Abundant Living

Grab Bag!

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Program transcript

Participants: Paula Eakins (Host), Curtis Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL00168C

00:02 Look at the final product. Okay, this is it.
00:06 It looks gorgeous, nice layers.
00:08 Looking on the sides. It actually yeah,
00:09 it actually will feed close to about 16 people.
00:12 Oh 16 okay. 16 people have cup size alright and,
00:16 now you have some wafers in the glass there.
00:21 Yeah because I knew that when this show
00:22 was coming to an end, that you were going
00:24 to be asking me because you know you
00:25 love some vanilla wafers so I figured that
00:27 I have these here on the side. But what about
00:29 the rest of the. That has to chill for at least
00:31 an hour, so we're gonna that chill till the show
00:33 is over. Oh okay, so you're gonna feed me right,
00:36 now because I got one eye on the wafer.
00:39 and one eye on the clock. Good. Oh we need to close.
00:46 As always, John 10:10, Jesus said I come
00:48 that they might have life and have
00:52 it more abundantly. See you next time.


Revised 2014-12-17