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00:01 Well, welcome back okay, this particular
00:04 recipe is one of our favorites and we are
00:06 gonna go to the screen and do this squash
00:09 casserole. Okay it sounds good honey.
00:12 It calls for:
00:42 Okay, squash, now a lot of people
00:45 may not like squash this is casserole so,
00:48 but you know squash is in that family of good
00:51 foods for us to eat you know, that's right,
00:52 we got the fiber there and it is really is a
00:54 matter of knowing how to work an actual
00:57 squash recipe, okay, almost similar to
01:00 people talk about same thing, we talk
01:01 about egg plant as well, we've got some
01:03 egg plant recipes this is a real good
01:05 one, they came actually from some
01:06 friends of ours in Florence we were
01:08 visiting yeah, doing our program, Killen,
01:11 Alabama, Killen, Alabama, also his
01:12 wife, yes, yeah, we doing we were
01:14 visiting, doing a week end of health out there and
01:17 his wonderful wife and the pastor fixed us real
01:20 good food everyday. One of them was this
01:22 squash one. And we have a squash
01:25 recipe in our book, this was a new one in
01:27 our supplemental pack alright, now
01:29 I remember, not only that we have squash
01:31 I have remember that's our first time
01:33 eating yellow watermelon. Yes, we had yellow
01:36 watermelon as well, that was, yeah, it was
01:38 great, it was great. Now, this recipe starts
01:40 off with using a soy margarine and you're
01:44 gonna go ahead on and chop up the rest
01:46 of those onions, 'cause about a cup of
01:47 onions go in there. I already showed you
01:49 how much we're gonna have and while
01:50 you're doing that I'm gonna go ahead on
01:52 and put in this our margarine and this
01:55 margarine is 2 tbsps and we're gonna also
01:58 add our fructose and this is 1 tsp of
02:04 fructose and also 1 tsp of the sea salt.
02:09 I am getting fast with this, you're getting
02:10 better, you getting better, you're getting
02:12 better, sure, we're gonna stir this around
02:13 a little bit 'cause I'm waiting for you to
02:15 give those onions and you can get those to
02:16 me, and yeah, they're gonna go in there,
02:17 okay, just go ahead and put them inside that, alright.
02:20 Put the fructose and with the rest of the
02:23 onions to that. Yes, please, alright,
02:25 so we've got those all going together and if
02:27 you would you have to get all the
02:28 goodies out, if you would give me nice a
02:31 spoon right there, give me a spoon a white
02:33 one right there please? This one, so we got
02:35 the spoon going, you know I have passed
02:37 the spoon to you, I noticed that.
02:39 Yes, okay, then I am gonna go ahead on
02:41 and put in the rest of the ingredients which
02:43 is going to be the bread crumbs,
02:46 season bread crumbs we're also gonna put
02:49 in our whole wheat pastry flour.
02:51 Now, these bread crumbs that you get
02:53 them already seasoned I mean you don't have
02:54 to, get them already seasoned but if there
02:56 is, if you know, really and truly a lot of
02:58 times I would make up my own you know
03:00 we have got the extra bread left,
03:02 laying around the crust of the bread or
03:06 you know bread pieces are a day old,
03:08 whatever, okay, you know I just put them
03:09 inside the oven you cut them up, put them
03:11 in oven, cut them up, you know brown
03:13 them on both sides, put a little bit of
03:14 seasoning inside of it and you've got own
03:16 bread crumbs, so, okay, you know either
03:18 way, okay, either way, and then I am
03:19 gonna go ahead on now and I am gonna
03:21 put in and this is a soy margarine a soy
03:24 mayonnaise, I am using, there's
03:26 many in the market so. Yeah, we're trying to
03:29 of course you know because we do all
03:31 vegan cooking, we're gonna go ahead and
03:33 put in, no animal products, no animal
03:35 products. Nothing that has a face or a
03:37 mother, hey you know what I am saying,
03:39 you know what I am saying, or cousin or
03:40 relative. That means uncle and aunt, okay.
03:44 I think they got the idea. I think they did
03:46 too, take those away from me, how you put
03:47 those down a little bit lower there and I'm
03:49 gonna go ahead and just stir this up,
03:51 like I said, it's a quick recipe easy and it's
03:53 very colorful it has the color of two
03:56 combinations of the yellow crookneck and
04:00 a zucchini as well. And the reason why
04:02 you had the two colors, just for statics or
04:05 I mean just, no that's actually how she
04:06 made the recipe up, oh that's okay,
04:07 you know with the two combinations, okay.
04:09 And I'm telling you the thing that's so
04:11 amazing is when you put in the zucchini
04:14 I am gonna have you go ahead and slowly
04:16 put the crooked, the yellow squash for me,
04:18 just go ahead and put it in.
04:19 Okay, okay, and we are just gonna stir that up
04:22 a little bit there oh, give me all the
04:24 goodies. Oh! Thank you, you're welcome.
04:27 And then we're gonna go ahead from here
04:29 and we're gonna put in that zucchini, well
04:32 you want to make sure which you coat
04:34 this squash itself, you want to coat it and
04:37 then lets go ahead and put in that zucchini.
04:39 Put in the zucchini, that went in without,
04:43 without any, trying to host it in there and
04:47 you know at this point what we're gonna do
04:49 is gonna take it and it goes in the oven,
04:52 its gonna go in the oven, I've got here
04:54 believe it or not a combination you
04:56 wanna save a little bit of your bread crumbs
04:58 because you're gonna mix that with a vegan
05:00 Parmesan alternative and then you're gonna
05:02 sprinkle that on top of your casserole.
05:04 So what we're gonna do it takes 350
05:05 degrees and you're not gonna cover it you
05:07 actually put it in the oven for about 30
05:09 minutes and it will be ready to go so when we
05:12 come back you will see the
05:13 finished product so stay by.


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