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00:01 People often asked me the question, are there
00:03 foods that actually help fight cancer? The
00:05 answer is yes, and on today's show we are
00:09 going to talk about those cancer fighting
00:11 foods, so stay by.
00:41 Well, welcome to Abundant Living, I am
00:44 Paula Eakins and this is my husband Curtis
00:47 Eakins. Thank you very much and we're glad to
00:51 be able with you today. Yes we are. And we've
00:53 got some exciting foods that we're going to be
00:55 talking about today on the show. And these are
00:57 the cancer fighting foods. Cancer fighting
00:59 foods. The cancer fighters. Yes, as a
01:01 matter of fact all the foods that we're going
01:03 to be doing on the show today are the foods that
01:05 are recommended by the American Cancer
01:06 Society and lots of color, believe it or not
01:10 people are surprised because the cancer
01:11 society Curtis actually talks about more fruits
01:14 and more vegetables and also talks about
01:16 more whole grain foods as well. So all those
01:19 type of foods are going to be on the show and
01:21 also talk about more of the legume family as
01:24 well. Legumes are going to be on the
01:25 show. And less of the meats are red meat, yes
01:27 and so therefore it's a good combination, yes,
01:30 lower in red meats and sometimes some people
01:32 take no meats at all no meats and also increase
01:35 the fruits and vegetables and also that also means
01:37 as we've always talked about on Abundant
01:39 Living that also means lowering that salt
01:41 amount, lowering that sugar amount, all those
01:43 also a key as well. Now just thinking about it to,
01:45 those maybe watching for the first time, we've
01:47 said this many times before in Abundant Living.
01:49 God's original diet is a plant based diet,
01:52 absolutely, and therefore is a Genesis 1:29
01:56 it's a plant based diet.
02:00 Hmm. And with that in mind there is a lot of
02:02 fruits, there is a lot of vegetables, legumes,
02:04 whole grains and no meat at all. So again
02:07 that's what the American Cancer Society
02:09 is moving closer to that diet as well.
02:10 Well, you know we're going to be doing a lot
02:12 of color and stuff on this program and you
02:14 know I hope they have their pencil and their
02:15 paper out because you know we're gonna go to
02:17 our very first, first recipe, okay, which is a
02:20 green and orange salad, let's look at the recipe.
02:23 It calls for:
02:43 and we're gonna use that for
02:45 garnish. Okay, so this is not your typical tossed
02:48 salad you know you have the fruit in here.
02:51 I kind of call it a fruity salad really because it
02:53 does have a orange in that, it has grape and
02:54 also has a pear as well, alright. Alright. And
02:57 notice that when I said romaine, you can use
03:00 romaine lettuce you can use other green leaf
03:03 lettuce, you can use red leaf and for color I've
03:06 got a combination of the romaine and the red
03:08 leaf lettuce as well. Now one of the things
03:10 that I'm going to do Curtis is, I'm going to
03:12 take the lettuce and I'm going to just start
03:15 breaking it up and I do that because if you
03:17 break it with your fingers it will not turn
03:19 on you like it would if you use a sharp knife on
03:21 it, oh okay. If you use a sharp knife of course it
03:23 will turn brown and it's a little bit of a, matter of
03:26 few seconds with good oxidation. Okay, so
03:28 we're gonna to use the romaine and red
03:32 leaf combination, it's going to make a real
03:33 nice presentation. Now, I noticed she almost
03:35 said iceberg, you said that were ice and the
03:38 reason... why aren't we using iceberg
03:41 in this particular one? Oh you're asking me the
03:42 question. Yeah, I'm asked you that question.
03:44 Oh okay that wasn't really in the script. Aha!
03:45 But I'll answer anyway because you asked.
03:48 Okay. Iceberg is basically 98% water,
03:51 that's right, 98 so again myself go ahead and
03:54 drink some water, but no nutritional value, no
03:58 nutritional value basically at all in iceberg lettuce,
04:00 so we're using this romaine and red
04:02 romaine and or green leaf or red combination.
