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Gluten For Punishment

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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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00:01 Welcome back. Okay. Welcome back.
00:03 We got the finished product.
00:05 This is not gluten for punishment.
00:06 Apple brown rice salad. Alright.
00:09 And it's done with the brown rice once again.
00:11 Okay. We got the apples and you can actually use
00:15 this is Jonathan Gold, this is the apple I actually
00:17 used here, okay, you can use Red Delicious
00:21 because you want that color so we got that
00:22 orange in that you know and I like the fall kind of.
00:26 Setting here. Setting here. Yes, well, okay.
00:28 Okay. And it's got parsley in it and celery in it and
00:31 sunflower seeds and then the liquid is apple juice
00:35 and lemon juice and little bit of ginger alright.
00:39 That's a good combination. A good combination this
00:41 is for our view, I will soak about at least an hour or so.
00:44 At least an hour. So, it can soak in.
00:45 Soak in all the juices and everything yeah that
00:48 looks good. Now of course we mentioned
00:49 about rice and also corn, there is also another
00:53 product people can use for those who have gluten
00:55 intolerance. Can corn work in place of the rice
00:58 or that would be can that workout.
01:01 No, I am glad you made that comment to Curtis
01:03 because really and truly some of the products in
01:05 the market you have to be careful because they
01:07 don't have any flavor and that's why we add the
01:09 different things. So, Brown rice I think is
01:11 fine and it is also is not a issue for a person,
01:13 who is gluten intolerant. So, just use it the
01:15 way you are doing. Yeah do not change the recipe.
01:17 Okay. So if they want to do corn don't mentioned
01:19 my wife name it will be your recipe. Now let's go
01:21 ahead on your sample dish. This is gluten for
01:23 punishment, but this is not gluten for punishment
01:26 even those who don't have a celiac disease
01:28 I don't so, I can eat just about anything, but this is
01:32 one of the dishes that okay now baby did, okay.
01:36 Yeah, that you just gonna tease me on that.
01:38 Yes, I'm gonna tease you. We got one eye on the
01:39 clock and one eye on your job.
01:41 You know I love to always just kidding, yeah,
01:42 just at a time at nick of time.
01:44 Okay you are doing this on your own purpose and time
01:47 is just about up. Well John 10:10, Jesus said I come
01:51 that they might have life and have it more abundantly.


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