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00:01 Welcome back we have a wonderful recipe
00:04 that's actually kind of dedicated to all of you
00:06 who actually have supported and encouraged
00:08 us in our ministry and this particular
00:11 one is a dessert, it's called a Berry & Lemon
00:15 Pudding Trifle let's go to the recipe.
00:20 It calls for:
00:38 Well, this is a real good one Curtis.
00:40 This is a easy one to make up.
00:41 It sounds good baby. And we got our food
00:43 processor ready to go. I'm gonna go ahead
00:45 on and put in the silken, need the silken tofu,
00:49 they workout so much better when you're trying
00:51 to make this dessert, but you want something
00:52 very soft and smooth. We're gonna put them
00:55 in and we're gonna put our top on and
00:57 we're gonna let them blend for a minute,
00:58 before I put in the soy milk okay. Okay. Alright.
01:15 Alright, take them, then turn it around
01:16 a little bit here. Make sure we get all the
01:19 goodies, all the goodies, all the goodies okay.
01:24 This is a Trifle. This is a Trifle. Well it's actually
01:26 named after the dish that we are gonna putting
01:27 it in believe it or not. Okay.
01:29 Okay let's turn it and go again.
01:44 And the next time we're just gonna get
01:46 everything in, now I'm gonna turn it back
01:48 on and when I turn it back on I'm gonna
01:50 actually put in then the pudding mixes,
01:54 Lemon Mate pudding mix.
02:26 Curtis it's a very simple recipe to make. Yes.
02:28 It's easy to do as you can see and you know
02:30 what any, we uses tofu, you wanna make sure
02:34 you use some type of a silken type tofu,
02:37 'cause we need something very very soft and
02:39 then a pudding mix that will actually blend
02:40 very well with this. This is a very last.
02:43 Now this can be purchased at a lot of your major
02:44 stores. Major stores right now and you know
02:47 we always had a policy, we always say if you
02:49 see it, you know you might wanna go into
02:50 the store and tell people you know I saw
02:52 it on 3ABN. You know and can you give it for me.
02:54 That's right. I wanna turn this on one last time.
03:04 And Curtis, I'm gonna have you move this
03:06 into that nice bowl right there.
03:11 Now we did this before. Okay you're gonna
03:15 put it in there, I'm going to move this out
03:17 of the way and this is nice yeah.
03:21 It's nice and thick now, see.
03:25 Just pour it in there and I've got a couple
03:29 of things here that I'm gonna be doing.
03:30 Number one is I'm gonna actually make this
03:31 dish up and so as he's putting that in here and
03:34 getting all the goodies out and everything,
03:36 because its just a matter of putting it all together
03:38 after that. Okay. So take the blade out I guess.
03:43 Okay honey let me help you with that.
03:45 Okay. Take the blade. Make sure you hold that
03:48 because I may need to clean that blade.
03:51 Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's nice and smooth.
03:55 Nice and smooth. Now this is Vanilla has other
03:58 flavors too. Well this is lemon, oh lemon.
04:00 This is the lemon. Okay and it has vanilla.
04:01 Yeah. It has another flavor too,
04:04 but we're not going to discuss that.
04:05 That's right let me just put on,
04:06 I will scope this down too honey. Okay.
04:08 Just scoop the rest of that in there and what
04:10 I'm gonna do I'm gonna get all that on.
04:13 This is a nice flavor. This helps to make this
04:16 dish really good. Now you've done this also
04:18 and put them in Popsicle sticks and freeze them
04:21 right, pretty good for that. Okay let's put
04:24 that in there, oops. Okay, okay, now here comes
04:29 the real put together, would you put that
04:31 back over there for me too with that under also.
04:34 Alright. Now what we're gonna do
04:35 is I'm gonna take my wafers.
04:39 I'm gonna put the wafers in the bottom of my
04:40 dish okay. We put them in there and we're
04:46 gonna put one lemon flap first,
04:49 so you get the bottom and then we're gonna
04:50 lay some round the sides there and
04:53 what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead
04:54 and put some of the mix right on top.
04:58 Okay just lay it on. Got to use this spoon right here.
05:01 I say about maybe a third of it okay.
05:06 On the top, we're gonna move it around.
05:09 Been a while since she made this for me too.
05:11 Yeah. I think it's about that time.
05:13 It's about that time. It's about that time.
05:16 Well believe it or not this particular one here
05:17 Curtis is a brand new dessert.
05:20 Oh you have never made this. No.
05:22 I mean honesty we never made it.
05:23 We've never made it for us. Okay.
05:26 This is part of our new series,
05:28 our new books that we're actually working
05:31 on right now. Okay now you need some help
05:33 with this or you can do this by yourself.
05:35 No I'm gonna have you, I believe no I'm not by
05:37 myself I'm give you something to do alright.
05:39 We're gonna sprinkle a little bit of blueberries,
05:40 why don't you sprinkle a little bit of blueberries
05:42 on top and this is right in the middle there,
05:44 and I'm going to, this is a little bit,
05:46 not a lot of them, cause we're going to do like
05:47 one third sprinkle around the sides there okay.
05:53 Little bit more, little bit more baby, okay baby.
05:57 Okay alright. And then if you get me a spoon
06:00 from over there. Just get me be a spoon
06:02 there anyone. Alright I'm gonna go ahead and
06:04 put some strawberries on top of that.
06:07 It's looking colorful now. And then we're gonna
06:10 go back again and we're gonna put some more
06:11 of the wafers on top of that.
06:14 Okay and just on top or around the sides.
