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00:01 Welcome back, we're gonna go to our next recipe
00:04 which is a "Chicken" Almond Burritos.
00:07 Umm! Sounds good honey.
00:09 It calls for:
00:35 Okay. Now. Mock chicken.
00:38 We already made the sweet and sour sauce,
00:41 that's right okay, and we're gonna make
00:42 now burritos. Oh burritos.
00:44 Okay and this one has a mock chicken, umm! umm!
00:48 and the mock chicken is actually
00:49 once again made from soy, okay, you can see at
00:52 your regular stores, you can buy sometime
00:55 in strips. That's right.
00:57 And sometime you can buy already chopped up.
00:58 So at your regular grocery stores
01:00 you will find the chicken, this is mock chicken
01:03 that we are going to be using in our burritos
01:05 and I also use sometime too beef.
01:07 So you can make beef ones or you can make the
01:09 chicken, we are doing chicken this time also.
01:11 And the same company makes both of those.
01:12 Same company. Sometimes the strips
01:14 we always or sometimes we use the knife
01:17 well not a knife, but some scissors and cut up.
01:20 And make it more.
01:22 To make it more in the chunk form.
01:23 You right, right, right.
01:24 I'm gonna go ahead on and put in the olive oil.
01:27 Okay. Now we want to heat the skillet ahead
01:29 of time that way you can put in and use less oil
01:30 if you are having problems with the heart,
01:31 you know, the cholesterol levels begin up.
01:33 If you would go ahead on and slice for me
01:35 this has the red onions in it.
01:36 Oh! This cubed or just. You just go ahead
01:38 on and chop it. Okay. So we are gonna chop
01:40 the onions and I am going to go ahead on
01:43 and get the red pepper ready to go, same thing,
01:46 and this is gonna to add some nice color,
01:49 pretty color to the burritos. Okay.
01:53 Okay. And you can use green, but
01:57 because of the fact we have already got that
01:58 green bell pepper going, we are going to go ahead
02:01 on and do something little bit different.
02:02 Everything is about color because we are doing
02:04 dinner for two or as you said, romantic dinner for two.
02:10 Romantic dinner for two. But just in case?
02:11 But just in case. The same case if you are gonna
02:13 just take something special to someone and you want them
02:16 to know you love them, you are thinking about them.
02:19 And for the single people out there, dinner for one,
02:22 just half the recipe. Half that recipe,
02:24 but if you are just a one person. A one person.
02:28 This is all the more reason to go and take dinner
02:31 for two to somebody to share, share.
02:35 Good idea honey. Yeah, yeah okay,
02:37 let's just go ahead on and get this ready to go
02:39 in to the. I hope you hurry up
02:42 because I'm about to cry. With the red onion.
02:45 Umm! Umm! That's unusual. Yes, it is.
02:48 Okay. Let me just take the
02:49 spatula and move this all around little bit
02:52 here on the pan and you can go ahead and start
02:54 putting those in. Yeah, I need to get this
02:56 away from me. Go ahead and put those in.
02:58 Okay. Alright. Both of these are going in.
03:00 Umm! Get the color,
03:02 alright and I'm gonna add to this. I'm gonna go ahead
03:07 and move by putting in the, aw soon as we sauté...
03:11 just sauté it for a little bit and as I like to really cook
03:14 overcook everything. But just get a nice crispiness
03:18 also to the burrito itself. Okay.
03:20 Okay and I have that whole wheat burritos and would
03:23 you just take those out. So, that they can see those.
03:25 Umm! Umm! Okay, now you know
03:27 we try to keep everything whole, whole grain.
03:30 How do you get this out, is there is button to press.
03:34 As always, yeah it likes to play with you.
03:35 Oh! Okay there it is. Okay.
03:38 Yeah. And we got the whole wheat tortillas.
03:40 And Curtis why the whole wheat tortillas,
03:42 why we are using that particular one instead
03:43 of regular white one. What we want the whole
03:45 grain instead of refined grain. So, again when
03:47 the word of God talks about wheat in the Bible.
