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Participants: Paula and Curtis Eakins


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00:02 Well, welcome back. We are going to go to our
00:04 recipe, which is an Apple Brown Rice Salad.
00:09 It calls for:
00:37 We are talking about
00:44 trying to take care of the celiac problem.
00:46 Yes. And gluten and our brown rice is one of
00:49 the products that you can actually use.
00:50 Rice we can do rice. Okay, we can do the rice.
00:52 And we also have with us a couple of products.
00:55 Yes. That they may or may not have seen before.
00:58 Alright. They have a whole list of gluten free
01:02 and also wheat free items, okay, in the market and
01:05 that one here, which is called the rice spaghetti
01:09 style pasta by DeBoles. Yeah, if you look very
01:12 close on the camera get may not see it right here
01:16 because lot of people think if it's wheat free it's
01:18 fine, umm! this here on the container says wheat
01:21 free gluten free. Umm! Umm! And if it's gluten
01:24 free it's already going to be wheat free, but if it's
01:26 wheat free it may not be gluten
01:28 free and that is important. And this has both.
01:29 Right, right. Just make sure that
01:31 people understand that wheat free and gluten free
01:33 and a lot of products now lining the shelves not only
01:35 health food stores, but also in regular grocery
01:38 stores as well. A whole line of products like that.
01:41 And there is also another product we
01:42 have too and that is soy. Oh! Yes.
01:44 Soy, this is soy, lasagna, umm! umm! and
01:48 of course soy we can, people can take in soy,
01:52 soy bean, gluten free, umm! umm! so it's not a
01:56 product out there in the market so and more of
01:58 these products are coming on the market because it's
02:00 a growing concern. And people need to have some
02:03 options and get that digestive system to heal
02:08 three to five days is what you really need and then
02:10 hopefully that digestive system will heal properly.
02:13 So, they have journal write down what they are
02:15 actually eating. Yes, take a note like I said
02:17 before I want to mention again the kinds of oats less than
02:20 10% of gluten is in oats, but again if you think this
02:23 oats then just a small bowl of oatmeal and then
02:27 see what happens. Remove all the gluten
02:29 products from the system and just taking a small
02:33 amount of oatmeal and then see
02:35 whether or not the oats are problematic. Okay. Now we have
02:38 lot stuff on this particular program is going to be
02:40 going into this salad. One of them is apple and I see
02:42 you have your little gadget with you today.
02:44 Yes. And, I love this, you are going to getting
02:47 that apple... and apple is going to be
02:48 chopped to go into this rice, and while you are
02:51 doing that why don't you to go ahead and get your apple.
02:53 I know it's really fun because people always
02:54 ask us questions. Where do you get all
02:56 your gadgets from? Yeah, it looks like a apple so.
02:58 I am a gadget girl. Yes okay.
03:00 As a matter of fact, on one of my shows we were
03:03 on, I had an actual pastry plastic piece that you can
03:07 put your dough in and roll it out and made
03:09 a perfect pie crust. Okay.
03:11 And people started calling me on the phone
03:12 asking me, where I got this from.
03:13 But, I am always looking around for places and
03:15 believe or not sometimes flea markets and
03:17 sometime I go to gadget stores and I actually got
03:20 that from a book I had, it was a book with all kinds of
03:22 gadgets, and I sent away for it.
03:24 Oh you did. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
03:25 Okay. Alright. Now this is hi-tech, so you may get
03:28 a close up of this. I'm gonna go straight down right.
03:31 You can go straight down right on that. I'm gonna
03:32 go ahead and start my celery. Okay.
03:35 Okay. Hope I didn't poke so fast.
03:40 You can do that. There you go.
03:41 Oh! Wow! The precious one, look how pretty that look.
03:44 That's pretty. That's excellent.
03:45 Okay. Now what's you are gonna do now is you
03:47 gonna cut that into some chunks and
03:48 stuff to go inside that rice, okay.
03:50 stuff to go inside that rice, okay. Okay.
03:51 And I'm going to be doing the same
03:53 thing with the celery. How do I get this out of here?
03:56 Okay. Honey. All you do is just press.
04:00 Oh! Press it down. That comes out the other end.
04:01 Oh! Comes out the other end. Okay, very good.
04:05 Okay. I'll finish cutting my apple.
04:09 Are you still cutting? Alright now you are going.
04:11 I need to cut this up little bit more.
04:12 Yes sir, fine to go inside this rice.
04:14 Okay. Okay. I got this celery, Oh! Celery is
04:18 always good. This is one of our new recipes from
04:22 supplemental pack to the global book.