04:06 Okay, okay now I'm gonna tell right now
04:08 what we got here is we got a couple of things,
04:10 number one in your group over there you
04:12 have the lemon juice and you also have a
04:14 Tarragon and you've got the canola and I'm
04:17 going to set this over to the side for a minute here
04:19 because this is the Navel Orange and I'm
04:21 going to cut the orange up to put inside the
04:23 salad, while I'm doing that you can go ahead
04:25 on and begin putting your combination
04:26 together, which is going to be your lemon juice,
04:28 lemon juice, the canola and you've got the
04:30 Tarragon and also, put all these three in here,
04:33 aha and you're going to squish that up, so I'm
04:35 gonna go ahead and peel that orange. Okay,
04:37 and I like the Navel Oranges, it's sweet
04:40 alright and it's a real simple one to put
04:44 together and you know what, sometimes when
04:46 you do lettuce Curtis you'll discover that
04:48 salad within a day or so will wilt on you. I like
04:54 this one because of the lemon and also the
04:57 orange, this salad will last a couple of days
05:00 believe it or not, okay. I'll take off the rest of
05:03 this white here. And speaking of the cancer
05:05 fighting foods, the lemon, orange, the
05:09 lemony, that's whole family has some cancer
05:12 fighters in there as well so this is a good cancer
05:16 fighting, a good starter, a good starter, salad
05:18 yes. A cancer fighting salad and what about
05:21 the red grapes? Now red grape is very
05:24 powerful, it's been clinically proven to be a
05:27 very powerful anticancer properties,
05:31 particularly in the skin of the red grape, we
05:33 called that resveratrol. So the red grape is very
05:36 powerful in initiation and promotion stage,
05:39 those are the first two stages of cancer
05:41 development and the red grape has shown to
05:44 really slow it down, or halt, the stages in those
05:47 two stages of cancer. Now again, a lot of
05:49 people ask what about grape juice, now grape
05:51 juice does not have resveratrol. Now
05:54 alcohol does have it but of course the alcohol,
05:56 red wine I should say, but alcohol because it's
05:59 also a cancer promoter, so that's not the best
06:01 choice. So the red grape, particularly skin
06:03 of the red grape and the Thompson or the green
06:05 grape does not have resveratrol. So looking
06:07 at the red grape. You want to make sure that
06:09 you get the red grape, the red grape, and what
06:11 about that dark blue grape? How can that,
06:14 can that help at all? Well, the dark blue
06:15 grape does not have resveratrol and that
06:17 what we want, but it does have high in
06:20 antioxidants properties, once again is a inhibitor
06:25 of the free radicals and I won't get into a lot of
06:28 detail here but again we need antioxidants,
06:31 because by breathing, by oxygen exchange we
06:34 produce free radicals. So therefore, just like if
06:38 you cut a apple, once the air hits the apple,
06:41 the apple turns, what will prevent that apple
06:44 from turning, you put something that has
06:46 antioxidant, which is lemon juice. Okay. So
06:48 that's the way that works. So, we got a
06:50 combination and we got that lemon. I'm just
06:52 gonna to take it up at this side of the, this
06:54 orange. Okay, looking good baby. There are on
06:56 the top of that, alright, and as I said before we
06:58 have our pears, I'm just kind of cut them and
07:01 we're gonna put them pears around, you know
07:03 we had this not too long ago, when you liked
07:05 this combination also. Yes, been a while but
07:07 I'll be having again today. Yes, sounds
07:10 good. Now this is in your, this is one of your
07:13 recipes, I know we're just putting it together,
07:14 we have supplemental pack now, that's true,
07:16 and in these combinations, these
07:17 things that we're doing this particular one is
07:19 going to be in a supplemental pack
07:21 okay, oh okay, put the grapes on there, red
07:23 grapes, red grapes that one your favorites, with
07:26 the skins, yes I like all types of grapes. But you
07:29 know this recipe is really a recipe that I've
07:31 seen sometimes ago and I use it. It talked about
07:35 taking the grape and cutting the grape in
07:39 half, yeah. Well. I like the grape on top just
07:41 like that, I think it has a pretty presentation
07:43 alright. And what we're going to do now is just
07:45 take this combination, we're just wanna
07:48 drizzle, and we're gonna drizzle it on top. Okay,
07:50 alright. I'll let you do that, I'm gonna to move
07:55 that over toward you and you can drizzle that
07:57 for us, just gonna drizzle a little bit, just
07:59 all around and make sure you get that right
08:00 there in the middle there. Yes, and that's
08:04 also a pretty presentation, that has a
08:05 peppermint also, okay baby, yes baby. Okay.
