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00:01 I'm so excited and for two reasons,
00:04 but I'm not gonna tell you the first one right
00:06 now, but I will tell you that on this particular
00:08 show we're gonna be talking about the grab
00:10 bag when we go in and take e-mails
00:12 and letters and phone calls of things that
00:15 you have been saying to Curtis and I and
00:16 our ministry. So we want you to stay by.
00:49 Welcome, welcome to Abundant Living,
00:53 we are excited today. I know that already
00:55 I'm Paula Eakins and this is my husband
00:57 Curtis Eakins. Curtis Eakins very good.
01:00 And we are excited because, because
01:03 on the fact that we are on a brand new set.
01:07 Amen, Hallelujah. You know what I'm saying,
01:09 wonderful. It's gorgeous, hope I can contain
01:12 myself. Okay just calm down baby.
01:13 I will try to calm down. Okay, I will try.
01:15 And we were talking about the Grab Bag.
01:17 The Grab Bag is the program today and this
01:19 is so good, because when we talk about the
01:21 grab bag it's actually when we go into the bag
01:23 and pull out all the wonderful letters that
01:26 we have gotten, e- mails, phones calls,
01:28 you name it, people were sending them in and
01:31 we cannot talk enough about that.
01:34 Now of course we're not gonna do all the letters
01:35 that we have gotten. Yeah that's right,
01:37 but we did receive a whole lot of e-mails
01:40 all over the country, all over the world
01:42 as matter of fact and we appreciate those e-mails,
01:44 phone calls and also prayers that people have
01:47 been praying for our ministry. That's the
01:49 encouragement that encourages us. Yes.
01:51 We always ask the Lord we have our devotion
01:53 in morning that we will be, we will bless
01:56 someone and the day will be a blessing to us
01:58 as well and surely God always does a
02:01 wonderful job. That's true. Of answering our
02:04 prayer, you know. Yes, I know there is a
02:06 text that we have for our ministry maybe
02:08 you want to share that text with the audience.
02:10 This is one of my favorite texts Curtis, okay,
02:12 you know I always says from Genesis to
02:14 Revelation all are my favorites,
02:15 but this is my real favorite, favorite text
02:18 and it's coming out of a First Timothy chapter 1
02:21 and verse 12. Okay. And this is what it reads
02:24 and I'm gonna change it a little bit here.
02:26 It says, and I thank Jesus Christ our Lord,
02:30 who hath enabled me, for that he counted
02:33 me faithful, putting me into the ministry.
02:36 Now this was a verse that I got a long time ago,
02:39 okay, and I like it but it keeps talking about
02:42 the one person and so I wanna read again
02:44 as our ministry is concerned. Okay.
02:46 And we thank Christ Jesus our Lord,
02:51 with whom has enabled us, for he counted us
02:56 faithful, putting us in the ministry.
03:00 So you made it personal, alright, and we really
03:02 are grateful that God has placed us in this
03:05 ministry on 3ABN as well to also promote
03:08 health and healthful living and we're just
03:10 so honored and privileged that God has chosen
03:12 us for such a time as this.
03:14 Well such a time as this and you know when
03:16 we think about it Curtis. It's been,
03:18 it's been years that we have actually been
03:21 on the show Abundant Living and living our
03:25 actual professions, you know people always say
03:26 to us all the time we're traveling you know is.
03:28 Is this all you do. And who's your employer,
03:31 and did you leave your business?
03:33 I'm telling you the best thing ever happened
03:35 was to, for God to put us in a ministry to be
03:38 able service to him and that's exactly what
03:41 we have said to the Lord. We said until you come
03:43 again, which he will soon or unless you lay us
03:47 in our grave to fall asleep until you do the
03:49 calling our bidding is to be able to speak
03:53 for God to all those we come in contact with.
03:57 That's true and while we tell people when
03:58 we do travel that God has given all of us gifts,
04:02 abilities and talents and he expects us
04:05 to use those that he has given us to share
04:07 and bless others as well, so whatever gifts,
04:09 abilities and talents that you have God expects
04:12 us to share that with others as well.
04:14 And we will do that, then our gifts, abilities and
04:16 talents will increase as well.
04:18 Well I know sometime people say you know
04:20 I'm really going through a lot of things Curtis
04:21 and I don't have, I can't imagine myself out
04:23 there ministering to anybody, but we have
04:25 found that the more you minister to others
04:28 the better you feel. That's right, that's right,
04:30 it's all very comforting yes. You know,
04:32 yeah it's really all about God and you know
04:34 of course it became a faith walk and you
04:37 always make the statement about
04:39 faith in God. So what would you say when
04:42 someone says how are you able to move
04:46 into this ministry when you're just working
04:48 for God? I'm not sure, it's a lot of statements.
04:52 Always, you always say, you always say
04:53 we eat from God's hand to our mouth.
