
14:09 my soul is cast down within me and why art
14:14 thou cast down, O my soul? Oh! Okay, now here
14:17 whole chapter is dealing with this
14:19 of course David's writing and he is
14:21 talking about the soul being cast down and
14:24 then I like the fact because in the word
14:25 of God, even when something is going
14:28 on, even when we hear a story we will
14:30 see that God's promises and God
14:32 speaks also to us and so here in the
14:34 New Testament Second Corinthians
14:37 7:6 it says from God, God is a God of
14:42 comfort and he comforts those who
14:45 are cast down. Okay, Amen.
14:47 Now speaking of God comforting those
14:49 who are cast down means, that means we
14:51 then need to go to the word of God
14:54 and you have a story about someone whose
14:56 soul was cast down. Yeah, I called this,
14:59 we're gonna close up on this one, I call this
15:01 the prime example, a Biblical depression.
15:07 The best example in the word of God is
15:10 housed in I Kings 18 and also verse 19
15:15 now we're talking about Elijah, let me
15:17 just kind of summarize the story, some you
15:19 know the story I Kings chapter 18
15:22 and Elijah was a prophet by God for
15:25 God to the Northern part of Israel,
15:28 of course Israel the Northern Part they
15:29 had apostatized and started worshiping
15:31 other idols and worshiping Baal.
15:34 So, Elijah was sent there to straighten
15:36 things out and Baal's prophets were about
15:39 450 plus another 400 in a grove so
15:44 looking at 950 to one but Elijah with God is
15:51 the majority. So, he had the majority
15:53 on his side and here's the deal he said okay
15:56 look guys, we need to straighten this thing
15:57 out, you need to worship God so let's
15:59 go ahead and put this to a climax, on Mount
16:03 Carmel lets build a altar. You select the bullock,
16:07 I'll select one you go first put the bullock
16:11 on the altar and if fire comes down from
16:14 Heaven burn up your bullock then we know
16:17 that your God is the true God and then I'll
16:21 go next if it does the same with me then we
16:24 know that my God is the true God.
16:27 So, they went first, had the bullock and
16:29 had the altar there, they started in the
16:31 morning, noon until the evening and the
16:35 fire never came down and then Elijah said
16:38 okay, I want everybody to come close,
16:40 now it's my turn and he prepared the
16:43 bullock on the alter and to make matters
16:47 worse he said, I want you to pour water and
16:50 saturate the altar with water, okay, do it the
16:53 second time, do it the third time so make no
16:57 mistake about it, it was drenched wet
17:00 with water then he called on God himself
17:03 and fire came down, burn up the bullock,
17:05 the alter and also the water around the altar
17:08 as well, and it was just amazing, but now
17:11 there's something that happened because of
17:13 that and I want to read something, again we
17:16 introduced this author before on our last
17:18 program and this book called Prophets and Kings.
17:22 Talking about a prime example of depression
17:26 and so that event took place this is what happened.
17:31 He feared that the reformation that
17:34 began on Mount Carmel might not be
17:38 lasting; and get this folks and depression
17:43 seized him. And he decided never again to
17:49 look upon the face of man. So, because of this
17:54 grand event, when he feels that, wait a
17:57 minute, this might not last.
18:00 And that fear, that anticipation of fear
18:04 that it might not last, depression seized
18:08 him, one other thing that this author points
18:11 out she says that because he was
18:15 exalted above measure, sure and
18:20 when that happened then the author says
18:25 Elijah left hold of God's unchanging hand.
18:29 And I'm gonna fast forward this story,
18:32 so when that happened and King
18:34 Ahab told his wife Jezebel what happened.
18:37 Jezebel says Ahab said Elijah's life by
18:43 this time tomorrow Elijah you're gonna
18:45 die, he heard that and Elijah took off
18:48 running, we're gonna pick up this story
18:50 quickly in I Kings chapter 19 in verse 4,
18:54 listen to this, But he himself went a day's
18:58 journey into the wilderness, and came
19:00 and sat down under a juniper tree;
19:02 and he requested for himself that he might
19:05 die and said, It is enough, now, O Lord,
19:10 take away my life, for I am no better than
19:14 my father. One of the simplistic
19:16 of depression is that you wish to die,
19:19 you have no desire to live.
19:23 Elijah wished that he would die another
19:27 hallmark of depression is low self esteem or
19:31 worthlessness, he said here that I am
19:35 no better than my fathers. And so therefore he
19:39 went and God took him and he went up
19:43 on a mountain, long story short God came
19:47 to Elijah on the mountain first in a
19:51 hurricane then in an earthquake and then a
19:55 fire and the Bible says in I Kings chapter
19:57 19 verse 11 and 12 then God came to
20:00 Elijah in a still small voice. At that point in
20:07 time this author says depression was
20:11 silenced in a still small voice.
20:15 So, those who are watching you may be
20:17 depressed, you may know someone who is
20:19 depressed, going through those
20:20 depressive symptoms in a still small voice,
20:25 listen to God's call. Listen to the small
20:28 voice of the Holy Spirit and again
20:30 there's a sure remedy for depression.
20:33 Faith, prayer, and work. Therefore we want to
20:38 give you those truths today to beat depression,
20:42 to reach through the darkness into the
20:45 glorious life. Now, that means that
20:48 there is more to this depression because
20:50 you've only just started touching the
20:52 surface, yes, touching the surface, drugs and
20:54 alternative and a story by Elijah, there is so
20:57 much that can be said about that but we got
20:59 to go into kitchen so we have to pick that
21:01 up well, I'm feeling about that whole story
21:03 because God is also once again we're
21:05 going into the kitchen and we are gonna be
21:07 doing an apple salad ambrosia.
21:10 Get your paper and your pencil
21:11 and meet us in the kitchen.


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