08:10 How about that honey? That is wonderful. It's
08:12 wonderful just marvelous, just
08:14 marvelous, see how fast we that, we have it, the
08:16 salad is ready to go, you know and that's a salad
08:20 and you know the roughage, the salad is
08:21 very, very good, not just once again for just
08:25 a cancer fighter but we should have that
08:26 roughage, you know, everyday. Right. Put
08:29 that roughage in and it's very, very good for the
08:30 body system. Coloring once again, I like about
08:32 the whole food group when we talk bout
08:34 cancer fighters, it's coloring. Yes, you
08:37 know God put and place into this particular
08:40 family, when we talk about the fruits and the
08:41 vegetables and the whole grain, he put
08:43 those colors there to entice us, because we
08:46 eat with our eyes absolutely, absolutely.
08:48 It must look appealing. Well I know one thing,
08:50 I know people ask me a question that is, they
08:52 say okay, okay what other foods can we
08:54 possibly use? Well, how about we're going
08:56 to actually be doing a fish cake. We're going
08:59 to make fish cakes, fish cakes, fish cakes, so
09:02 let's go to the actual recipe, okay.
09:04 It calls for:
09:40 Now, I know people ask
09:48 the question is it possible to make Mock
09:49 Fish Patty. Is it possible? and the
09:51 answer is, yes it is, yes it is. As a matter of fact
09:53 we're going to put some different things in this,
09:55 our food processor and you're going to be
09:57 amazed, you wait till you make it, you're
09:59 going to be really shocked. Now this is a
10:00 vegetarian show. Now, yes it is, plant based so,
10:02 this okay and I already said Mock Fish Patties,
10:04 Mock, okay and so they call for 1 cup of water
10:07 and then it called for the 1 cup of actually yellow
10:11 split peas. Okay. And what happens is as you
10:13 put the water in there and let it sit overnight
10:15 in a container, it will actually soften up the
10:18 peas itself and believe it or not it will yield over
10:21 two cups of yellow split peas, how about that,
10:25 look at that, this is all that, well it just swell
10:27 up, okay I'm gonna to go ahead on and start in
10:29 if you give me a spatula there Curtis because
10:31 this has quite a few things that actually go
10:32 in it. I'm gonna go ahead on and put in the
10:35 split peas first. Now you can get split peas at
10:37 any grocery store, any grocery store, yellow
10:39 split peas, okay yellow split peas, we have the
10:40 green split peas all of those are in your
10:42 regular grocery store, your local grocery store
10:44 okay. So, it's not being as hard to find okay
10:48 people always say looks like corn but it's not
10:49 corn as you given, it went to the side there
10:52 okay. Now, next what we're going to do
10:54 Curtis, is we're gonna put all of the
10:55 ingredients in while I'm getting ready to do that,
10:57 I would like for you we got the garlic right
10:59 there, okay, I'm gonna go ahead and cut the
11:01 onions up real, real quick here. Well me
11:03 too, you go ahead into the garlic and I put the
11:04 garlic in there and we're going to put the onions
11:07 in and you would know because it's going to go
11:08 in the food processor, it can actually be large
11:11 pieces so you know we don't have to worried
11:13 about it because the food processor is going
11:14 to actually break it all up anyway, alright.
11:16 Talking about the cancer fighters, about
11:18 the cancer fighters, garlic is a powerful
11:19 cancer fighter yes, yes and I guess onion
11:22 because it's a cousin. Well yeah, onion is in
11:23 the same family. Yes, I'm going to be putting
11:26 together also, here's our celery, I know that's
11:28 another good one of those cancer fighters
11:30 foods, big chunks of celery is going in there
11:33 as well and I'm gonna put that in, I mean we
11:37 just putting it all in there, how about that
11:39 and don't cut them up too fine because it's
11:41 gonna to go round in it baby. Okay, it's too late
11:42 now baby I'm finished. Okay let's go ahead on
11:44 it okay and we're gonna go ahead and dump that
11:46 in and we're gonna go ahead and get some
11:48 more parsley, I mean this is the celery, gonna
11:50 put that in okay and we'll finish there, if you
11:54 will take that parsley there for me and you
11:56 can go ahead and break that up a little bit, here
11:58 we go, that's gonna go in also. Okay. Alright.
