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00:02 Now this is next recipe is fantastic because it's
00:05 actually called Skillet Cabbage. Lets look at
00:08 the recipe, okay. It calls for:
00:31 Okay, now you're talking about a
00:32 anticancer meal. Talk about anticancer, yes
00:35 indeed. This is it right here. Yes indeed, yes
00:37 indeed. The cabbage and what I'm doing
00:39 right now is I'm just getting ready to put in
00:40 the olive oil so we can get nice and going
00:42 there, because we're gonna use the onions
00:45 and garlic to start off, we're gonna smell the
00:47 place up. Alright, okay give me a spatula over
00:49 there Curtis please, alright. I'm sorry, one of
00:52 these, this particular one, the second actually
00:56 just move this around the pan, cabbage
01:00 family, the cabbage family, how about we
01:02 talk about that while I'm put this together, yeah
01:04 cabbage family, the Brussels sprouts,
01:05 broccoli in particular, that's a lot of research
01:08 done on this whole family, particularly
01:11 they're cruciferous of what we call it and John
01:14 Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland have a case
01:17 of Broccoli in particular as a cancer fighter to
01:21 assist those going through cancer treatment.
01:24 So this is very profound as far as anticancer food.
01:28 Anticancer, but the cabbage is part of that
01:30 family as well so cabbage can be
01:32 included as well. And you know in that
01:33 cabbage family also we got the broccoli and you
01:36 say we got Brussels sprouts and we have, in
01:39 the cabbage, in the cabbage family, those
01:40 are main ones, there's others too but those are
01:43 the main ones in that family. People have said
01:45 to me things like well I heard they were
01:47 cruciferous, what exactly is that? Well,
01:49 that's actually the family we just talked
01:50 about, the cabbage, the broccoli, the cabbage
01:52 through all apart that group as well. Kale and
01:55 also kale greens and also collard greens are
01:57 part of that family too. Well, I want to go
01:59 ahead and start putting the cabbage on top, yes
02:02 indeed. Yeah we did a program one time, I
02:05 heard them say can she possibly get all that
02:06 cabbage in that pan and the answer is yes we
02:09 can, yes we can alright. And you're gonna make
02:12 it you know shred it and all we're gonna do at
02:16 this point is take our seasonings and we've
02:19 got seasonings, we're gonna put on top and
02:22 these seasonings are sweet basil, the tarragon
02:24 and also a little bit of salt, we're gonna put
02:27 our lid on, I haven't done the cayenne
02:29 pepper yet. Oh put a lid on top of that, let that
02:31 cook down a little bit, last one, yes, it actually
02:33 will cook down. Okay. It is fantastic and it
02:36 keeps you from having a lot of people say to
02:38 get fallacious when they do cabbage. Okay. Well
02:39 we don't get it, because we're not using that
02:41 water, the water is already in the cabbage,
02:42 it will baste its own self and you know what, we
02:45 still got one more recipe, so let's go to the
02:48 last recipe.
03:11 Now, this a real good one very, very quick
03:15 and easy to make, all you have to do is put
03:17 your oil in your pan and we're go to start up,
03:19 Savory Red Beans, we're going to start, this
03:21 is really good one Curtis, talk a little bit
03:22 about the Red Beans, how good are the Beans
03:25 as far as cancer fighting... of course the legume family, any
03:28 of the legume family is part of the anticancer
03:30 program. Particularly, a lot of good research on
03:33 colon cancer in particular. So,
03:36 according to the America institute of
03:38 cancer research, they've done a lot of research
03:41 on that and so Red Beans is part of legume
03:44 family and the fiber as well, I think that's one
03:47 of the reasons why this is just, it has a lot of
03:50 anticancer properties and it's very beautiful in
03:52 color, you know, yes it is, it has color in
03:54 everything and this one, this one has like I said a
03:56 cumin, the coriander, the chickens-style
03:58 seasoning and the onion powder and all we're
04:00 gonna to do is just sprinkle that right on
04:02 top, and all, there is all the seasonings, the
04:06 longer it sits the better it gets, you know and the
04:07 seasonings is beautiful. Yes. And what we're
04:09 going to do is we're going to put that top of
04:10 one and it just simmers as it comes to a boil and
04:12 then it simmers and then after it simmers,
04:15 it's ready to go how about that. And that fast
04:18 and easy, easy and fast. Now this can be, well
04:21 not really a one dish meal, but what would
04:23 you have with this. You can serve this up with
04:25 brown rice, okay. Because brown rice is a
04:27 real good idea to put it with brown rice if you
04:29 think all the food we showed you is just too
04:30 much for you to eat okay, then always of
04:32 course send us some of it, but anyway you
04:35 know what can I say. So brown rice and
04:37 brown rice can go with this dish and you've
04:39 have one dish and you've got the fish and
04:41 all the other ones as well, you know. Okay.
04:44 And so, it just simmers for about 10 minutes on
04:46 low, okay and we get to sample some of this at
04:49 the end, you're gonna get to sample, sample
04:50 some of it at the very end you know and once
04:53 again all these recipes are available in our
04:55 cook book. Okay alright, alright. Well,
04:58 what we're going to do is we're going to go
05:00 away and we' re going to come back and we're
05:02 going to show you the final products, so stay by.


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