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00:01 I am so excited about this program is entitled
00:05 Dinner for Two;
00:07 you wanna get your paper and your pencil.
00:10 Call somebody on the telephone,
00:11 tell him Abundant Living is on
00:13 and we will see you in a few seconds.
00:46 Hi, welcome to Abundant Living.
00:48 My name is Paula Eakins
00:49 and this is my husband Curtis Eakins.
00:52 Thank you very much honey welcome to our show.
00:55 Welcome to our show,
00:56 I'm so excited about this program.
00:58 This program. Because this is entitled
01:00 dinner for two. So, all cooking.
01:03 All cooking, the entire program is all cooking
01:06 and there is a couple of special things as well.
01:08 Special things, what special things.
01:10 We'll tell you later. Okay.
01:12 Dinner for two does not necessary mean
01:14 that it has to. I'll tell you what one of the things
01:16 I like about, when I talk about dinner for two
01:18 is that there are times when people just do
01:21 special things for you, umm! umm! and you are
01:23 so excited about it and you wanna try
01:26 to find a way to give something back. Okay.
01:28 Alright, for me it's always easier to do some
01:32 cooking because that's my favorite subject,
01:34 outside of God and then Curtis, my children,
01:38 then it's cooking. Okay. Oh, so, I'm right
01:40 behind God, right behind God, that's about
01:41 as high as I can get. A lot of times,
01:43 when there are parties or, yes, or you trying to
01:45 give someone a party, a birthday party,
01:47 you want to do some special for someone this is
01:49 an ideal time, to actually make something up
01:52 and take it and share it. You know that's the way.
01:54 Okay, so this is more of a,
01:56 this could be a ministry then.
01:57 This could be a ministry all by itself.
01:59 Okay, food can be a ministry.
02:00 Yeah, dinner for two.
02:02 There is no relation in loaf of bread that most
02:03 people think. Absolutely, absolutely. Or food.
02:04 Yes. Okay. Our first recipe. Alright.
02:07 Is actually going to be a Citrus Pecan Salad.
02:12 Umm! That's sounds interesting.
02:13 Let's look at the recipe. Okay.
02:15 It calls for:
02:33 Okay, soy bacon bits. Now, of course,
02:36 soy bacon bits, I have to assume that maybe
02:39 people watching this for the first time.
02:40 So, soy bacon bits as apposed to the other
02:44 regular soy or what. Okay, what we do now,
02:46 we are not going to use the regular bacon bits.
02:49 Right. Because you know we are totally
02:50 not doing pork at all while on 3ABN or
02:53 anywhere else for that matter, that's right,
02:54 this is plant based soy. But believe or not,
02:57 soy bacon bits are actually in the regular
03:00 supper market. And we've been seeing
03:02 it over the last several programs
03:04 that all these things had now had moved into
03:07 mainstream grocery stores. Yup, look at them.
03:09 Yes. So they are yes soy, umm! umm!
03:11 Look just like regular bacon and I like them
03:13 because they has that hickory kind of a flavor,
03:16 it's got that crispiness. Yes, okay.
03:18 Just like regular bacon does,
03:20 but it is not bacon, it's soy.
03:22 Right, it has that flavor there and is ready to go.
03:23 That's right, that's right. Okay, good.
03:25 Okay and then of course the spring salad.
03:27 I like this because it's got all the different color
03:28 leaves in it, umm! umm! okay, it's got.
03:30 They're really; the curly leaves,
03:32 the red curly leaves, it has the different
03:36 combinations of lettuces not iceberg that's
03:40 in here so it's very, very nutritious,
03:41 alright as well. Okay.
03:43 And then of course we've our mandarin oranges
03:45 we are gonna be using in this recipe, it is very
03:47 quick recipe as well. We've our pecans.
03:50 Pecans. Ahah! and we have red onions
03:53 and we also have the favorite dressing and
03:55 my favorite dressing today is raspberry dressing.
03:59 Oh! And I like that yes.
04:01 Did you make that or you can purchase that.
04:03 No, no, you can purchase it. Okay.
04:05 You can purchase it from a store.
04:06 You probably can make it though.
04:07 Yeah, you could make it. Yeah.
04:09 But why go through all that.
04:10 Yeah, I go through all that, yeah.
04:12 Okay, we are gonna get started because what
04:13 you want to do, I want you to do, because if you
04:14 would is go ahead on and get the onions
04:16 chopped up and these onions. Okay.
04:17 Are actually, let me just see now I've got the
04:20 onions sliced thin. Slice thin.
04:22 So, if you would do that for me slice those
04:24 real thin. This is one of those
04:25 quick recipes put together. Chopped or
04:27 Slice just slice them real thin. Oh! Okay.
04:29 Okay. Alright.
04:30 While you doing that, I'm gonna reach over
04:32 and I'm gonna take. Oh! Reach over baby.
04:34 This spatula, I'm gonna start put the other things
04:37 in and this is like I said a very quick one.