12:01 You want me just to kind of chop this up a
12:02 little bit. Yeah, now isn't parsley another one
12:04 of those cancer fighting foods just, just cut it
12:06 half that's all you have to do. Oh okay, okay
12:08 because I'm gonna go ahead on and I'm gonna
12:10 put in the instant oats, oh and lets move it all
12:15 around, all around and move oats. Now roll
12:18 oats won't work, no this is instant oats, instant
12:20 oats, you need instant. You got to get this
12:21 particular one. Just checking, just checking,
12:22 alright. Now what you can do is we can go
12:24 ahead on, lets take the parsley, now again you
12:28 just said fish cakes, because right now,
12:30 looking at this, I know so far I know I know
12:33 yeah okay I understand, I understand, I'm just
12:37 checking, that's right, this is the fish cake
12:38 recipe. That's right. They're gonna to be
12:40 calling in on this one, okay and this is one of
12:42 our family favorite ones anywhere every time
12:43 we make this up you know and okay we got
12:45 that in there and you now what, I'm gonna
12:48 start the first spin and then we're gonna to add
12:50 the other ingredients to this also as well, okay.
12:53 We want to make sure that you get all those
13:08 split peas in, so just kind of turn around a
13:10 little bit. Now did the split peas have to be the
13:12 yellow ones, yeah for this particular recipe
13:14 you know everything, because there are
13:16 different colors for peas. Yeah everything
13:17 is about aesthetics and the color, we're going to
13:19 try to make, we're gonna make these into
13:20 Fish Patties. So you want, the coloring is
13:21 very, very important, because you eat with
13:23 our eyes okay. I want to turn this back on again
13:25 and we're gonna to go ahead and spin it. Now,
13:34 what I'm going to do now is I'm going to start
13:36 putting in all the rest of the ingredients, to make
13:39 this patty up alright. We have the lime, we're
13:46 going to put in, Curtis and we're gonna add in,
13:48 we got our other spices here, the coconut,
13:52 coconut and okay the pimentos, I'm going to
13:55 go ahead on and pour those on top. Now this
13:56 our lime juice, okay fresh lime juice, we got
14:01 the time, we're gonna put that in the
14:04 seasoning, thyme in time. Now we got the salt
14:06 there as well, sea salt in there. I'm gonna put the
14:08 coconut and this, put the lemon and the
14:10 coconut, this is the secret, this is the secret
14:12 that actually gives it that texture when you
14:14 bite into it, as though it's actually fish. So,
14:18 we're revealing all of our secrets in this show
14:19 now, well it's alright, ' cause they're going to
14:21 seeing it, they can know anyway, that's alright
14:22 okay, okay that's alright. It is pretty, it's
14:24 not only that, it's pretty. Okay and then lastly
14:27 we're gonna to put the in the kelp, and this is
14:29 what really gives it the fish, that's really brings
14:31 that out, the kelp, the flavor yeah, gonna put
14:34 the kelp in there alright. Gonna put that lid back
14:36 on top of that, very good, spin it again.
14:38 Moving it down and this is the last time and
14:57 you can see, see it's making the sauce
14:58 becoming yes. It's getting that texture like
15:01 that of Patties and you know what, we're going
15:04 to go ahead and put that in the Curtis and you're,
15:06 I talked about that canola oil, okay that
15:08 we're going to be using and you know we
15:10 always talk about heat your skillet up, so go
15:12 ahead and get your skillet it ready to go.
15:13 Okay. Turn it on, which you want to about
15:15 maybe 300, about 300, let's put it on 300 okay
15:18 and I'm going to, once I spin this, the next time
15:21 around, because we are making the Patties to
15:23 put in there. Now you know once again we
15:25 said before and we'll say it again when we're
15:27 talking about trying to cut back on the fats and
15:30 the oils in the diet and whether it's cancer
15:32 fighter foods or heart disease or diabetes, then
15:35 we want to make sure that we don't use as
15:37 much as a recipe might call for, alright. Okay.
15:39 Now, this one says for the three tablespoons,
15:41 because we're going to make a lot of Patties
15:42 right. What I'm going to do we always started
15:44 heating up our skillet, if you heat the skillet first,
15:46 then you actually use less oil alright and so
15:50 that's going to heat up and then you're going to
15:52 take and pour a little bit of your oil in there.