03:49 Umm! Umm! It's talking about the whole wheat,
03:51 the whole grain, not refined so this is way
03:54 to go with the whole grains you get all the B vitamins
03:56 and B 12, folic acid, etc. And so this what
04:00 we want the whole grain it has the germ and endosperm.
04:04 Umm! Umm! And so therefore you get all that in there
04:07 with the whole grains. And they also had these
04:09 in all different flavors now. They've got them
04:11 in Tomato Basil. That's right.
04:13 Spinach and they are more larger and the larger means
04:17 they're actually we call those now wraps.
04:19 These are tortillas shells soft 8 inches.
04:23 Umm! And then the wraps are 10 to 12 inches big
04:26 and they really make a wonderful sandwich as well.
04:29 Umm! Okay, so we go that sauté it,
04:31 we know gonna go ahead on and throw or pour in.
04:34 I want you to go ahead on in.
04:35 What we're gonna do now baby.
04:36 Mix it, let's go ahead and mix.
04:38 Mix in the. The chicken. The chicken.
04:39 The mock chicken. Mock chicken.
04:41 Mock chicken. All ready seasoned.
04:43 All ready, ready to go.
04:44 We don't have to do anything to this
04:45 Alright. It's ready to go.
04:47 And let's go ahead and put the almonds in.
04:49 And these are slivered almonds.
04:51 Umm! Oh! Okay. Umm!
04:55 Now, there is a couple things I do sometime
04:56 when I do on burritos Curtis and that is I will
05:00 take the actual shell itself. Umm!
05:03 And let me go ahead and pour on first,
05:05 this is the soy. That's the lite soy sauce.
05:09 Ahah! lite soy sauce. Oh! There is the flavor coming in,
05:11 smell it, umm! umm!, yeah, it is now, umm! umm!,
05:13 umm! umm! Looking good now baby.
05:15 Umm! Umm! Umm! Chicken Almond Burrito.
05:20 Okay, now in this recipe also we wind up putting
05:24 in 2/3 cup of the actual sweet and sour.
05:29 Oh! Which we had earlier, okay.
05:32 Umm! So, let's just go ahead and just add this
05:35 is about that amount. Umm! Umm!
05:39 Alright, now we are gonna make the burrito up
05:42 and we are going to move, umm sounds good,
05:45 to our next recipe, which is really the best one
05:49 even yet...
05:52 All we're gonna do with this burrito, Curtis.
05:54 Is we are gonna put it in
05:56 our shell. This looks good honey.
06:00 Alright and while we are getting this burrito ready,
06:02 we're gonna look at the next recipe.
06:06 Oh! Okay. Jelly Buttons,
06:10 it calls for:
06:38 Jelly button is one of my favorites.
06:39 Umm! Umm! Its' a very quick and easy recipe,
06:41 all we're gonna do is take our oil this is the ½ cup
06:45 of canola oil and we're gonna put in the maple syrup,
06:50 pure maple syrup. Pure maple syrup.
06:52 Hey, Curtis, while you does the, we've a whole wheat
06:54 pastry flour with there. Yes, we do.
06:56 I want you to go ahead and put that whole wheat
06:57 pastry flour. We don't take the oats instant those
06:59 and go ahead and put in there with that.
07:01 Instant oats. Instant oats are going in.
07:03 It has to be instant. Yeah. Okay.
07:05 Alright and then we have a cup of nuts and you can use
07:08 your favorites nuts, I like to use walnuts in this.
07:10 Okay. Alright. Okay. And we have the chicken
07:14 1/4 teaspoon of the Bills Best Chick' Nish seasoning
07:17 and if you don't have that you can just use
07:19 a 1/4 of the teaspoon of salt. Okay.
07:22 Okay, sea salt alright and all we're gonna do believe
07:24 or not is we're gonna mix in our oil. Umm!
07:31 And our maple syrup. I know that in our travels
07:35 we went to Burlington, Connecticut. Yeah,
07:39 I believe 30 minutes from Canada and they, the people,
07:44 we stay with gave us maple syrup.
07:48 Maple syrup. As a gift. And this recipe actually
07:51 came from a very good friend of ours.