04:39 So, I'm gonna putting the mandarin oranges in first
04:41 and sometime just adding. You know,
04:43 think about it, your normal salads people
04:45 usually make a salad up and they will have
04:47 a cucumbers and tomatoes and they will have
04:51 maybe a couple radishes in there, bell peppers
04:54 and onions. This is a nice combination because
04:56 it's a kind like a sweet and a sour combination
04:59 together on the tongue. Umm! Alright, so you've
05:01 got the mandarin oranges that kind a citrus taste
05:03 and then you've got that raspberry dressing as
05:06 well and then you've got those nice onions.
05:09 I love red onions, okay.
05:11 Appealing to those taste buds.
05:12 Appealing to the taste buds. Let's put those
05:14 onions in there for me. Okay.
05:15 I'll move this out of your away alright
05:19 this gives nice color as well.
05:21 Is this alright, to it, yeah that's fine,
05:23 that's fine, they are too good. Okay. Okay.
05:25 Now, we are gonna go ahead on and put in,
05:26 go ahead and do the pecans, I was just gonna
05:29 say bacon bits for pecans. Is it pecans or pecans?
05:32 Just put the pecans in. Pecans.
05:34 Alright, we've got those going in. Okay.
05:36 And, and we're gonna put in the baco bits.
05:42 Soy baco bits. Soy baco bits, going in,
05:45 ohh! Umm! Umm! and then
05:49 your favorite dressing is raspberry.
05:51 My favorite dressing, on this one and I usually
05:53 use a different, I always say. Okay.
05:54 Be creative just make your salad a little bit
05:56 different, okay. Okay.
05:57 A little bit different, not the same salad over
05:58 and over and over again and this is a perfect
06:01 salad for a dinner for two, so. Dinner for two.
06:05 Let's pour that in slowly.
06:06 Now, this can be dinner for four.
06:07 It can be. It can be, but today is gonna
06:09 be dinner for two. Absolutely. Absolutely.
06:11 Okay. Okay.
06:12 Now we are just going to move that around
06:15 and I'm going to take and put this in a special
06:19 dish. I like to also serve things up in nice
06:22 dishware okay. We have our dish.
06:26 Umm! Okay. And oh! you smell that.
06:29 Yes. Does that smell good.
06:31 Yes it does, the aroma.
06:32 I wish you could smell this, I wish you could
06:33 smell, it smell so good, okay.
06:35 Smell-o-vision Smell-O-Vision.
06:36 Smell-O-Vision is coming up.
06:38 Let me talk to 3ABN about that, how could
06:39 we incorporate a Smell-O-Vision.
06:41 Smell-O-Vision, yeah. You know.
06:43 Come through TV sets, you know it's kind a.
06:44 But you know we have had people call us
06:45 and say. When I see your show, I get so hungry
06:50 and I'm like, you know, what I need to go to
06:51 store and buy that smell right now,
06:53 so I can fix it up, you know.
06:54 I know one guy remember he say that, he say
06:56 that, I wanna just reach into the TV
06:58 and just grab it. And that's a good thing.
07:00 And that's a good thing. And that's a good thing,
07:02 you want them to say.
07:03 They wanna reach in and we are also happy
07:05 because people always say the recipes are
07:07 really good recipes. Yes. Alright.
07:09 It is easy to do too. Easy and quick.
07:11 Umm! Nice aroma. Alright, Umm! Umm!
07:13 Looks good. Umm! Umm! It smells good.
07:14 Smells good. Smells good, looks good.
07:16 Does a taste good. Absolutely. Absolutely.
07:19 And you will be able to sample it
07:21 at the end of the show. Hallelujah. Hey. Hey.
07:23 Alright, now let's just go then to our next recipe.
07:27 That we will be going to be preparing because
07:29 we are gonna be moving to a sauce is gonna go
07:31 over something real special. Umm! Okay.
07:33 So, just look at that next recipe. Alright.
07:35 Sweet And Sour Sauce.
07:37 It calls for:
07:57 Now, I'm excited about this particular recipe.
07:59 Because it is a Sweet and Sour Sauce,
08:03 but not like the sauce that you're used to seeing.
08:05 It's actually a Sweet and Sour Sauce,
08:07 but we're gonna be not using the things like
08:10 the vinegars and stuff that are usually in there.
08:12 We're gonna make it up with our cornstarch.
08:15 Cornstarch. Lemon juice. Lemon juice.
08:17 Okay, then we got our pineapple juice and
08:19 this is unsweetened pineapple juice by the way.
08:21 Unsweetened, okay.
08:22 So, just to replace of the vinegar. Right.
08:24 That's normally found in sweet and sour.
08:25 The lemons gonna take the place of that, alright.
08:27 Okay, good. And then we are using
08:28 fruit fructose, which is fruit sugar.
08:29 Fruit sugar. A light soy sauce. Alright.
08:31 And we're gonna put some green peppers in it,
08:34 oh! that sounds good. Diced green peppers.
08:35 You have your gadget. I have my gadget.