06:18 Just go ahead. On top or side. On top,
06:20 on top first. It will be a lot easier for us to put
06:23 them on side and lay there. Oh okay.
06:24 Just a few of them. Okay, okay and we're gonna
06:27 go back again and we're gonna put some
06:31 more blueberries on top of that.
06:34 Now would you chill this or you, this actually,
06:36 this actually goes in the refrigerator and it
06:38 stays in there for about at least an hour okay.
06:41 We're gonna put a little bit more of the pudding
06:42 mix on top of that. Okay. This is a fruit dessert.
06:51 It's a nice dessert. It tastes wonderful,
06:54 wonderful. It looks good too. Okay.
06:57 Now I like this fact, 'cause you can take
06:59 the wafers, but once you get this
07:00 all in here together. You can take the wafers
07:01 and move the wafers around back of it.
07:04 Let me just go ahead and get more.
07:06 Nice amount. How much. 'Cause you bite
07:10 down in two you get a lot of different combinations.
07:13 Alright here we go, we will put some strawberries
07:14 on top. But you put the blueberries before.
07:17 It's okay. Oh okay, it still workout.
07:20 Yeah well you know we're just doing, it's
07:21 a fancy kind of a dish, so it does not have
07:24 to be as organized. Okay. We're gonna put
07:27 some more blueberries on top of that.
07:28 And then the wafers would be mixed.
07:29 And yeah we're gonna put the wafers
07:31 and this time, we're doing good,
07:32 okay go ahead and put some wafers
07:34 on top of that. And I will get this ready.
07:37 Well the next set of sauce, okay and here we go,
07:46 here we go, here we go, right, alright.
07:52 And just move it around, move it around.
07:55 You imagine, I mean when you bite into this.
07:56 Now how long does this stay in the refrigerator.
07:58 It does stay for at least an hour.
07:59 At least an hour. And you want to,
08:00 you want to. Then it's ready to consume.
08:02 It's ready to consume after that.
08:04 Ready to consume. Alright we're gonna go
08:05 one more time here, we're gonna put the
08:07 blueberries on top and you know if you
08:10 don't have this dish you can also use another,
08:14 it has to be at least a two and half quart
08:17 dish that just goes in alright,
08:19 so you can have the layering affect.
08:21 And you wanna use glass for sure because
08:23 the glass actually shows up the different layers.
08:26 See how its looking on the sides.
08:27 Yeah I can see the layers on the sides. Okay.
08:29 Alright we're gonna put that on top.
08:31 And time for some wafers. It's time for the wafers.
08:34 Alright. Oh! It's a scope we were just
08:37 missing here okay. And I will take, maybe
08:40 I will take a couple of wafers and then
08:43 just set them on the sides like that yeah.
08:47 And now they can do it because
08:48 of the fact of the pudding mix, alright.
08:51 And you can use any other,
08:54 you don't have to use the same kind of fruit,
08:56 you can use raspberries, you know,
08:58 what's the other one, blackberries.
09:02 Any type of berries, yeah, yeah, yeah.
09:05 Okay now these are colorful.
09:06 Very very colorful, it's a nice presentation.
09:08 Okay. And we're gonna put the last layer
09:10 on now. Now the, this is Lemon Mate mix
09:14 pudding, now vanilla. You can do it with vanilla,
09:16 You can do it with vanilla.
09:17 The lemon is used because it gives more flavor
09:19 and kind of lemon and strawberries and
09:21 blueberry combination, you know what
09:22 I'm saying. Let me just go ahead on and.
09:28 Get this out from here and we're gonna spread this.
09:31 I like the lemon, it has a better taste to it.
09:34 Yeah it has a wonderful taste there. Great.
09:40 And as she is doing that again,
09:43 we really appreciate your letters and just
09:44 keep those letters and e- mails coming in folks.
09:46 Yes. It's really encouraging that we
09:49 receive your e- mails and your prayers and
09:52 so it's very comforting to receive that. Yes
09:56 and this is, let me just get this last little coin
09:59 here Curtis and now we're looking for the time there.
10:02 Okay we're coming down to the ride baby.
10:03 Alright, alright. By another minute.
10:05 Okay, alright so we got that last one
10:09 and that last one, what I'm gonna do is
10:11 I'm going to go ahead on and decorate
10:14 the top of this. You can put those in a circle
10:20 and just a small amount. Oh okay.
10:22 Put that around the circle, just go,
10:23 we don't wanna circle around the top of that.
10:25 On the sides, on the circle. Oh okay.
10:30 I have some more left, one more,
10:31 one more right there. Okay there you go.
10:33 Right there. Okay and we're gonna go ahead
10:36 on and put the rest of blueberries on.
10:38 You're working it now baby, you're working it.
10:41 Looking good baby. This gonna you know
10:42 I'm telling you this is absolutely fantastic
10:44 and we have also our cherries and we're gonna
10:47 stick in there. Oh strawberries oh yeah.
10:51 That's what you mean, that was a test.
10:53 I did mean strawberries. Yeah okay.
10:55 I did mean strawberries. Get that nice and open.
11:00 This will work out, this will work.
11:02 Is that, is that a trifle, you got some almonds
11:03 over there or what's that. No, these are the rest
11:05 of the crumbs. Oh rest of the crumbs okay
11:09 and there you have it. It is ready to go.
11:11 It's ready to go, it is ready to go. Alright.
11:14 Well you know this is gorgeous,
11:16 this is wonderful I'm gonna tell you right now,
11:18 if you stay right back we will
11:20 see the finished product.


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