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The Cancer Fighters

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Program transcript

Participants: Paula Eakins (Host), Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00169C

00:01 Well, look at the finished products,
00:03 finished products I'm telling you we have
00:06 made a green and orange salad, yes we
00:09 have and then we've made fish cakes and on
00:12 top of that, golden brown, we've got our
00:14 Skillet Cabbage and we have our Savory Red
00:19 Beans, the cancer fighters. I'm telling you
00:22 its good alright good, good, good, good,
00:24 wonderful my dear. Now how about the
00:26 sampling the, what about the fish cake
00:28 baby? Now we're going to wait till the show is
00:29 over Curtis. Okay, the show is just about over
00:31 now, then we'll get everything we're
00:33 supposed to get at the end of the show, so
00:36 we've gonna have to wait? Yes sir, yes sir,
00:37 yes sir, okay well, are you planning on saying
00:38 that okay alright, alright. Everything is
00:40 ready this, all the cancer fighter foods very, very
00:42 colorful beautiful in presentation and
00:45 anybody, anybody can do this, very easy to
00:49 prepare it's very easy to prepare and of course
00:51 and those who may not even have cancer, this is
00:54 just a good food to eat on a daily basis, alright.
00:56 Absolutely, absolutely. Okay well I'll tell you
00:58 what, as always we close with John 10:10,
01:01 Jesus said I come that they might have life and
01:05 have it more abundantly. See you next time.


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