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Dinner For Two

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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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Program Code: AL00167C

00:01 Welcome back. Welcome back.
00:03 We've completed this show and you have to see
00:06 all the beautiful stuff together.
00:09 Alright, teamwork, teamwork.
00:11 We did a Citrus Pecan Salad. Umm! Wonderful.
00:14 And it has the mandarin oranges in there.
00:16 It has the pecans, it has the red onions and. Umm!
00:20 All kind of this new spring salad this on the market
00:23 now it's really, really good and it has the raspberry
00:25 dressing. It does. We also did burritos
00:28 this is chicken almond burritos it's got mock
00:32 chicken inside of it, got the red peppers,
00:34 and the red onions and oh! It's so, it's delicious.
00:38 It's got the sweet and sour sauce that we made also.
00:42 There you go. And the sweet and sour sauce,
00:44 it's got the lemon in it. Umm!
00:46 And it's got pineapple juice and it's got the
00:48 green peppers on top of it. Excellent no vinegar.
00:51 Excellent go on top, that's right. There you go.
00:53 And of course the favorite was the Jelly Buttons. Umm!
00:57 Remember now we got this recipe from our friend
00:59 Perl and Wes Perl and Wes and
01:01 That's right. Tweaked this just a little bit.
01:03 Just little bit. You know, sure she
01:05 wouldn't mine, just a little bit of tweaking, okay.
01:06 And those are so good
01:09 and it makes about two dozen. Okay.
01:11 Okay and you could put your favorite jam inside
01:14 and these are fresh fruit. Yeah.
01:16 Fresh fruit spread this actually gonna inside of it.
01:18 Okay. At 350 degrees about
01:20 20 minutes before they are actually ready and really
01:24 I can't a set the table because.
01:27 The candle is working here.
01:28 Because one of the things that I'm very grateful
01:30 for in that is my husband Curtis and he does a whole
01:33 lot for me all the time. He is a caregiver for me,
01:36 he is always supportive and we've fun time together
01:40 and we walk together. We eat food together,
01:43 we talk and laugh together. We just have a real
01:45 good time, but the main thing is we love sharing
01:48 the gospel of Christ. Amen.
01:50 With each other in the morning as well as sharing
01:53 the gospel with Christ with other persons
01:55 like our viewing audience. There you go.
01:57 We want you to know that we love you very much,
01:59 we love 3ABN. All our camera crew and all the
02:01 individuals that are involved in our ministry
02:05 Abundant Living and we are just excited for the
02:08 opportunity to be able to share this gospel with you.
02:10 Curtis it's been a wonderful day.
02:13 Yeah, it has been. It's has been a wonderful
02:14 program. I think it's time to close.
02:16 It's time for us to close. So, as always John 10:10
02:19 Jesus said, I come that they might have life
02:22 and have it more abundantly.


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