04:56 That's right. From God's hand to our mouth
04:58 and he has never disappointed us,
05:00 never disappointed us. Yeah, our faith has
05:01 really increased since we embark on this ministry
05:05 full time. It's been over 12 years ago now.
05:08 And so its really been increased there.
05:10 Now we have a lot of letters and a lot of
05:12 e- mails and we are gonna read some of these
05:14 and make some comments and we're gonna go
05:16 as far as we can until its time to go into
05:18 the kitchen, so we are going to share,
05:20 we are going in the kitchen. That's right
05:21 now we didn't get permission to read this,
05:23 so we're just gonna mention the person's
05:26 first name. And now that's it but this is the one,
05:29 I really wanna start with this one. Okay. Now
05:31 I have to admit, I feel some what embarrassed
05:34 saying this but I found this on my desk and
05:37 its been on my desk for quite some time,
05:40 but I wanna read this to you as well.
05:43 Dear Curtis and Paula Eakins, I wanted to tell
05:46 you what a great job you are doing.
05:48 My whole family likes to watch your program
05:51 and my mom likes your recipes. Keep on being
05:54 funny and keep on cooking more abundantly
05:59 from Kim, age 11. Oh! Wow. PS: Please read
06:05 this on your program, I will be watching for it.
06:09 So Kim now, that's age 11, she is probably
06:13 14 by now, well I hope if you still have a TV
06:16 so Kim hopefully that you're watching this.
06:18 We really appreciate that Kim and we keep
06:21 on cooking more abundantly, so very warm
06:24 and when ever I had this, oh I have to read
06:26 this as a first letter on the first program on
06:29 a new set, this is for you Kim. You know
06:32 I remember one time too, we met someone in
06:34 one of the places that we were traveling,
06:35 who said that her three sons love Abundant Living,
06:40 yeah, and that's unusual, three sons they always
06:42 run in the room when the show comes
06:43 on and sit down and watch the program and
06:45 I have a letter also, okay. And this one is from
06:48 Shirley. Okay. As a matter of fact Shirley writes
06:50 and she also makes mention about her
06:52 daughter Lydia. Okay. And it says God bless
06:56 the two of you. Kind servants of the most high,
07:02 I gleam so much from you shows. I just turned
07:05 and of course I'm not gonna say her age,
07:08 but she says she finally enjoys cooking and
07:10 recipes. Okay. And my daughter who is here
07:13 with me wants to also send you guys a big hug.
07:17 Oh okay. Alright and then she goes on to say
07:19 often we are not aware of the gifts that Father
07:22 has given us, so I want you to know your
07:25 testimony, your kindness and your love for each
07:28 other is so inspiring and then she says sincerely,
07:32 but there's a part in this letter that I thought
07:34 was so neat, okay, she says praise God
07:36 in all his many ways. He brings soft, warm,
07:40 compelling light to dark spaces. It's really
07:45 touching yes. Is that beautiful, you know
07:47 I love that, I love that, so nice thank you card.
07:49 And she said the testimony, any particular
07:50 testimony or? When she mentioned testimony
07:52 I'm not you know because our shows of course
07:55 we do testimonies a lot about different things
07:57 that are going on. But how appropriate and
07:59 you know you can't imagine these letters,
08:01 these thank you letters and e-mails and phone calls
08:03 really lift our spirit. It does right, right.
08:06 What you got there? I have another one of
08:08 course now as you have might known, we
08:09 travel quite a bit, going to different churches
08:12 throughout the nation and we went to this
08:14 one church and stayed with this one family
08:17 and this says hi Curtis and Paula,
08:20 this is from Barbara, okay. And I saw you
08:22 on 3ABN today and I sat there with a smile
08:25 on my face the whole time remembering
08:27 you visit. I would like to make an appointment
08:30 with you, to spend one whole day with you
08:33 in heaven. Isn't that something.
08:36 Oh! Now since time God is different from our
08:39 time that can end up to be a year or more.
08:43 Anyway when I saw you today it made me
08:45 miss you, but to be thankful for the time that
08:48 we were allowed to spend with you.
08:50 I, we couldn't be more part of you if you
08:53 were our own kids, keep up the good work,
08:55 the Lord has given you to do. And then it goes
08:58 on to say, we receive your thank you card
09:01 yesterday and it should be us thanking you.
09:04 You really made us feel special and we were
09:07 the honored ones to have you as our house guest.
09:10 The Mayor, that's her husband.
09:12 The Mayor sends his regard and right now we
09:15 are searching our staff to see if we can give
09:18 you both jobs in our village in case you maybe
09:21 without a job one of these day.
09:23 But until we can find a spot for you we order you
09:26 to stay in Canadaville. If and when you are
09:29 close by. Once again thank you for sharing
09:31 your life with us. His love Barbara.
09:34 And it's a joke about that, yes, yes,
09:37 they had a, there is a sign they have in their
09:41 front yard and her husband made himself a
09:45 Mayor. He was the Mayor and of course
09:47 she was the supervisor, so we stayed with them
09:49 while we were there at their church there and
09:51 so Barbara we love and Mayor as well.