08:37 While you're working the gadget, I'm gonna go
08:38 ahead on and put my pineapple juice inside
08:43 of the pan and get it started because
08:45 this comes to a boil in order to be able to make
08:47 that sauce up, okay.
08:48 Okay, the juice of a lemon
08:54 and I'm putting this juice, where honey.
08:56 It's going to go in that cornstarch. Okay.
09:01 And I'm gonna go ahead on it and we're gonna
09:02 start up the... that's getting itself together.
09:05 I'm gonna go ahead and do the pepper.
09:08 I love this. I know you do. Easy to do.
09:10 People always ask the question, where did you
09:12 get that. I'm a gadget girl and I'm always
09:15 finding stuff somewhere and when I do.
09:18 I can't remember, where you got this.
09:20 I've no idea. Have no idea. I've no idea.
09:22 So, don't even email us. We've no idea.
09:24 They are still gonna, we will still get emails,
09:26 but I don't have any idea.
09:27 Yeah, we just told them, yeah.
09:29 Well, I tell people all the time. I go to flea
09:30 markets and get things and sometimes,
09:32 I find them in regular stores, gadget store.
09:34 Gadget store. That's where you really
09:36 find lot of stuff, gadget stores.
09:37 You know, in our travels too people introduce us
09:40 to certain things as well. Umm!
09:42 So, had this quite sometime though.
09:45 I've had it for a while. Okay.
09:49 And just go and take your fork and go ahead
09:51 and stir it up. Lemon juice is ready.
09:53 Lemon, you got all three lemons there.
09:55 All three baby. Okay. Umm! Umm!
09:57 Alright, okay. This is cornstarch.
10:03 Umm! It's cornstarch, let me just hold this
10:07 for a minute here. I want to go ahead on then,
10:09 I'm gonna put my fructose in
10:16 and I'm gonna put my soy sauce lite in
10:24 and you know am I tell you when I used to do,
10:26 my Sweet and Sour Sauce's before, we started
10:29 changing our diet out. I remember that I was
10:31 putting like the ketchup in there and I was
10:33 putting the vinegar in there and all kind
10:35 of stuff and then. We tried to get away from
10:38 all those things because the problems with the
10:40 vinegar, with the digestive tract and the ketchup
10:44 with lot of sugar and stuff in it so. We began to
10:47 move around till we got to the point,
10:48 where we would use different combinations.
10:50 Yes. And by the way this has pineapple juice
10:52 in it and you could also use orange juice in it.
10:55 Alright. Okay.
10:56 So, either one of those can be want.
10:58 I guess the key is with the acid type based juice.
11:00 You have that in acid type base. Okay.
11:01 And you also have that have had a cornstarch
11:03 because the cornstarch helps thicken it up
11:04 to make it into that kind of a same texture
11:07 you have for sweet and sour. Oh! Okay.
11:09 Okay, so we bring this to a boil and I tell you
11:11 we're gonna do, we're gonna go ahead on and
11:13 slowly pour in your mixture and you gonna need
11:16 a spatula because I want honey all that,
11:17 like cornstarch you always wanna make sure
11:19 that when you pour any kind of a cornstarch base,
11:22 okay, into a hot item the cornstarch or
11:25 whatever is being mix with, it has to be cold.
11:27 It has to be cold. Otherwise it will lump up,
11:28 when it goes into the actual product itself
11:30 the liquid product, okay. Okay.
11:32 So, you can go ahead and put that in there,
11:33 slowly pour it in. Cornstarch, okay alrighty
11:42 all the goodies, all the goodies.
11:44 Yes dear, has a TV program isn't it, yes dear.
11:49 Okay, I think I got it all, do I have it all honey.
11:51 Yeah, yeah that's it. Okay. Okay. Alright.
11:54 We are going to stir this around and this is gonna
11:55 get thick and what I usually do when it does
11:58 is there is a couple things that happen.
12:00 Number one is you're gonna keep on stirring.
12:02 Because you don't want it to stick, just check
12:04 the cornstarch stick to the body of the pan.
12:06 Okay. Green peppers or diced green peppers I
12:09 put in because it's gonna be special for this dinner
12:11 for two or something I am gonna do later.
12:12 You can also do a combination of the green
12:14 pepper and the red pepper together
12:16 and you could also put in little pieces of
12:20 pineapple. Because it's actually pineapple juice
12:23 we are using and all this is because we got
12:25 a special thing we're gonna be doing on this
12:28 particular segment called dinner for two.
12:30 Dinner for two. I want it also to look very nice
12:33 and have the pretty presentation as well.
12:34 It could be dinner for two romantically.
12:38 Romantically, dinner for two.
12:39 Might wanna. There you go,
12:41 It very well might wanna be.
12:42 The show name, but. It might very well
12:44 want it being something like that.
12:46 Oh! Hey, I'm getting excited already. Okay. Okay.
12:47 And with that, what we are gonna do is we're
12:49 gonna actually just take a break. Okay.
12:51 So, then when we come back, you will then
12:53 the very next recipe, so stay by.


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