04:24 Okay. Okay. And if you allow this, how many
04:27 recipes you have in a supplement pack because
04:29 It is about 86 new recipes. Okay. Okay.
04:31 That can be added to global. Added to global.
04:34 Okay. Okay. And I like celery,
04:39 we got sunflower seeds, we have the parsley, and
04:43 you can use fresh parsley or you can use dry parsley.
04:45 Okay. This case we got the dry parsley.
04:47 And you want in a smaller chunks.
04:49 Yes please. Okay. Okay. And smaller pieces
04:52 because is gonna to be a little...
04:54 we want it to be called bite size.
04:55 Bite size. Bite size. Oh! These are bite size
04:59 not for my mouth though? Okay, I'm gonna go
05:02 ahead and put that on in the rice.
05:08 Okay. And I am going to take the spinach and this
05:14 is shredded spinach, I am going to get
05:15 the spinach ready also.
05:22 Okay. Okay, how is that going?
05:24 It's going pretty good. Okay, now this,
05:27 the celiac foundation actually has a website
05:30 and is called glutenfree.com.
05:33 Yeah glutenfreepantry. Glutenfreepantry.com.
05:36 They have a lot of different combinations
05:39 of things in there. Yes. I actually
05:41 brought my book with me. Yes. Also there is another
05:43 website called foodallergy.org or.com.
05:48 just food allergy go and do a Google search of that.
05:51 We will check this out. This has a, this is a
05:54 glutenfree.com. Gluten free. Glutenfree.com.
06:00 Okay. And now there is also another website
06:03 entitled glutenpantry and just go and do a Google
06:07 search on glutenpantry. There is also lot of
06:09 recipes in that on that website as well.
06:12 Okay, look at that. Okay, now.
06:14 Brown rice, flour. We have lot of things here.
06:16 Garbanzo beans, buckwheat
06:18 flour, okay that sorghum, sorghum.
06:21 So, you can actually go there and you can order your own.
06:23 Okay. Flours also. Alright and glutenfree.com.
06:27 Yeah. Lot of information out there.
06:29 Well, just finish this up, we are gonna actually put
06:31 in now the rest of the product and
06:34 that is I am gonna put the spinach in.
06:35 Alright. Okay. And this is a nice.
06:39 Apple brown rice salad. Give me a special, baby,
06:42 okay baby, because it makes a lot of noise.
06:47 And then I am going to stir this up little bit.
06:50 There is a little bit of spinach out there too,
06:52 I am going to go ahead and pour it. Right here.
06:54 Alright. Okay. let me stir it up a
06:56 few minutes there, just a few seconds and then
06:58 we can put the apples in. Alright. Okay.
07:04 I love pretty colors, I love pretty colors.
07:06 Apples are going there and we get another.
07:09 You can go ahead and put your apples in them, and
07:11 let me just scrap rest of the spinach of a there.
07:13 Alright. Go ahead and put your apples in and I am
07:16 going to let you put the sunflower seeds in as well
07:20 because I got to make the sauce that
07:23 is going to go in this. Apples going in.
07:24 Apples going in. Okay.
07:28 I have got my little jar here.
07:31 Alright, and I have got my apple juice.
07:35 Umm! Now any apple it doesn't really matter.
07:39 No, no. Dry fruits. I want to take my preference.
07:44 Okay. Pour it in too, oh! and then we have the
07:49 seasonings, which is the parsley and
07:52 also the salt and ginger. Yes, I put that in here.
07:56 Umm! Umm! Okay. Okay and just a little
07:59 bit of ginger left. Oh! Yes baby.
08:04 I am going to put lid on it, I'm gonna shake this up
08:05 and he is gonna add the sunflower seeds to that
08:08 mix okay. So, go ahead and add the sunflower
08:11 seeds and you can stir it up little bit.
08:13 Okay. Okay. And let this sit for a few minutes the
08:18 seasonings is going be very, very good, you can
08:20 see it's pretty, very, very pretty attractive okay.
08:25 Umm! Umm! I am going to slowly pour that over top.
08:30 Okay. No more gluten for punishment.
08:35 Umm! Umm! At least not for this dish.
08:39 Stir it up. We are coming down to the wire
08:45 here and this got to get out. And now you let
08:50 this say in the refrigerator.
08:52 Yeah, let it sit in the refrigerator.
08:53 Usually couple of hours, so that ginger and the
08:57 lemon juice and the apple juice can all get inside
09:01 that rice. And I'm telling you this is gonna be a
09:02 really nice dish and we actually serve this dish
09:06 over top of curly leaf lettuce, so I want you to
09:10 stay by and see the finished product. Okay.


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