09:54 Had a wonderful time with them and so praise
09:57 God for that. Well you know its because
09:58 of the program Abundant Living in 3ABN
10:01 that has really allows the opportunity be able
10:03 to travel all around the world to see
10:06 different people and they always talk about 3ABN
10:09 and there are programs here at 3ABN and
10:11 of course the women always talk about the
10:14 recipes and they ask for recipes you know,
10:17 but this letter here came from Norma and she
10:20 says dear Paula, thank you and Curtis so much
10:23 for your ministry. You honestly brought me
10:26 to my knees when I went home and prayed
10:29 to my God and ask that he use me for my ministry.
10:34 I like Daniel have purposed in my heart not
10:37 to eat from the King's table.
10:40 I brought your cookbook and took it to work
10:43 and shared some of recipes with my friends
10:45 and they were excited. They said the food
10:48 tastes wonderful. Wonderful. My sister and
10:51 my daughter were both blessed also
10:52 in a very positive way. Okay.
10:55 And she ends her letter by saying God bless
10:57 you Paula, love you and we'll be praying
10:59 for you and Curtis. It's good for my daughter
11:02 to see a couple that is equally yoked
11:06 in the Lord, take care and then she says
11:08 don't forget me. Oh! Well, we not only haven't
11:11 forgotten you, but this is on, this
11:13 is being taped so. You know what I'm saying.
11:16 What can I say. That is absolutely fantastic.
11:20 She says equally yoke, equally yoke,
11:22 equally that means that you know now
11:24 of course when we started I was the
11:25 President and my wife was the vice president
11:27 and it just dawn to me I guess a
11:29 few months ago that we should be co-directors,
11:32 so we changed that now. My wife is co-director
11:36 because we're equally yoked. Did you hear
11:37 that I'm now a co-director with Curtis,
11:40 co-director. That's right, yes so you are really
11:42 moving up honey. Oh! Thank you.
11:43 Okay, looking at the clock here. Yes.
11:45 Here's our Claudette from the United Kingdom.
11:47 Claudette alright. My name is Claudette and
11:50 I live in United Kingdom, I often watch 3ABN
11:53 and enjoy your shows. It seems that in the U.S.
11:56 there is so much health seminars etc
11:59 going on that we here can try to tap into a
12:02 healthy lifestyle and also become more committed
12:05 and better Christians. I will like to know
12:07 if there is anyway I can start something here
12:10 in United Kingdom that will benefit people
12:12 here especially those who do not have the
12:15 access to a computer that is the elderly,
12:17 those financially challenged, always awaiting
12:21 for you response. Yes, we do Claudette,
12:24 as matter of fact when a process to putting
12:25 together some of our 3ABN programming
12:29 and package them on DVD, so therefore be
12:31 available for those who may not be able to
12:34 invite us to their place or out of country,
12:36 out of state or whatever the cause,
12:38 so it be more efficacious for those who purchase
12:41 those DVDs and those will be out very
12:43 shortly as well. That's really good.
12:45 Well this was a e- mail, okay, okay we got
12:47 the other ones, in this e-mail,
12:48 probably the last one, yeah.
12:50 Well this e-mail says praise the Lord,
12:52 thank you for your prayers and encouragement
12:56 and then it says you know I bought your cookbook
12:58 and she talks about the fact that she really
13:01 has always just kind of been you know like,
13:03 those cook that just kind of throw everything
13:04 in the pot. Okay. But she said your cookbook
13:07 and cooking shows have really helped me
13:09 to make a lifestyle change that I really needed
13:12 to make and best to all your family and also
13:16 your friends and this is Denise. Oh.
13:18 Now the thing that was so amazing about Denise,
13:19 Curtis is that not only she send me a e-mail,
13:22 but Denise send me a recipe. Oh yes.
13:24 And I'm telling you, you know we love that
13:25 people always want to send recipes,
13:27 but this recipe sounds very very good and
13:29 you know, you never know Denise one day it
13:30 might really show up one of our Abundant
13:32 Living shows and we just praise God.
13:35 We can once again the encouragement of course
13:38 people talk about we encourage them,
13:40 but once again we have to say to you that
13:42 you encourage us as well. And it wasn't for 3ABN,
13:45 it wasn't for the wonderful e-mails
13:47 and phone calls that really lift our spirits
13:50 you know we're all in this together.
13:52 We're all in this together and so God is good,
13:54 now I know. And we have a few more but
13:56 our time has ran out because we are ones from
13:59 West Africa and South America but anyway so
14:02 its time for the kitchen, so what's the recipe
14:05 in the kitchen honey? Well you know now
14:06 we're gonna in the kitchen and this is
14:08 a special one, especially for all of our friends
14:09 and this gonna be a Berry & Lemon Pudding Trifle.
14:13 You wanna get your paper and
14:15 pencil and meet us in the kitchen.


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