15:53 Meanwhile, I'm going to go ahead and
15:55 continue to spin this around. So, I stop
15:57 pouring the oil in here, now yeah, it's heated,
16:00 you can give me that larger bowl over there. Okay,
16:02 give me that bowl right there, what I would do
16:03 is I'm gonna pour this in here we get done. So
16:05 just do about maybe half of it, that's enough,
16:07 that's enough. Okay and then you have a spatula
16:09 over there, you can kind of move it around
16:11 inside there, okay. I'm going to meanwhile go
16:12 and do this one more time. That's it, one
16:29 more, I said one more. Now we can make
16:33 patties out of those, we can make patties okay,
16:35 Now what I usually do is turn this off, lift
16:44 this up, okay and we're gonna pour the
16:50 contents. Let me get that middle one out. I
16:52 can hold it by my finger there, okay, believe it or
16:55 not, okay. So now this is to substance for the
16:58 fish patties, this is for the fish patties and you
17:00 just to finish making a comment about the
17:02 parsley, yes, and how important, the lemon
17:04 juice is, all the goodies in here, right, you know
17:07 of course the split peas is in the legume family,
17:10 legume family. Okay, that's true and so with
17:11 that in mind we got the legumes in here as well.
17:13 This makes it wonderful... yeah, you can put
17:17 that over there for me. Okay. Thank you. And
17:19 we're gonna go ahead on and do get that in
17:23 there alright. Now we're gonna to just do a few
17:25 of the patties because at the end of the show I
17:28 will be showing you what that looks like,
17:29 you got that going over there and now we need
17:33 a nice spoon. I'm going to go ahead and spray
17:35 my hands because I'm getting ready to really
17:37 get me a spoon there aha, I'm gonna spray
17:41 my hands, wanna spray it in my hands, it will
17:44 help to give me a better, no, no give me that give
17:48 me the white one, give me the white spoon,
17:50 that's one. My hands are slippery, slippery,
17:54 slippery okay and okay, got to put that, just
18:00 make a circle out of it and we're going to, now
18:02 we play Ms. Patty Cakes, fish patties, I'm
18:07 going to lay it right there, okay and now
18:09 this recipe of course you can use to make up
18:13 the fish patties, but I'm going to tell you, it
18:14 actually will make about 15 patties alright,
18:20 it's a nice amount okay and it goes very well
18:23 with a whole wheat bread, some tartar
18:26 sauce. Now you got tartar sauce in your
18:29 cook book right, okay, okay. And we're going
18:32 to take that now, guess what if you say okay
18:34 what else can I do with that you can also make
18:37 fish sticks alright as well and just makes
18:40 them smaller, just make them smaller and
18:42 longer, that's right, you got fish sticks okay. It's
18:45 amazing, I like this recipe after you make it
18:48 up, after you brown on both sides, nice golden
18:51 brown, then what you would do is you put it
18:53 in the oven. And the temperature is going to
18:55 be about 325 degrees okay, and you will
18:59 actually let it bake for about 25 minutes,
19:01 because remember now, we got split peas and
19:03 stuff in it, so we wanna make sure that the
19:04 middle of it is not soft, okay. Alright, that will
19:07 actually harden it, harden it out okay. I
19:10 know we had this last night and the whole
19:12 wheat bun and lettuce and tomatoes and that's
19:16 was very good eating. One more, one more,
19:18 okay one more going here, okay, alright, and
19:22 fish patties, look at my hands, my hands I think
19:25 greasy, I'll let you do that I'm not getting my
19:26 hands dirty. I start to ask you Curtis I said
19:28 you know, you know maybe Curtis might
19:30 want, want to get, no, you're doing a good job
19:32 baby, go ahead and do this himself, you know,
19:33 you're doing a good job okay. Now, if you
19:35 would give me a little bit more oil down this,
19:36 this end down here. Okay. Then, just a little
19:39 bit down there, just down the aside and it
19:41 will be here on this corner and that way we
19:42 can make sure all of it turns nice and brown
19:44 okay and we're going to turn our fire up okay
19:48 and that's going to get, should I cover this,
19:50 and we're going put the lid on top and what will
19:52 happen is once it browns, it will brown
19:54 on one side, okay, nice golden brown and it
19:57 will also turn a nice golden brown on the
20:00 second side as well. And then at that point
20:02 you just take and lay them on a cookie sheet,
20:04 one layer at a time and when you do that,
20:06 within ten minutes they're ready to go. Oh
20:09 okay, maybe I'll take a break and what you
20:11 need, that's where you take a break, because
20:13 we still got a couple more recipes to work
20:15 with, this is not over yet, so stay by.


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