07:53 Oh! Yes, the Stubbles in, yeah, Sound Springs,
07:58 Arkansas. Arkansas. Yes we were there twice,
08:01 yes. Yeah, Pearl, and. I forgot her husband's name,
08:04 but, Mr. Stubble, probably Mr. Stubble.
08:08 Okay, okay, I guess that will work.
08:11 Yeah, that will work. Of course I tweak the recipe
08:13 once again, I always tweak my recipes,
08:15 I add a little bit more of the flour to the original
08:18 recipe and little bit more of the oats,
08:20 the instant oats to it as well. Umm!
08:22 And so you can see that it makes a...
08:24 you can see it is all ready to go just about here.
08:27 Umm! And all you're gonna do believe or not.
08:29 Because the oil is already there, oil is already there.
08:32 Is we're gonna just take and scoop it.
08:34 Now, this is what this is for?
08:36 You are just take a scoop and we're gonna put
08:40 it on our tray. Oh! Okay, I thought that
08:42 was an ice-cream scoop. No.
08:44 You can use for cookies too right.
08:45 It's used for cookie, just where is the small one
08:46 it's actually gonna. Yeah just kind a small,
08:48 okay. Oh! Yeah, another,
08:49 another one of my gadgets. Yes, okay.
08:51 Okay and so with that in mind. You're gonna put
08:53 that on there, this makes about two dozen
08:55 of these cookies. Two dozen okay.
08:57 And all I do, is sometime just take it,
09:00 pad it down and we call it, move it in middle,
09:03 little hole. Umm! Umm! Okay.
09:06 And then we just take our jam and we put the jam
09:10 in the middle. Oh! Like that.
09:14 Can I do one of these Honey? Absolutely.
09:16 Absolutely. There you go. Okay. Try and do that one,
09:19 little bit of jam in the middle just like
09:21 I already made. I have to do a hole right.
09:23 Yeah make the hole there. You male the hole.
09:25 There you go. Okay and then.
09:28 And then you go ahead and. Little bit of the jam.
09:30 Just little small amount, if you put too much in there
09:32 once it bakes in the oven at 350 degrees.
09:35 The jam will actually pour out on the sides and mess
09:38 the cookie up okay. We don't want that to happen.
09:40 And so you don't want that to happen at all, okay.
09:41 Yes, okay. So, once again.
09:43 This is a critical move. Okay.
09:47 Very critical. Alright and like I said it
09:48 does about two dozen and sometime we call them
09:51 thumb cookies Curtis. Oh! Thumb cookies.
09:53 Let's put a couple more on it, there you can
09:54 let's get the couple more. Yeah. Okay.
09:58 And my, my finger is so big. Well you know
10:00 it's not okay and sometime you're gonna take the,
10:03 your, your knife, knife, okay and I like because
10:06 you can use to shape it and just make a little hole
10:09 right there in the middle. Oh! I see.
10:12 Just make a little hole. Jelly buttons.
10:14 Jelly buttons and you're gonna go ahead and put that
10:16 in there, if you want to.
10:17 I remember she had this for us
10:19 She had them ready for us, I'm not sure what flavor
10:21 that was that she had. Yes.
10:23 This is a, this particular one is a black cherry.
10:28 Black cherry. This actually this one.
10:30 Okay. And because we're doing a dinner for two,
10:33 romantic dinner for two. Okay.
10:35 As Curtis said then we kind a one put there red in there,
10:37 because there are something special.
10:39 They're gonna be doing at the end of program.
10:41 And you said something special.
10:43 I've been seeing that quite often have not.
10:44 What a special thing honey. 350 degrees it goes
10:46 in the oven and it actually stays in there
10:48 for about 15 minutes. You wanna check it and make sure
10:51 that it's ready and it will be because you see it
10:54 get brown around the edges. The top will not get brown.
10:57 Okay. Just around your edges will brown,
10:58 okay and so what you wanna do is you wanna see
11:03 at the end of the program and see all the things
11:05 that we prepared today on this show dinner for two
11:07 or as Curtis said romantic dinner for two. So stay by.


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