Abundant Living

Depression: Unveiling The Culprits

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:02 Well, look at the final product, team work,
00:05 this is a squash casserole, alright,
00:07 very, very quick and easy to fix alright.
00:09 And it's a combination of using
00:11 squash green zucchini and also the crook
00:15 neck squash and like, and this is something
00:16 that some people do not like
00:18 either one of those too. Yeah, but when
00:20 they're put into a casserole in this
00:22 fashion and this can be acceptable,
00:24 acceptable. Well, we loved, we loved it,
00:27 you remember we had it, we had it, that's
00:29 what made me think about it.
00:31 And of course you always know that we
00:33 tweak it a little bit, we might get recipes but
00:36 we change it just a little tiny bit okay.
00:38 Alright, again this is your one of your cookbooks?
00:41 Supplemental pack, this is a new extension
00:43 to the global cookbook. Okay, it's supplemental
00:45 pack so again my wife has two cookbooks
00:48 and you have a supplement pack
00:50 which can be added to one of your
00:51 cookbooks, global, global cookbook,
00:54 alright okay, yes. Well, again this
00:56 is a part of our mental wellness series and
01:00 we will talk about more about mental
01:02 wellness in the coming weeks as well
01:03 as I mentioned before, the art of positive
01:06 thinking, don't be sad, seasonal effective
01:10 disorder, how to beat the blues and some
01:14 other Biblical principles as well, this one
01:16 Biblical example we're going to expound
01:18 on that maybe an eye opener as
01:19 far as that's concerned. So, I want you to stay
01:21 tuned in the coming weeks and more
01:23 recipes, and more recipes rest.
01:25 A lot of people like the cooking program.
01:27 Well, as always John 10:10, Jesus said
01:29 I come that they might have life and
01:33 have it more abundantly.


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